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Green Story

Launched last year as a collaborative effort between two of the region’s most preeminent builders, Futuro is a company committed to making every residential and commercial project they undertake as green as possible. Specifically, Futuro is eager to bring healthy, energy independent homes at affordable prices to new and “move-up” homebuyers.

Co-Founders Jesse Ware and Craig Briggs combined their experience from JPWare Design and CB Builders to form Futuro. Jesse, having grown up in the thick of the building trade – his Father was one of the first to emphasize energy efficient homes back in the 1970s – is more than attuned to the challenges and the potential posed by green building in the 21st century, having received LEED AP accreditation from the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Meanwhile, Craig Briggs, of CB Builders is a 30-plus year veteran of the high-end custom building market who prides himself on job planning, design, careful budgeting, and timely delivery of products. Craig's extensive experience with super custom homes, and the unique designs that they employed required the use of many of the green practices used in their new super energy efficient homes.

Today, Futuro has become a company committed to the full gamut of a home’s design, products, and practices – whether it’s the building materials, paint, windows, insulation, or anything in between, literally nothing is left outside the sustainability microscope. All the while, Briggs and Ware are determined to show prospective homebuyers that going green need not mean breaking the bank.

The company is currently in the midst of a 26-unit, net-zero energy development in Wells, Maine. Named Brackett Estates, the development – which touts its own Facebook page – is poised to be a game-changer here on the Seacoast, and will be equipped to include grid-tied solar systems on each of the homes. Along with state-of-the-art ventilation systems and all the rest of the company’s green bells and whistles, the development is just the latest leap forward for a company with a green ethos decades in the making.

What makes us green?

  • Employs Jobsite recycling program for incidental job waste
  • Utilizes construction waste recycling services for all project dumpsters
  • Partner with regions leading green architects for all projects
  • Emphasizes use of high-performance insulation with high R-rating
  • Low and no-VOC paints given top priority
  • Use energy modeling software to analyze all projects
  • Utilize sustainable materials and practices whenever possible
  • Efficiency and energy performance a priority from top to bottom
  • New Brackett Estates development features 26 net-zero energy homes
  • Each Brackett Estate home is ready to receive a grid-tied solar system and has been energy modeled to be Net Zero Attainable