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Green Story

Some services don't immediately sound particularly "green." A
"Green Realtor" can sound like one of those suspect phrases. After all, what could a realtor do to be green? The answer is "A whole lot." Being as paperless as possible and keeping up on as much education as possible can distinguish a realtor for being green. But, there's more, a lot more. Becoming fully certified in LEED housing practices, attaining full designation as a Green Realtor ® and networking with clients and contractors to connect green businesses with potential customers make up just a sampling of what Hillary Gaynor, Green Realtor with the Bean Group, has done to become the go-to Realtor on the Seacoast for sustainability.

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Report Card Score

What makes us green?

  • LEED certified, certified EcoBroker and Realtor Green
  • Education is a priority; up-to-date on all of the innovations in home construction and renovation to upgrade efficiency and utilize renewable resources.
  • Educates the prospective homeowner about where those improvements could appear in a home or what energy-saving features the home already has.
  • Educates buyers and sellers about the up sell value of renewables or efficiency measures in a home
  • Carpools from a central location instead of taking separate vehicles.
  • Conserves paper whenever possible, bringing spec-sheets to a property only if she knows that they won't be available at the site.
  • All of the promotional material she prints is done through RAM Printing, an environmentally friendly printing operation.
  • Volunteers regularly in the community
  • Closing documents signed electronically as opposed to the long paper trail that ordinarily exists in at signing for any given property.
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