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14 Sixth Street, Dover, NH


Green Story

Acorn has reinvented the local beauty industry and put truly sustainable hair services on the Seacoast map. After years of “business as usual” in traditional salons, Dover natives Laura MacKay and Allison Degan created an entirely different salon, applying environmental responsibility to renovations, product, waste management, community involvement, and consumer education. This is Acorn’s greatest accomplishment. Because while so many other industries have begun to go green, hair salons seem to have escaped the trend. Degan and MacKay spent months researching sustainability for every corner of their business. As they created their vision of a green salon, they had only a few examples nationwide to guide them.

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What makes us green?

  • All hair care and body products used and sold are extensively vetted for toxicity, naturalness, safety and organic ingredients; Acorn’s standards go well beyond certified organic and look at each individual ingredient using respected scientific resources.
  • Acorn does not use paper towels or disposable cups, bags from area stores are reused when customers make purchases.
  • The furniture is labeled as reclaimed/recycled/used.
  • The walls and exposed wood are labeled for zero VOC paints and polyurethanes.
  • The floor is labeled for its cork flooring.
  • A sign near the nail polish explains that they are vegan and free of DBP, a known carcinogen that leaks through the nails and into the body as well as being free of formaldehyde and toluene; toxins in most nail polishes that are hazardous to our community landfills.
  • A sign outlines Acorn’s recycling program and encourages clients to participate.
  • A sign explains that none of the products at Acorn are tested on animals.
  • A sign promotes A Matter of Trust, the organization that makes oil spill mats with all the recycled hair from Acorn.
  • A sign promotes the book and magazine recycling and swap at Acorn.
  • Acorn also sponsors a “purse” swap, where clients can leave an old handbag and take a new “used” one, in an effort to reduce consumption and reuse good items.
  • Acorn outlines its policy of using and reusing plastic shopping bags instead of one-time-use color and perm plastic caps.
  • A local business board/events calendar promotes local businesses and community events.
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