900 Degrees Wins at 2014 Macaroni and Cheese Bake-off

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900 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzaria's macaroni and cheese was recently named the best out of all New Hampshire restaurants at the 2014 Best Macaroni and Cheese Bake-off! The Bake-off welcomes macaroni recipes from all around New Hampshire. It judges them within four respective categories: Best N.H.-Made, Best Traditional, Most Creative/Exotic, and Best Restaurant/Café Macaroni and Cheese.

The owner of 900 Degrees, Pricilla Lane Rondeau, utilizes a unique approach when cooking her macaroni and cheese. While working on her recipe, Pricilla had a hunch that the taste of a wood fire stove would add to her macaroni, and she was right! Now, every order of her macaroni and cheese, both in her restaurant and at home, are cooked individually in a cast iron skillet cooked in a wood fire oven. This technique and recipe have created a staple meal for Pricilla’s family events. Whether it’s a family barbeque or a holiday, Pricilla always gets the question “You’re bringing the mac and cheese, right?” Of course, she always does.

Want to taste for yourself how delicious this macaroni and cheese really is? Stop by 900 Degrees in Manchester or Epping to try it out! Or if you’re feeling ambitious, we have Pricilla’s recipe for you below.


The Natural and Holistic Cat to Expand in Newburyport

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The Seacoast’s favorite pet supply store, The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat, was recently presented with an opportunity it couldn’t pass up. After opening its new Portsmouth location only a year ago, it is now in the process of expanding its Newburyport store.

Natural Dog’s Newburyport neighbor went out of business six months ago. It took some time and convincing, but eventually owners Jeff and Dawn Price decided it would be a great opportunity for expansion.

They’ve been in their Newburyport location for close to 10 years now. It’s a great location that offers convenient parking for their customers. But they were admittedly a little cramped. “We’ll be primarily adding new products that we’ve wanted to bring in for awhile but couldn’t because of space constraints,” Jeff Price said in a recent telephone interview.

Adapt Design Utilizes Practical Design Techniques

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PORTSMOUTHAdapt Design is a Portsmouth-based architectural and design firm that places a strong emphasis on sustainability in its work. Its team of two employees utilize their extensive knowledge in their field to build properties creatively and practically.

Its team is currently working on the renovation of a South End Portsmouth home that belongs to a family of four. The team are building an addition that will include an office, storage area, and provide extra living space for the family.

One technique they are using for this renovation is The Zip System, an approach of coating seams in windows or walls throughout a home to make it airtight. This system improves the overall ability to control a home's climate by making sure heat or cool air will stay in the home longer.

Futuro: The Future of Green Building

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PORTSMOUTH — Futuro Builders is a Green Alliance business dedicated to constructing sustainable homes and businesses with the least amount of energy at an affordable cost. It was founded in 2011 by Jesse Ware from JPWare Design, and soon after, Futuro morphed into a powerful green building force. Ware had years of experience under his belt before launching the company currently known for its unique design and expert building skills.

Futuro Builders services all of New Hampshire and Southern Maine’s Seacoast. One of Futuro’s most recent developments was Brackett Estates in Wells, Maine. The 58-acre job site (and all of Futuro’s other building projects) have recycling programs to dispose of waste properly in dumpsters. Twenty-six of the residential homes in Brackett were installed with “Net Zero” renewable energy for heating, cooling and powering all on its own. Futuro stresses the major advantages of clean energy for homeowners such as lower heating bills in the winter time.

Futuro takes sustainability into account when deciding on anything needed for its projects, whether it’s paint colors, insulation, wood, technology, or general practices. The team at Futuro is proud to build green homes that are both energy and cost efficient. Zero Energy is a very important aspect of their construction.

Blue Ocean Society Benefit Night in Portsmouth

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PORTSMOUTH — Come join Green Alliance Business Partner Blue Ocean Society at Flatbread Company for a Community Night Benefit on Tuesday, Feb. 11. Both Flatbread Co. and Orange Leaf of Portsmouth are generously donating a portion of proceeds to the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation.

Flatbread has agreed to give $3 to BOS for each large pizza sold and $1.75 for each small pizza sold from 5 to 9 p.m. The BOS event includes take-out orders as well. After devouring a specialty flatbread pizza, you will probably be in the mood for some frozen yogurt from Orange Leaf. The local Orange Leaf is going to give 15 percent of all sales to the Blue Ocean Society. There’s nothing better than enjoying a few slices with friends and family and then topping it off with a custom dish of Orange Leaf’s premium frozen yogurt. All purchases from food, beverages (or froyo) will help improve the local marine life.

Vote for Green Alliance Businesses in the 14th Annual Best of NH Contest

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Attention, GA Community! The time has come to cast your votes for your favorite Green Alliance restaurants in the 14th Annual Best of NH Readers’ Poll. The Food Ballot is now available and can be accessed online through March 24. The ballot is one of the most effective ways to get recognition for the best local eateries in New Hampshire. Categories include your favorite burger joint, martini, brewery, pizzeria, ice cream shop & many more. Green Alliance business in the running for many awards include 900 Degrees Neopolitan Pizzaria, Pocos Bow Street Cantina and the Redhook Brewery.

900 Degrees is nominated for best caesar salad, martini, pizzeria, gourmet pizzeria, Manchester restaurant AND cool night spot. The Portsmouth Brewery, Smuttynose and Redhook are all contestants for the best local brewery and local brew pub. Vote the very green-minded UNH Dairy Bar for best Seacoast ice cream!

