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Green Story

Mirjam IJtsma spent the better part of 15 years helping large companies – both in her native Netherlands and here in the U.S. – foster more positive, socially responsible organizational cultures. In July of 2011, IJtsma launched Cultural Chemistry, with the aim of aiding businesses of all sizes and across industries in their quest for a more positive, efficient, and dynamic workplace. In particular, Cultural Chemistry targets younger businesses who may find themselves at a critical crossroads of growth. Be the impetus a growing bottom line, retiring workforce, or changing employee dynamic, Cultural Chemistry takes as its goal the shaping of the best, most efficient business environment possible.

What is “cultural chemistry”? According to IJtsma, it’s the result of engaging companies – management as well as labor – to help foster a desire to work towards a common goal. In the process, IJtsma’s unique services mimic what a traditional Human Resources department might be tasked with, but at a fraction of the cost. The result is an affordable, unique, dynamic look into your company’s most complex inner workings, and the strategies and solutions that can help take it to the next level.

For IJtsma, “a green business is only as green as the least green person in their ranks” – a belief that applies to a company’s commitment to socially responsible practices as much as it does to environmentally friendly ones. Having honed her skills in a country where both are seen as crucial pillars for businesses of all sizes and across industries, IJTsma is determined to do her part in helping foster a similar attitude within companies stateside. Be the client a construction company or bakery, marketing firm or manufacturer, Cultural Chemistry can help you discover your company’s unique message, in the process making it more productive, positive, responsive, and efficient.

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What makes us green?

  • Work emphasizes helping companies better identify ways to be efficient at all levels
  • Home office, built by fellow GA Business Partner Ridgeview Construction, includes green features, including a geothermal system, efficient lighting, EnergyStar appliances, and more
  • Offers an affordable HR alternative which helps businesses save money that can then be spent towards greener measures
  • Touts environmental awareness in the work place as an aid to productivity and efficiency
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