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Green Story

Owner Bridget Sprague of Be Good Branding works with socially responsible entrepreneurs and small-business owners, helping them develop a “brand strategy” to grow their business. A brand strategy “defines a business’s core target audience and determines the messages that will resonate most with that audience,” says Sprague.

To get a business’s message out to its audience, Sprague helps it develop “brand tactics” that differ from traditional marketing tactics such as advertising in magazines and on radio and sending direct mail. The fact is traditional advertising provides businesses increasingly diminishing returns, and Be Good Branding differentiates itself from the archaic practice by building relationships between businesses and customers.

Sprague wrote her master’s thesis on “referral marketing” while studying industrial and organizational business psychology with a focus in consumer psychology, researching, she says, “essentially why people buy.” She has extensive marketing experience promoting SUVs, cell phones, credit cards and other products for large companies while working at a large advertising agency. She worked as the retail marketing manager at Stride Rite Corporation, crafting its marketing for 600 retail stores. And she worked for a brand strategy company “where I really learned how to create brand strategies that make a difference to the outcome of an organization's marketing.”

Be Good Branding focuses on three elements when helping a business develop a marketing strategy. The first element is determining what makes the business authentic, an area many marketing companies do not focus on. Differentiating from the competition is the second element. The third element identifies which people are motivated to buy what your business is selling.

Practicing innovative 21st-century strategies and tactics to promote its clients, Be Good Branding also represents the new wave of social responsibility that will not only help businesses and customers enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, but also help sustain the planet as a result.

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What makes us green?

• At the ad agency Sprague worked for, she had to print out multiple copies of presentations. “I now use an iPad or projector to present my research findings to clients. No longer am I wasting paper printing out multiple copies.”
• Sprague works out of her home and the Green Alliance’s offices.
• Sprague hardly ever recommends a direct mail piece to clients. “I don’t think they work, not to the audiences I’m talking to, the type of businesses I’m talking to. I think there are other creative, responsible, innovative approaches companies can take that will catch someone’s attention.”
• Be Good Branding works with companies that share its green values.