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Discount – Receive a FULL rebate (up to $500) for a comprehensive energy audit when you commit to doing a retrofit. Also receive 2 FREE hours of green consultation for your upcoming project!

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Green Story

Eco Sound Builders was started by the father and son team of Roger and Ethan Korpi in 2007, after many years of building residential homes together. The company specializes in a more conscious method of building homes – one that takes as its chief goal the long term durability and sustainability of the finished project. Whether it’s a residential home, timber frame barn, hybrid timber frame homes, or any number of remodeling, retrofitting, or addition jobs, Eco Sound always seeks to get the most out of available resources, technologies, methods, and approaches.

After initially focusing on the Lakes and White Mountain regions of New Hampshire, in 2008 Eco Sound launched their Southern branch, which primarily services clients in and around the New Hampshire-Maine Seacoast. The partnership of Ethan Korpi and Peter Robie is at the center of the Southern division of Eco Sound. As the three partners in Eco Sound, Roger, Ethan, and Peter work closely to share their many years of experience. With 40+, 18, and 22 years of experience respectively, there are few challenges in building residential homes that they haven't faced.

Regardless of where the home is being built, the Eco Sound crew goes out of their way to guide the customer towards the most sustainable methods and materials possible, including: sourcing wood from FSC and SFI certified forests; incorporating super-efficient insulation; as well as subcontracting with local outfits who themselves specialize in non-toxic paints, local materials (including cabinets, kitchens, etc.), and the like.

But for as important as the lumber, insulation and other features of a home certainly are, for Eco Sound, the best thing you can do to render your new home green is to make it as durable, high-performance, and long-lasting as possible. That’s why they also offer comprehensive energy audits and efficiency consultation, to assure that you’re home is geared up for generations to come and that that you get the biggest bang for your energy buck.

Indeed, Eco Sound makes no bones about it: they want your home to stand for hundreds of years, in the process making you admit that there is one company that’s managed to truly “build ‘em like they used to”.

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What makes us green?

  • Optimizing the use of the Sun through passive and active means.
  • Reclaimed / Recycled materials.
  • New products that comply with the Green Building Standard and require a minimum amount of embodied energy.
  • Preservation of existing Homes with High Performance Renovations.
  • Efficient use of square footage to reduce overall Heating and Cooling Load of your Home.
  • Construction Waste Management / Recycling.
  • Efficient Framing Techniques to minimize waste.
  • High performance insulation.
  • Air Sealing and Moisture Control.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s) to regulate indoor air quality.
  • In-Line Product Durability (i.e. 50 yr. roof in-line with 50 yr. siding).
  • Use Highly Durable Products suited for Local Environments (i.e. long winters, exposed building sites, etc.).
  • Knowledge and Experience in using Products and Systems, to ensure durability and efficiency.
  • Make use of Renewable Sources of Energy.
  • Build Low Maintenance Homes in conjunction with creating a well designed Maintenance Program.
  • Regularly source lumber that is FSC or SFI certified
  • Work with local contractors first and foremost
  • Incorporate low or no VOC paints, stains, finishes and other products whenever possible
  • Take the long-view on home building, with the goal being for it to stand for centuries, not just decades


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