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PO Box 4505, Portsmouth, NH

Office 603.436.8733; cell phone 603-396-3200Micum@cornerstonetree.com

Green Story

When Micum Davis, owner of Cornerstone Tree Care says, "I speak for the trees," he means it. It’s not some empty sentiment that harkens to Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax; it’s an applied business strategy. It's rare that anyone in the tree business would tell a customer requesting wholesale tree removal that some of those trees could and should remain, but that is just what Cornerstone does. They strive to work within the natural confines of the yard to give a customer the service that the trees themselves might want.  

Utilizing a climbing method learned from Northeast Shade Tree, Davis uses rope and a series of knots to secure himself in the tree on self belay.  From a specific tie-in point he can work through the tree without damaging its very sensitive bark.  Davis admits that although many companies are doing it right, some are still spiking-up trees, leaving wounds that can eventually kill the tree.  Cornerstone’s chain lubricants are biodegradable, resulting in what is usually a toxic, petroleum-based material safely returning back to the earth. 

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What makes us green?

  • No spikes are worn during belaying process
  • Chain lubricants are biodegradable; 91% of what is usually a highly toxic material, safely returning back to the earth within 14 days.
  • Davis travels efficient and mindfully to all tree analysis sites in his Prius hybrid
  • No-idling policy for all trucks and equipment on every job
  • All diesel equipment runs on biodiesel, running high blends in the warm months
  • Base operation uses no electricity; office is an old mobile trailer with windows that uses natural lighting and is not outfitted with electrical outlets
  • Composts processes and recycles nearly all of their tree waste into lumber, firewood or landscape mulch
  • Cornerstone’s “homemade” mulch is delivered by an '87 Chevy dump truck that also runs on biodiesel.
  • Most work done within a 20 mile Seacoast radius; Cornerstone is a proud member of Seacoast Buy Local.
  • Cornerstone employees paid for 4 full work days a year, to work pro bono on community tree projects.
  • Stays educated about the most efficient equipment and most sustainable methods of tree pruning and removal, integrating new techniques when possible.
  • Using a 2-cycle gasoline oil mix created from waste tallow, which reduces toxic pollutants by 48%
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