Blue Ocean Society: Top Contender in Patagonia Crowdrise Challenge

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Green Alliance Staff Writer

PORTSMOUTH — Are you passionate about protecting the environment and marine wildlife? Blue Ocean Society presents the perfect opportunity for you to show just how much you care.

The Blue Ocean Society is a Green Alliance Business Partner that recently got involved in an amazing opportunity to raise money for its organization. Patagonia and Moosejaw are offering a challenge on, a Web site through which people can donate money, for charities to compete in raising funds. The organization that raises the most funds by noon on March 13 will receive an additional contribution courtesy of Patagonia. The winner with the most donations on Crowdrise will receive a $5,000 donation. Second and third place charities will also get a monetary reward.

Jen Kennedy, BOS executive director and co-founder, was delighted to be a part of the challenge. “We were so excited when Crowdrise contacted us to let us know we were one of the selected charities it picked to participate in the challenge.”

Crowdrise hand-picked 20 of their favorite charities to be included in the “Patagonia x Moosejaw Charity Challenge Thing.” Crowdrise is giving away $10,000 to the charities their customers love the most.

Blue Ocean Society is asking the Seacoast community for support with this challenge so that it can continue to protect marine mammals such as the humpback whale. The Blue Ocean Society’s mission is to educate people about the Seacoast’s unique marine environment and to protect its treasured sea life for generations to come. Blue Ocean Society is driven by its desire to turn science into a call to action for ocean protection.

Calling all Writers Grades K-3!

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New Hampshire Public Television is hosting a writing contest for kids! Children in kindergarten and first through third grade are welcome to participate. This contest will accept one submission per child. Their writing piece can be a story, fiction or non-fiction. Or it can be a poem or prose. These loose guidelines leave room for your child’s creativity! Stories must be accompanied by 5 pieces of original artwork by the writer. This could include drawings, collages, and 3-D created by the author or photographs taken by the author.

A winner will be selected from each grade. First place winners will be rewarded with a tablet computer or electronic learning device. Second place winners will receive an e-reader or electronic learning materials. Third place winners will receive an e-reader, electronic learning device, or a sponsor-specified $75 gift certificate.

Each entrant must fill out an official entry form signed by a parent or guardian. To read the full list of rules, click here.

Wild & Scenic Film Festival at The Music Hall

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ReVision Energy is the lead sponsor in bringing the largest environmental film festival in North America to Portsmouth this spring! The Wild & Scenic Film Festival will consist of a collection of short films that speak to the environmental concerns and celebrations of our planet. This year the festival’s theme is “emPOWERment,” it will have a special focus on the topic of energy. This theme also refers to the positivity and inspiration that the festival embodies and promotes.

Every year filmmakers, celebrities, leading activists, and social innovators from all around the nation are drawn to this festival. It combines high quality cinematography, story-telling, and exquisite filmmaking to ignite inspiration and enthusiasm in the audience. The films will expose shots from beautiful, remote areas of our planet that the audience has never seen before. It will introduce them to rare magnificent animals, and social activists who are working to protect these exotic environments.

Attending this event is an incredible opportunity to learn more about environmental justice, energy concerns, adventure, wildlife and more. These eye-opening films can instill a great sense of wonder and appreciation for our natural world.

Redhook 10% Tuesdays

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Last year, the Redhook Ale Brewery created the “10% Tuesday” give-back program to show support for 12 local charities. General Manager Ryan Colwell thought this program was the best way to build closer relationships with neighboring non-profits.

Part of Redhook’s mission is to provide support for the local Seacoast community. This past year, it donated 10 percent of its profits every Tuesday night to a particular New Hampshire non-profit organization. Redhook wanted all of the money from “10% Tuesdays” to go towards the farmers and local community who deserve it. Hosting “10% Tuesdays” was simply another green initiative Redhook decided to tackle.

Green Alliance Fact

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New patients holding a Green Card receive free exam and bitewing x-rays with a cleaning at Newmarket Dental! To join the GA, click here.

Meet a Green Business: Zev Yoga

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Who: Zev Yoga, Portsmouth, Dover and Exeter

What: Owner and instructor Jonas Amberger has been practicing yoga since 1993 and opened Zev Yoga in 2006. Amberger has been teaching the ancient traditions of Ashtanga yoga — a method that involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures — to Seacoast residents for more than 10 years. Ashtanga detoxifies muscles and organs, resulting in improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

Where: 16 Market Square in Portsmouth; 175 Water St. in Exeter; 1 Webb Place in Dover.


