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Green Story

Aucella is more than the average HVAC company. Not only do they offer a wide range of unique options for your heating and cooling needs, such as a smartphone-controlled thermostat, they won’t install anything into a home that functions at under 95% efficiency. A family business, founded by Fay and Jay Aucella, sells some of the highest efficiency heating and cooling systems on the market.

The business is accredited by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America as a residential service, installation contractor and a quality assured contractor. Aucella is ACCA® certified as an Energy Star® partner company. A majority of the systems they install qualify for utility rebates and energy tax credits. Aucella truly works for their customers, guiding them through the rebate process to ensure that it goes smoothly.

Eco-friendly heating and cooling may seem expensive, but the reality is the consumer consistently pays less over time because of reduced operating costs. “It’s simple: the more efficient the system, the lower the operating cost,” said Jay. Aucella calculates operating cost savings for each installation, comparing overall savings and payback periods, to the initial investment. With tax rebates, reduced operating costs, and superior products and services, Aucella’s customers always save money over time.

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What makes us green?

  • Installs solar thermal space heat and domestic hot water systems.
  • Installs and services geothermal heating and cooling systems.
  • Sells and installs Ecobee Internet Thermostat (also for iPhone and iPod Touch).
  • Limits work within a one-hour drive from their offices in Strafford to reduce vehicle emissions and gas usuage.
  • Knowledge of the latest technological-green equipment.
  • Uses CFL and LED lighting throughout office.


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