Eolian Renewable Energy

Corporate Partner

155 Fleet Street, Portsmouth


Green Story

With a team bringing decades of combined experience in the world of clean energy, real estate development, permitting and construction, Eolian Renewable Energy was launched in 2009. Today, its co-founders – led by CEO Jack Kenworthy – oversee a company committed to helping lead New England into a brighter, post-carbon future.

Starting from the premise that renewable energy is a community resource, Eolian strives to assure that every project they undertake is done with active community engagement; that all site plans minimize impacts and maximize local benefits; and that the final product is one that communities can be proud of for decades to come. Engaging and listening to stakeholders, bringing new economic development, revenue and other benefits to host communities – these are the pillars on which Eolian has built its reputation.

With a bevy of projects under development and more on the radar, Eolian is helping to make clean, renewable energy a reality for a region long dependent on the burning of fossil fuels. In addition to their leadership in the realm of alternative energy, Eolian has also worked closely with myriad charitable organizations in an effort to improve the quality of life and health of the natural environment in their communities and throughout the region, including Neighbor’s Cupboard Food Pantry, The Grapevine Family and Community Resource Center, Christopher’s Haven, Operation Homefront, and Festival of Lights.

Since 1999, wind energy has been one of the country’s fastest growing energy sources, helping create countless thousands of new jobs across the country and helping shift the national narrative to the potential and promise of green energy. Here in New England, Eolian hopes to continue asserting itself as a beacon of that phenomenon, and a bellwether of sustainability in a region becoming more green by the day.

“This is where we live, and this is where we want to foster projects that can make a real difference,” said Eolian CEO Jack Kenworthy. “Our goal is to help lead in that transition, and that means looking at wind energy development holistically, so that each project entails multiple benefits for the region as a whole.”

What makes us green?

  • At the forefront of alternative energy in New England
  • Seeks optimally low-impact site planning and maintenance 
  • Works closely with communities on all facets of projects
  • Locally-owned and operated