What makes them green: Emphasizes a traditionally rooted, holistically minded approach to yoga that promotes overall health — the "sustainability" of the individual.
Uses studio as community space, offering it for gatherings, educational events, workshops and fund-raisers.
Uses and promotes eco-friendly yoga mats and uses all natural cleaners in the studios.

Green Card holders pay only $5 for the first 5 classes at Zev! To join the Green Alliance, click here

The Green Alliance seeks part-time Community & Member Manager!

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Did you know that the Green Alliance has a Green Jobs Board? Keep up with who's hiring in the seacoast and feel good about the work you do!

Sometimes we list jobs on the Green Jobs Board, too. This one is a part-time position as GA's Community & Member Manager. Click through to read the job description and apply through Jobscore!

Zev Yoga Art Opening with Drift Gallery Tonight

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Zev Yoga Studio is hosting an art opening for Drift Gallery tonight at their Portsmouth location! The artists reception will take place from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 16 Market Square. This will be one of the first exhibits for the Art ‘Round Town series.

Bess Cutler is the featured artist for the month of March. She has worked in the international and national contemporary art scene for many years. Cutler will display her mixed media works titled “Abstract Figures” at Zev Yoga Studio tonight. The art showing is open to the public, so community members are encouraged to come show support.

A large majority of Cutler’s work is focused around the female body. “The female figure has long intrigued me,” Ms. Cutler notes, “so it is to be expected that the figure is the theme of the majority of my work now. My main interests are compositional dynamics and spatial tension as structured primarily through the figure’s relationship to itself and to the page.” All of Cutler's artwork will be available for purchase through Drift Gallery. Her modern paintings and other artforms can be viewed during the artists reception, by appointment, or during any of the yoga classes offered by Zev Yoga.

Proulx Oil & Propane's Green Story

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Did you know that every organization in The Green Alliance undergoes a full and transparent Sustainability Certification? The GA takes a look at what makes the business green and where they have room to improve. Check out Proulx's Green Story below to learn more about what makes this oil company green! To read all of Proulx Oil & Propane's certification documents, click here

There’s a tendency for decades-old, family-owned companies to eschew risk and chance in lieu of resting on laurels – to hide behind the safety of their own success and history. 

Proulx Oil & Propane isn’t one of them. 

For a company so entrenched in tradition, Proulx Oil & Propane has its sites set squarely to the future, and especially our region’s energy future. Even when Joe Proulx first founded the company way back in 1944, the impetus was a changing of the energy guard: from the soot and smoke of coal to something more efficient. Not long after, Proulx brought propane gas – cleaner and greener still – into the company fold, cementing his reputation as a forward thinking business owner. 

Today, Proulx’s commitment to cutting edge technologies, steadfast customer service, and ever-improving products continues apace. Thanks to a fuel additive called Heat Force, Proulx is helping assure not only that their customers are burning cleaner fuel and cutting down their emissions, but reducing their need for service calls as well.

Harbor Eye Care Offers Exclusive "Green" Contact Lenses

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PORTSMOUTH -- The eye care industry recently experienced a “green” breakthrough. Miru 1-day Menicon Flat Pack contact lenses are the latest invention in eco-friendly eyewear. Harbor Eye Care, a local Green Alliance businesswill be the first Seacoast provider to offer the all-new Miru contact lenses.

Harbor Eye Care was specially chosen by Menicon representatives to sell Miru products. Harbor Eye Care’s shelves will be stocked with this unique brand of contact lenses in July 2014 during its nation-wide release.

Miru contacts have a significantly reduced carbon foot blueprint compared to other brands. The contacts come in a hygienic and recyclable package that is barely 1 mm thick. Miru’s minimal packaging helps to save gas and energy during the shipping process. All of the lenses are produced in Singapore at their state-of-the-art facility.

Bill's Appliance Service offers Quality Recycled Products

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In today’s economy the average household is always looking to bring in the most cost effective products. With all the expensive new high-efficiency appliances on the market, it’s hard to know whether buying new or used appliance will prove to be the better investment. Often times used appliances are the more viable option.

Some people choose to donate or recycle their appliances simply because they want to upgrade to a new color or style of refrigerator or dishwasher. It’s not always because their old appliance is obsolete. Browsing your options of used appliances can be highly beneficial. At Bill’s Appliance Service, all appliances are evaluated and serviced to ensure that they work properly.

