The Bakery at Notre Dame

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7 George Road (off of Shaker Hill Road), Alfred, ME

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Green Story

Originally founded in the 1920s by the Brothers of Christian Instruction, The Bakery at Notre Dame now resides on the main campus of the York County Shelter Programs in Alfred, Maine. After decades of running the bakery independently, in the 1980s the Brothers turned over operations to YCSP. But while the Brothers may have left, many of their methods and techniques remain -- in fact, the bakery still boasts much of the original equipment!

Today, the Bakery serves as both a full-service kitchen for the YCSP’s neighboring shelter (along with two other free meals kitchens in nearby Springvale and Sanford), as well as a bakery for the general public. An outdoor picnic table area serves as a great summertime meet-up spot, where customers can enjoy a cup of coffee and pastry while taking in the serene surroundings.

Like their parent York County Shelter Programs, The Bakery at Notre Dame has high hopes for rendering its operation more sustainable. They’ve already switched out all incandescent light bulbs, replacing them with highly efficient CFLs. Additionally, the Bakery touts extensive recycling and composting programs, with certain food and paper scraps being used to feed the community garden. They also raise free-range chickens for eggs and pigs for meat, working closely with local farmers to help bolster the quality of their produce. Going forward, the team at YCSP hopes that their green initiatives – like their incredible range of community services – will continue to grow and improve.

What makes us green?

  • Incandescent bulbs replaced with high efficiency CFLS
  • Tout comprehensive recycling and composting programs
  • Use food and paper scraps to help feed community garden
  • Raise free-range chicken and pigs to help supply food to the pantry
  • Work closely with local farmers to help improve quality of food served
  • Eliminated Styrofoam in lieu of recyclable alternatives