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Green Story

Dr. Seth has always chosen the path less traveled, willing to question what many chose to accept without hesitation. In his early years, Dr. Seth had several mentors who inspired him to see the world differently than the majority and thus, instilled his confidence in the power of thought to enact change. His interests in philosophy were soon combined with his interest in human health and the powerful connections between health care and human existence. He was adamant about the negative effects of symptom-focused treatment in human wellness and so, entered into the chiropractic field to successful practice in the wellness revolution.

Dr. Seth refused to accept that standard methods of diagnostics and medicine were truly in the best interest of the patients. He wanted to help people. He wanted to build a practice that provided patients with a traditional brand of chiropractic that is intimate, responsive and sustainable.

“Body, mind, spirit, every facet of life is impacted by the unity or disconnect of these systems.” Says Dr. Seth. “Ultimately, everyone should live at their optimal potential in which their life energy flows freely and healthily through their body. I utilize the methods that empower my patients to reach their optimal potential.”

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What makes us green?

  • Provides holistic, multifaceted care which takes into account everything from physical to chemical and emotional factors in individuals
  • By helping individuals lead healthier lives, assure healthier social choices and, it is hoped, make for a healthier planet
  • Brings “sustainability” down to individual level, emphasizing the crucial importance of long-term health in making the right every-day choices and seeking the proper every-day care.
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