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Green Story

Keith Lemerise started Taste of the Seacoast Magazine 13 years ago to draw attention to our region's increasingly sophisticated culinary culture and restaurant industry. Since then the magazine has grown from a once-a-year "menu guide" for hotels in the area into a bi-annual magazine complete with feature-length articles, extensive recipes and cooking tips,and reviews and insights into the newest and hottest spots in town. They've also grown to maintain an extensive website, where local foodies can get exclusive discounts and coupons to area restaurants -- including some GA Business Partners like Clay Hill Farm. 

Then, in 2003, Lemerise launched Accent Magazine, the first home and garden-focused magazine ever published on the Seacoast. And while the magazine was eventually shut down late last year, it will soon be replaced by a bigger -- and many hope better -- venue in Coastal Home Magazine. Lemerise's new venture -- a preview of which is slated to be delivered via email to over 35,000 people in the coming weeks -- will provide Seacoast residents with an inside look into the latest in home and garden trends, styles, and, perhaps most importantly, green tips and green-related stories from across the industry.

Beyond the sheer substance of the new magazine, Coastal Home will also exhibit some admirable green qualities of its own: the paper used -- unlike traditional high UV materials used by most "glossy" magazines -- will require a relatively low level of chemicals, and the hope is to have both magazines utilizing soy-based inks.

In joining the Green Alliance, Coastal Home and Taste of the Seacoast will help bolster an already strong green media here on the Seacoast, helping reach a new and diverse audience through Facebook, Twitter, as well as regular GA-created content both in print and on the web.

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What makes us green?

  • Both magazines increasingly serving as outlets for green tips and businesses in the restaurant and home and garden sectors
  • Magazines printed using soy-based inks and with low-UV coating