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Discount – Save 15% on all stonework jobs over $1000 and 10% on all jobs under $1000, OR get a FREE granite mailbox post when you spend $2500 on a job -- a $500 value!

Dollar Discount – Save $80 on a walkway! Save $750 on a stone patio! Save $1500 on a dry-laid stone wall!

142 Castle Hill Road, Windham, NH 03807

(603) 809-9974abennett@cswnh.com

Green Story

Colonial Stoneworks (CSW) was launched in 2010 by Adam Bennett, a New Hampshire native who worked in the automotive and landscaping sectors for years before turning full time to stonework. Run out of Bennett's home office, and serving the greater Manchester area as well as a large portion of Southern New Hampshire and the Seacoast region, CSW’s whole business is built around “green hardscaping.” Hardscaping generally refers to paved areas like streets & sidewalks, where the upper-soil-profile is no longer exposed to the actual surface of the Earth. In CSW’s case, it refers to its use of granite. CSW strictly deals with natural stone such as granite, which is inherently greener than concrete (concrete, as a product, is CSW’s biggest competition in the hardscaping space).

In contrast, concrete production requires mining for aggregate, then going to a factory for production. Subsequently, a large diesel-powered truck is necessary, as concrete must be rolled so it doesn’t “set”. In contrast, stone is already set, and doesn’t require energy-intensive production once it’s mined. CSW places a heavy emphasis on reclaimed materials, creating everything from custom walkways to stairs, stone walls to mailbox posts, fireplaces to facades. In a state with an abundance of granite -- one of the most oft-requested materials for hard-scaping projects -- Bennett is certainly in an ideal location. In fact, one of the biggest sources for Colonial Stoneworks is a quarry in Milford that was one of the most heavily used of its kind between the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

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What makes us green?

  • Uses biodiesel in equipment and in trucks
  • Set up on-site 500-gallon storage tank to store biofuel, reducing trips to fill up.
  • Has a "no-idling" policy for trucks and equipment.
  • Recommends paperless billing and invoicing to cut down paper waste.
  • Places a high priority on sourcing much of the materials locally or from the yards of the customers themselves


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