Energy Alternatives and Solutions Presented by Ultra Geothermal and Revision Energy

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HOLDERNESS  — Looking to renovate your home and become a greener household? Come to the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center located at 23 Science Center Road in Holderness on May 10 to get some great tips and advice from experts in the renewable energy business. A presentation by Green Alliance Business Partners ReVision Energy and Ultra Geothermal will take place at the science center starting at 9:30 a.m. ReVision Energy is an energy contractor that services and installs solar systems throughout Northern New England. Ultra Geothermal is an energy specialist that uses only the most recent geothermal technologies to provide clean fuel. Both companies provide services that save families and individuals significant amounts of money on heating and electric bills.

If you or someone you know is intrigued by alternative energy sources for heating and electricity, this informative discussion will answer all of your questions. The guest speakers will discuss all of the benefits of geothermal and solar PV or hot water options for your home. The presenters will talk about the helpful ways to decrease NET energy usage in residential buildings. Pre-register for this event by contacting the Squam Lakes Natural Science Center at or by calling (603) 968-7194.

The GiG Team Participates in Penguin Plunge

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This past Sunday, GA business partner Get it Going participated in the 15th Annual Penguin Plunge at Hampton Beach. In case you’re not familiar with this event, it is a fundraiser for the Special Olympics New Hampshire. Participants who raise $350 or more before the event earn the privilege of taking “The Plunge.” The act of "The Plunge” involves running into the Atlantic Ocean during the heart of winter.

This prospect attracts many volunteers to raise money for the Special Olympics NH. On the day of the event, hundreds of people attended to participate in a parade, costume contest, and of course, The Plunge. Teams warmed up in heated tents on the beach as they awaited their turns to plunge into the ocean with their respective "wave." There were three waves of teams who plunged into the water together, each group seven minutes apart. Volunteers waited on the shore to provide them with towels when they got out of the water. Jill Spring, co-owner of GiG, described the experience as a fun and exciting adrenaline rush.

The anticipation of plunging into the freezing water was a big factor in the overall experience. GiG’s team had been signed up to take part in the Plunge since before Christmas, and the thought of plunging into the ocean on some of our colder winter days had them feeling anxious. Luckily, the weather was not too frigid on Sunday, and the GiG team was happy to have this experience and celebrate the funds raised for a great cause.

February Deals at Prelude

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Looking for a gift for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day? Look no further! Prelude is having a special sale for the month of February. This month it is offering a discount of 15 percent off all red, white, and heart jewelry. With a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, you’re sure to find a unique piece of jewelry that fits any style.

Green Alliance members get a discount of 10 percent off all jewlery at Prelude (not to be used in conjunction with other discounts.) To join the GA, click here

Acorn School's Sustainability Report Card

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Did you know that every business/organization in The Green Alliance undergoes a full and transparent Sustainability Certification? We want to be sure that everyone knows what each business has accomplished and what they are still working toward when it comes to green business practices. Check out Acorn School's Report Card below to see how they scored!

To read Acorn School's full Sustainability Evaluation, click here

Green Alliance members save $25 on their initial registration fee at Acorn School! To become a GA member, click here

Meet a Green Alliance Business!

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Who: The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat

What: Dawn and Jeff Price have set a high standard for quality and consumer education at The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat since its founding in 2005. They pride themselves on meticulously researching the best pet products and educating customers on exactly what makes a specific cat food, chew toy, or water bowl healthier or more environmentally friendly. The company embraces small-batch manufacturing principles, quality ingredients and company ethics. The Natural Dog is a testament to what is possible when one local, family-owned company creates partnerships with businesses and suppliers that hold those values in common.

Where: 801 Islington St., Portsmouth, and 155 State St., Newburyport, Mass.

On the Web:

What makes them green:

Offers bamboo and hemp collars, lead-free bowls, beds and toys made from recycled materials, biodegradable waste bags, natural herbs and essences, and much more.
Largest selection of raw foods on the Seacoast.
Emphasizes sourcing from small, local,or sustainability-minded companies.

All Green Alliance businesses are green certified. To read more about The Natural Dog & Holistic Cat, click here.  

Green Alliance members save 10 percent on everything at The Natural Dog (excluding food purchases)! To become a GA member, click here

900 Degrees Commits to Going Green

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“900 Degrees, LLC, is devoted to minimizing its carbon footprint in order to reduce the impact on the environment and protect our natural resources for years to come.” — 900 Degrees Environmental Mission Statement

900 Degrees Pizzaria, with locations in Manchester and Epping, is a New Hampshire favorite for delicious Italian foods. But did you know about all the ways it has been going green? 900 Degrees has taken many steps to reduce its carbon footprint is constantly employing new methods to improve. It believes there are five major areas to focus on in improving environmental procedures: energy efficiency, water conservation, waste reduction, hazardous-waste reduction, and education.

900 Degrees has made changes in all five areas to be kinder to our environment. Just a few of those include installing low-flow pre-wash rise devices in the kitchen to save water, LED exit signs and occupancy sensors in restrooms to control lighting, and energy efficient fluorescent lighting throughout the restaurant to save energy.

Organic and locally produced food is used whenever possible to reduce transportation pollution. Its menu also offers eight organic wine options. These choices are grown organically, bio-dynamically and/or through sustainable farming.