Bill’s also offers a wide selection of used furniture. Furniture is a little less complicated when it comes to weighing the pros and cons of its efficiency. A comfortable couch is a comfortable couch, no matter who has sat on it before you. So why not save some money? Stop by Bill’s to browse used furniture and appliances that could make a great addition to your home.

Green Alliance members save 10 percent on all appliances, services, and accessories at Bill's! To join the GA, click here

Eco-Friendly Spring Fun

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No need to purchase a sailboat or convertible to cruise around in style this spring. A more affordable option is available. EZ Bikes & Scooters in Exeter offers various brands of electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles that you’re guaranteed to enjoy. The EZ Bike team will share its expertise and knowledge of its products to ensure that you find the vehicle that’s right for you.

Scooters are an affordable and simple way to get from place to place. Traveling by scooter saves incredible amounts of gas money. The average scooter gets around 80 to 100mpg. Regular riders fill up their tank about once every week to two weeks. The average fill-up costs about $6.00.

But more importantly, they’re fun.

Scooters can make the simplest of trips around town become fun adventures. Soak up the sun and feel the wind in your hair while you travel to your destinations. Finding a riding buddy who also has a bike or scooter can make for a fun new hobby. Best of all, the world is your parking lot! The compact size of bikes and scooters makes parking easy and convenient.

Anyone with a valid drivers license can drive a 50cc scooter or electric bike. 50cc scooters will go about 30mph. Advanced riders with a motorcycle license have the option to get something a little more powerful. EZ Bikes & Scooters offers models with up to 300cc. These models can go up to 80mph!

Climate Counts Renews with Green Alliance

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We’re pleased to announce that Climate Counts has renewed for another year with the Green Alliance!

Since 2007, Climate Counts has brought companies and consumers together to address the looming issues associated with climate change. Its website is a wealth of knowledge for the consumer looking to see which companies put forth the biggest effort to reduce their impact and fight global warming. You can read their scorecard report to keep up with dozens of international brands, tracking their changes and initiatives from previous years in an easily digestible chart. It is the ultimate source for the conscious shopper who wants to use their buying power as a statement in support of positive environmental change.

Banner Year for Eco-Friendly Riverworks Printing

By Herb | Mar 5, 2014 | in

Green Alliance Staff Writer

GREENLAND, N.H — Practicing sustainability as much as pursuing profits, a Seacoast company is trailblazing an ecological path for its industry.

Together, Riverworks Printing founder Jeff Cutter and print manager Danis Chamberlin have greatly impacted the large-format print industry with their green thumbs. Riverworks began its journey with the idea that individual passions like Cutter’s own for fly-fishing should be displayed and stored in photo form. Wall Shotz were the original frame-able works of art that resulted. The environmentally friendly fabric was designed to reflect the hobbies of customers in a clear, eye-catching manner.

Cutter sells images printed on Riverworks eco-fabric to fly fishermen who engage in a catch-and-release sport, enlarging the photos and manufacturing them with an adhesive so that they can be put up on their walls. They are repositionable: You can pull it off the wall in one place and stick it to the wall somewhere else, still sticking after hundreds of moves. Riverworks transforms the average photograph into a life-like masterpiece.

The eco-fabric wall decals are one of Riverworks’ most unique products and arguably its most important, said Chamberlin, also noting that they are non-toxic. “They are manufactured with no harsh chemicals or toxins, which means not using polyvinyl chloride, glycol ether, phthalates, or formaldehyde in the adhesive.”

Six years on, Acorn remains a green beacon

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acornsalonBy Jim Cavan

Six years ago, Acorn Organic Salon opened with a single mission in mind: to provide customers with a bevy of animal-friendly, sustainable products and services that spoke to the Seacoast region’s ever-greening sensibilities.

Since then, the Dover staple has survived and thrived thanks to a love and loyalty lacking in today’s increasingly impersonal commercial landscape.

Now, Laura McKay and her crew are setting their sites on the next big challenge: a new Sixth Street storefront opened in December – right below a well-traveled natural foods store and a mere stone’s throw from Acorn’s flagship haunt on Central Avenue.

According to Mackay, the impetus for the move was twofold: more space, and greater visibility.

“We saw it as a fresh start,” says Mackay. “At the old location, even though we were right on Central Avenue, we were kind of blocked by the trees. Here, while it’s more residential, we’re right in front of a four-way intersection, so the visibility is even greater. And the fact that we have a space that fit what we were looking for.”

The impact of a more intimate space – economically as well as environmentally – cannot be discounted: According to Mackay, she’s paying hundreds of dollars less per month on electricity. That’s no small thing when you’re trying to run a small business.