Hayseed Restaurant

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105 Towle Farm Road, Hampton, New Hampshire


Green Story

Since purchasing the 14-acre Towle Farm property in the coastal town of Hampton, Smuttynose has put big plans into action at their new home. The popular, internationally-recognized, New Hampshire brewing company, originally located in Portsmouth, opened a new brewing facility at the location in May 2014. Hayseed Restaurant, the second part of the project, opened in February 2015.

Two of the farm’s original structures, an 18th Century barn and a Victorian farmhouse, remain intact. The latter of which was moved 85 yards across the property and renovated to accommodate the restaurant. Renovations to Hayseed were done to improve sustainability while preserving the house’s organic character.

"We took an old, leaky building, and tightened-up the thermal envelope using modern, thermally efficient doors and windows, as well as polyurethane, spray foam insulation," said Clark James, Smuttynose's Facilities Manager. "The result is a building that can be conditioned - heated and cooled - very efficiently."

Hayseed is outfitted with energy recovery ventilators that supply fresh air for the interior of the building and recover thermal energy from the conditioned, exhaust air system. There is also a condensing, gas-fired water heater on-site to provide domestic hot water quickly. And the system can store the water for long periods of time without losing temperature, while operating at a thermal efficiency greater than 90 percent.
And Hayseed's energy savings continue in the kitchen.

"Our dishwasher is an innovative, ventless design, that captures the vapor produced during the wash cycle, recovering the thermal energy and using it to preheat the water for the next batch of dishes. As opposed to simply venting all of that hot vapor to the atmosphere," said James.

"We are always stingy with our water consumption and have been cited as one of the first companies to achieve Green Restaurant Status with the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association," said Hayseed's hospitality director, Brennen Rumble. Kitchen staff rotate food from the freezer into refrigerators to capture the cold from thawing products instead of power-thawing them with water in the sink. And Hayseed's waitstaff do their part to conserve water; only bringing it to guests at their request.

LED lighting can be found through the building and a lighting control system adjusts levels based on ambient lighting and/or building occupancy. During Hayseed's construction, Smuttynose used Forest Stewardship Council Certified wood for virtually all of the renovated and interior partitions using materials with low or no-VOCs for finishes.

"The bar top is manufactured from recycled zinc. We sourced most of the finish materials in New England, from the slate tiles used in the restrooms and bar back, to the red oak that we used to build the bar and trim the interior," said James.

The red oak wood was milled directly from the Towle Farm site when the brewery's construction began, and was also used for the restaurant's dining tables. Hayseed also offers compostable to-go containers made by EcoProducts, which are delivered through Favorite Foods, a sustainable restaurant supply company. Hayseed also offers compostable to-go bags and cups.

And when it comes to the menu, Hayseed's food is locally-sourced whenever possible and some of its produce will be grown right on campus. For specials, Hayseed's chefs can highlight ingredients from local farms and fisheries to create unique menu items. All food scraps are composted and plastic, glass and cardboard materials are recycled using a single stream system. And, of course, you can’t forget the beer. Smuttynose is known for its sustainable brewing practices and their new facility exemplifies that. Carbon emissions for shipping beer from the brewery to Hayseed are non-existent; it's just across the parking lot.

What makes us green?

  • Food sourced locally whenever possible, working with local farms and fisheries.
  • Menus printed on one sheet of paper.
  • All food scraps are composted.
  • Uses green cleaning products from Summit Supply.
  • Rotates food from freezers to refrigerators to thaw instead of thawing in sinks with water.
  • Uses compostable to-go containers from EcoProducts, as well as compostable to-go bags and beverage cups.
  • Motion sensors on lighting fixtures in the back of house and bathrooms.
  • Single stream recycling for plastic, glass and cardboard.
  • Renovations to building include thermally efficient doors and windows.
  • Daikin VRV inverter HVAC system uses a highly efficient, reversible and scalable refrigeration cycle to provide both heating and air conditioning.
  • Energy recovery ventilators that supply fresh air and recover thermal energy from the conditioned, exhaust air stream.
  • Uses a condensing, gas-fired water heater to provide domestic hot water, operating at a thermal energy efficiency greater than 90 percent.
  • Ventless, innovative dishwasher captures vapor produced during the wash cycle and recovers thermal energy to preheat the water for the next group of dishes.
  • Almost all lighting inside the restaurant and in the parking lot is LED.
  • Lighting control system adjusts illumination levels and lighting schedules based on ambient lighting and/or building occupancy.
  • Forest Stewardship Council certified wood was used for structural rehabilitation and interior partitions during construction.
  • Low or no VOC finishes for tables, bar and trim.
  • Bar top is made of recycled Zinc.
  • Most of the finish materials were sourced in New England and tables, bar and interior trim sourced from Red Oak cut onsite during brewery construction.

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