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Green Story

Richard Smith and his Portsmouth-based company, Cuzin Richard Entertainment Associates, have a long history of representing musicians and music festivals from all over the Seacoast -- and the country. Included in its impressive portfolio, Cuzin Richard produced the Portsmouth Jazz Festival from 1988 to 1995, co-founded the First Night Portsmouth in 1988, and produced the White Mountain Jazz and Blues Festival from 1993 to 1996. Today Cuzin Richard continues its tradtition of supporting the best local acts, providing management and consultation for an impressive roster of annual events.

CREA offers a vast array of music and entertainment services, event planning for weddings, family entertainement, corporate functions, graduations, organizing and managing of fundraisers, and more. Looking to book a band for your wedding? A sound system or high quality speakers for a fundraiser? Need to find just the right space for your graduation or party? Whether you're looking for quality, local musicians or national, big time bands, CREA literally provides it all.

How did a local entertainment and media company become interested in joining the Green Alliance? In a way, the partnership was nearly 40 years in the making. "When I was at UNH, I also worked as a teacher at day care center, and [GA Director] Sarah Brown was in my group," says Smith. "I was also the assistant music director at WUNH at that time, and we'd bring the kids into the station, and have them help us make station IDs to be broadcast." 

Indeed, Smith's relationship with music has been a life-long one. Growing up in Lebanon, New Hampshire, his mother owned a record shop, where Richard would spend a good part of his time. “After a while, for me the question became: what am I going to do with these experiences?” Smith says. "I decided I would either open a record shop, or work at a studio, or start representing artists."

At that point the Seacoast had no music agency to speak of. When Smith began his business in 1976, he immediately started making waves,  working in conjunction with Market Square Day, as well as helping book area clubs and venues. Due in part to connections at Warner Brothers Music and Atlantic Records, Smith helped booked The Cars at Pease for one of the seminal New Wave band's first big gigs of their career in late 1976.

As impressive as his music credentials no doubt are, Smith's involvement in local environmental issues is equally as admirable. Smith was one of the 14 protestors arrested in 1977 at Seabrook, where demonstrators passionately picketed the proposed power plant. According to Smith, he was one of the lucky ones. "The State police officer who arrested me remembered me from a bad inspection sticker I had to go to court over," says Smith. "So I went with him and was released on my own recognizance, and I'm lucky I did -- some of the others were in jail for to a week."

Before and since, Smith's committment to environmental protection has never wavered. After high school he worked in Hawaii at a small music store, and became involved right away with the Save Our Shores (SOS) movement. He is also currently the co-chair of the Pierce Island Commission, which helps protect the tiny island just off Portsmouth's Prescott Park. Smith Richard has also been a member of the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs since 1980 and of New England Parks and Recreation since 1985.

Smith has ambitious goals for the future, including helping to establish a Seacoast agricultural fair and green music festival. CREA hopes to bring together the green business community and local entertainers, beginning with donating a portion of the proceeds from the Comedy Extravaganza at the Portsmouth Music Hall to the Green Alliance.

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What makes us green?

  • Plans to help establish a Seacoast agricultural fair, as well as a green music festival.
  • Looking at new ways of reducing the environmental impact of CREA-sponsored events.
  • Bringing local green entrepreneurs together with local artists and musicians.
  • Has been involved with Save Our Shores (SOS) movement.
  • One of the original members of the Clamshell Alliance, a local group that has consistently opposed the Seabrook power plant.
  • Is currently the co-chair of the Pierce Island Commission, which helps protect the tiny island just off of Portsmouth's Prescott Park.
  • Has been a member of the Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs since 1980 and of New England Parks and Recreation since 1985.
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