Big Brothers Big Sisters Celebrates January as National Mentoring Month

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January is National Mentoring Month at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Greater Seacoast! BBBS is proud to have so many dedicated “Bigs” who volunteer their time to “Littles” in need of advice, guidance and perspective. The young kids involved in this program are paired with reliable advisers who act as real-life siblings, mothers, fathers, and role-models.

Big Brothers Big Sisters wants to thank the 300-plus Big Siblings who put in tremendous effort each and every week. These individuals deserve recognition for all of their hard work as mentors. They spend countless hours creating memories, telling stories and building genuine friendships with children who face hardships in their home or school life.

The “Big” Sisters and Brothers meet and converse with their “Littles” about their lives and encourage them to explore the world and seek out opportunities for their future. Adult mentors have incredibly positive impacts on their matches and are essential to the BBBS organization.

Great Works Chiropractic Gives Back to the Community

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SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Great Works Chiropractic & Wellness is a Green Alliance Business Partner determined to help individuals live healthier lives by realigning their bodies with a gentle, drug-free approach. Dr. Seth LaFlamme, the founder of Great Works, strives to help his patients reach their optimal potential by creating a balance of body, mind and spirit. He and wife, Dr. Brianna Duga, provide a holistic solution for back ailments, headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, asthma, joint pain, and a variety of other illnesses.

Dr. Seth starts at the root of his patients’ health problems, the nervous system. He has a firm grasp of the body’s self-regulating processes. Our bodies can easily be bogged down when we make poor health choices and then choose to ignore the consequences.

Acorn School's Green Story

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Did you know that every business/organization in The Green Alliance undergoes a full and transparent Sustainability Certification? GA takes a look at what makes the business green and where they have room to improve. Check out Acorn School's Green Story below and learn more about what makes this nature-based school green! To read all of Acorn School's certification documents, click here

To say that the Acorn School isn’t your typical pre-K and kindergarten would be an understatement. At any given time, you could find yourself walking through a Native American Village, U.S. post office, Serengeti plains or an ocean abyss – the kinds of classrooms that not only engage a child’s creative capacities, but make the process of learning as fun as possible.

Launched in 1972 by Rebecca Shepard, Acorn found its permanent home when it purchased a plot of land in Stratham, New Hampshire in 1975. In 1987, the school officially became a nonprofit, with a volunteer Board of Directors including parents of current and former students. Through the years, Acorn has remained steadfast in its efforts to maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, providing more one-on-one interaction, communication, and personal growth

Today, the school uses its beautiful surroundings to help forge a curriculum and philosophy aimed at stirring within their students an appreciation for the natural world. From their comprehensive commitment to the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle – to composting and maintaining a robust garden, Acorn’s green focus promises to be an educational staple for years to come. Meanwhile, their beautiful outdoor tree house classroom – built with the help of Little Green Homes, and dedicated to the memory of Candy Ray, a former teacher – gives students a chance to make nature a classroom they’ll never forget.

Great Bay Stewards Hone Efforts to Reverse Decades-Long Decline of Unique Estuary

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Green Alliance

GREAT BAY ESTUARY — How do you know Great Bay? Perhaps you’ve been in it in a swimsuit or a wet suit, a kayak or a boat. Maybe you’ve hiked its shoreline, fished it from a bridge or rocky outcrop. Or you’ve just enjoyed its sunlit glimmer or sea smoke, catching site of an eagle enjoying lunch on an ice floe.

Whatever your connection, you know that the Bay and its collection of seven rivers shape the topography and the culture, whether human or natural, of this beautiful place, and are a key part of what makes living on “the Seacoast” unique.

Sadly, the Great Bay Estuary, as an ecosystem, has been in steady decline for decades because of increasing pollution from development in the towns in its watershed. The biggest single current threat to the health of the Bay is nitrogen, which promotes algal growth; algae, in turn, threaten one species vital to the overall health of the Bay — eelgrass.

“The eelgrass is our canary in the coal mine. Algae are winning the war right now due to the excess of nitrogen in the estuary,” says Peter Wellenberger, executive director of the Great Bay Stewards, a volunteer-based organization working to prevent shoreline erosion, invasive plant growth, or increased nitrogen levels from human-caused water runoff, and is committed to protecting Great Bay for plants, animals, and people alike. “We are continuing to see a decline in both eelgrass cover and especially in the density of the beds,” Wellenberger says.

A Green Alliance member, the Stewards have recently announced a new campaign — and one with teeth — to help reduce one of the biggest sources of nitrogen deposition in the Bay. “We’ve set up a partnership to reduce pollution, particularly nitrogen, from residential sources,” Wellenberger says. Called Soak Up the Rain Great Bay, it partners GBS with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services’ Soak Up The Rain New Hampshire campaign. As the name implies, the goal of Soak Up the Rain is to reduce the amount of pollution carried into waterways by surface runoff.

Red Hook Brewery Renews GA Partnership

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Redhook Brewery is back for another year with the Green Alliance!

Redhook continues to wow us with its “recycling trifecta,” reusing its leftover plastics in conjunction with Poly Recovery and Foss Manufacturing, which you can read about here. Additionally, it composts its leftover food with Mr. Fox, and has superior employee health and wellness benefits.

Oh, and the beer is incredible too.

If you're familiar with such Redhook classics as the Longhammer IPA, Redhook ESB, and Winterhook, you should get familiar with Redhook's green initatives and how they're moving towards a sustainable future, one beer at a time.

Eco-Friendly Tree Care by Cornerstone

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Cornerstone Tree Care in Portsmouth incorporates sustainability in virtually every aspect of its business. Cornerstone utilizes a no-spike belaying process to climb trees. This process avoids any harm to the tree and will not damage sensitive bark.

