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Green Story

A few years ago, Tom Hemenway had a health scare that changed his life. After discovering he had diabetes, Hemenway knew he needed to do a few things: quit smoking, quit drinking, and pick up bike-riding for the first time in years. He grabbed his son’s old 21-speed bike from the family barn and gave it a test run. But despite being in decent shape, Hemenway found the ride – and particularly the hills – to be an exhausting challenge. At that point, he made it his mission to find a better bike – one that could help people ease back into a healthy lifestyle without being completely draining.

While watching television one night, Hemenway happened on an infomercial for a bike which switched gears automatically as the rider put more and more pressure on the pedals. Curious about other possible alternatives, he began researching electric bikes, which at that point was still a relatively new phenomenon – particularly here in the U.S. He became so excited by one particular model – the EZ Electric Bike – that he decided to supplement his existing car audio business with a new electric bike startup at his Exeter headquarters. With a small electric motor attached on the front wheel, the EZ Bike provides riders the option of throwing on the electric throttle along steep inclines or other difficult terrain, while still allowing them to peddle. Hemenway compares it to the moving walkways at airports: some people choose to simply let the walkway carry them from point A to point B; others, however, choose to walk along with it, thereby allowing them to move faster. The EZ Bike works in exactly the same way.

What’s more, it only takes four hours to completely charge the motor. What results is a unique hybrid vehicle which allows the rider to get their exercise when they need it, while providing a way to get into town faster – they top out around 20 miles per hour – or over that big hill more easily. The lithium ion battery only takes 4 hours to fully charge, meaning you don’t have to worry about running up your electric bill preparing for your ride into town. And, being, electric, their impact on the environment is miniscule, making them a truly revolutionary green machine of the future. Indeed, electric bikes consume about 1 kwh for every 100 kms and achieve close to 2,000 mpg. No other commercially available vehicle comes anywhere close to that.

While Hemenway offers 6 varieties of his flagship EZ Bikes, he also offers other models including Hebb, EZ Peddler, Curry, Pedego, and more. Whether you’re looking for a standard 1-person, 2-wheel, bike, a three-wheeler, beach comber or high speed option, Hemenway has a green ride that fits your lifestyle.

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What makes us green?

  • Sells electric bikes that allow users of any age to participate in a healthy activity, regardless of terrain
  • Also offers scooters, which provide transportation with outstanding mileage
  • Upgraded their facility's heat and ductwork system, which significantly decreased winter heat usage
  • Recycle their cans and bottles, and have arranged for metal recycling and reuse when possible
  • Moved to a paperless invoicing system, which has significantly reduced paper use 
  • Donated e-bikes to charities including the SPCA and Jaden's Ladder
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