The team at Cornerstone is very conscious of their fuel use. Owner Micum Davis travels to all tree analyses sites in a fuel efficient Prius Hybrid. By switching from a gas-guzzling truck to the Prius, gas mileage increased from 16 miles per gallon to 50 mpg, this has reduced a huge effect on the environment. All of Cornerstone’s heavy machinery is under a no-idling policy. Davis jokingly refers to it as the “Kill-it” campaign. The Cornerstone office utilizes no electricity. Windows in its mobile trailer provide natural light.

Eclipx Salon is One of a Kind Under the Sun

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SALISBURY, Mass. — Is the winter air making your hair appear dull and dried out? Not to worry! Green Alliance member Eclipx Salon knows all the tricks to bring your hair back to life. Switch up your look for the new year by getting a trim or donating your long locks to a good cause. Eclipx Salon provides haircuts, colorings, highlights, blow-outs and up-dos for all ages (kids haircuts start at only $12). They are conveniently located at 50 Elm St on Route 110 in Salisbury, Mass.

Eclipx Salon is one of a kind because it strives to be an affordable, community-based, green hair salon. Owner and stylist Natalie Riley first opened Eclipx in 2012 with the hopes of creating an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Eclipx makes sure to recycle, reuse paper, and incorporate organic hair products whenever possible. Pure essential oils and organic shampoo lines like Eufora and Loma are available to consumers looking to maintain a green lifestyle.

Introducing Get it Going, Our Newest GA Business Partner

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Please join us in giving a warm welcome to our newest business partner! Lifestyle and apparel company Get it Going, based in North Hampton, N.H., has set out to encourage and support the thought-to-action moments in life, encouraging people to simply start doing things that make the world a better place. Sisters Jill Spring and Natasha Goyette co-own the company and have been spreading the name and the mantra since 2009.

Get it Going's mission is simple: to foster a business as committed to the community as the commodity. The people there hope to encourage others to take action on their ideas, using their responsibly sourced, eco-friendly apparel as a daily reminder.

GiG has a growing selection of T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers to choose from on its Web site, as well as a page suggesting different challenges for individuals or groups to complete in their commitment to making themselves and the world a more positive and productive environment.

Get it Going takes on The Penguin Plunge

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“Our mission is to encourage and support the thought-to-action moment of notable things… people, ideas, organizations, companies, or anything else.”
— Jill Goyette, co-owner of Get it Going

On Feb. 2, Get it Going will be participating in the Penguin Plunge. This is the 15th annual Penguin Plunge to benefit the Special Olympics New Hampshire. Participants who raise $350 earn the experience of “The Plunge.” Plungers will run into the Atlantic Ocean during the heart of winter at Hampton Beach.

Get it Going is run by business partners and sisters-in-law Jill Spring and Natasha Goyette. GiG offers lifestyle apparel that is made in the USA and responsibly sourced. It supplies an array of hoodies, tees, and stickers with their logo. Not only does it offers consumers quality products, its mission is also to be involved in its community and causes around the world.

Guest Blog: Grow, Save, Develop

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The below guest blog is from Mirjam IJtsma of Cultural Chemistry. CC helps businesses in maximizing productivity and boosting the morale of their teams. Mirjam is an expert in small-business human resource management and a business partner of the Green Alliance. She has taken the time to offer us some advice on how to improve our human resource practices.

3 Key Words for Improving your Human Resources Practices in 2014

Around the end of the year, while we are enjoying our much-needed time off, we have some time to take a step back and reflect on our day-to-day business. We have a tendency to think about the bigger picture and ways to improve upon our success. As you reflect, you might ask yourself, how do I optimize my workforce? Look no further! Here are 3 tips to help you get 2014 off to a good start!

13th Annual Comedy Xxtravaganza

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Green Alliance member, Cuzin Richard Entertainment Associates (CREA), along with comedian Mike McDonald are hosting the 13th Annual Comedy Xxtravaganza at the Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH. The Xxtravaganza will take place on Valentine’s Day, February 14th at 8:00pm. You won’t want to miss out on this fun night full of non-stop laughter and good vibes. This event allows attendees to enjoy an entertaining show while supporting local humanitarian causes at the same time. A percentage of ticket sales will benefit non-profit organizations like the Seacoast Family Food Pantry and the Cross Roads Home. 

Mike McDonald is known for his hilarious comedy sketches and has appeared on shows like Comedy Central and Showtime. Both McDonald and the founder of CREA, Richard Smith, are big supporters of sustainability and green living. The show will feature comedians Tony V, Mike Whitman and Dave Rattigan who will perform their routines, share funny stories, and wow the audience. The entrance fee is $34-37, and tickets will sell quickly so visit to claim your seats. These jokesters will be to sure to make your Valentine’s Day unforgettable!

Green Alliance offers 10% off all Cuzin Richard Entertainment services, including consulting, parties, weddings, fundraisers and more! To become a member, click here.

Comedy Xxtravaganza!

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Open House at Zev Yoga Exeter Tomorrow

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Zev Yoga is hosting an open house at their Exeter location on 175 Water Street. Stop by anytime between 5:30-6:30pm this Friday, January 10th to check out what yoga programs are available to you! Three of Zev Yoga’s wellness instructors will be there to talk about their unique classes, health consultations and overall love for yoga. Classes for all levels are offered everyday of the week. This is a great opportunity to start the new year off on a healthy note!

Tracey Miller, one of the three instructors, provides meal-planning tools for families as well as health coaching. She will advise you every step of the way to help you achieve your individual goals and better your lifestyle!

Lesley Campbell will be at the open house to elaborate on her holistic healing and energy medicine techniques. She has helped many people with emotional and physical health issues. Lesley can teach you simple tips to boost your immune system, stop food cravings, and rid you of past traumas.