Art of Great Bay Weekend Art Show & Sale

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GREENLAND – A local Green Alliance Business Partner Great Bay Stewards is proud to announce the return of the GBS Art Show. The theme this year is "Art Inspired by the New England Coast." On April 4, the 10th Annual Great Bay Art Show Reception will be held from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Hugh Gregg Coastal Conservation Center. All who attend will be able to meet and discuss with the artists in person to ask questions concerning artistic techniques and inspirations.

Great Bay Stewards has a great lineup of artwork coming from dozens of artists and painters in the area. The pieces individually capture the true, natural beauty of New England’s coastline. The Art Show will last from April 4 to April 6, so there will be plenty of opportunities to browse the Seacoast artwork. Day two and three of the art show will start at 10:00 a.m. and last until 4:00 p.m. in the Hugh Gregg Conservation Center. If you are unable to make the art show, a virtual display is available online. Click here to access the website of New England inspired artwork.

A Very Green Seacoast Home & Garden Show

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Don't miss this weekend's Seacoast Home & Garden Show at the Whittemore Center at UNH. The show boasts a wide array of local green vendors including ten Green Alliance businesses, and if that wasn't enough to get you to the show, all Green Alliance members get two free admissions when they flash their Green Card. That's a $16 value for the Green Alliance community!

Carrie Barron, the co-producer of the 20th annual Seacoast Home & Garden Show, says that with each passing year the popular event has attracted more green vendors and even greater consumer interest in sustainable goods and services.

The 2014 Seacoast Home & Show is slated for its typical spring welcoming dates of March 29 and March 30 at the Whittemore Center on the campus of the University of New Hampshire in Durham. Last year, the event drew a record crowd of more than 6,500 and Barron, along with fellow co-producer Beth Alles, believe the 2014 show will be just as popular to consumers seeking a diverse range of ideas, good and services for their homes.

Site Structures' Spring Landscaping Solutions

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In a few months, the abundance of snow will melt away, and Seacoast yards everywhere will experience major drainage. Thankfully, Site Structures Landscape, Inc. has all of your landscaping solutions for this Spring. Site Structures is a Green Alliance Business Partner that strives to provide the highest quality yard maintenance. Thursday, March 20 is the first official day of the next growing season, so March is a great time to discuss landscaping plans with the employees at Site Structures.

Site Structures offers a wide range of services including: tree and shrubbery pruning, lawn restoration, basement draining, and patio, walkway or driveway construction. Site Structures is always introducing new green options to their clients. Permeable paving is a new technique that uses sustainable materials and also reduces runoff by letting storm water pass through the surface of the pavement. Water recharges underneath the surface to replenish water stored in the ground. The filtration process captures heavy metals that can damage ecosystems. Permeable pavers also provide oxygen and water by means of the root system to help vegetation thrive and grow.

Kids Eat Right Presentation to Raise Awareness of Hunger in Our Community

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Green Alliance Writer

EXETER — Supporting its community is imperative to Starry Brook Natural Medicine and its team. Patients are given individual attention and offered alternative, holistic approaches to health care. Its focus on quality and understanding of each patient provides a more personalized approach to medicine.

Starry Brook is green certified with the Green Alliance. It utilizes eco-friendly practices such as using natural and organic products, and promoting sustainability. Its knowledgeable mindful staff uses their skills to help their patients and community beyond offering traditional health care through nutritional consultations, acupuncture, yoga therapy, Reiki sessions, dietary supplements, and massage therapy.

In that vein, on April 5, Registered Dietitian Alicia Rossman of Starry Brook will be leading a community lunch and learn discussion to educate community members on the issue of hunger and obesity. Hunger can strike any family. It affects children, individuals, families, and communities alike. Educating community members about hunger can spark positive changes and create support for local food pantries and struggling families. Rossman will educate participants about what they can personally do to help this cause.

The Greening of Eye Care

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By Michael McCord
Green Alliance Correspondent

When Dr. Sarah Hudson began her career in 1998, sustainability awareness was a non-priority in the eye care industry.

“It didn’t exist. There was no mention of recycling plastic tops and glass vials,” said Hudson, a co-owner of Harbor Eyecare Center in Portsmouth. “There was no thought at all to the excessive waste in packaging. I would say in the last few years there has been a greater awareness. The industry has come a long way and now companies are making concentrated efforts to become greener.”

Harbor Eyecare Center represents the changing times for an optometry practice with an eye on sustainability. Since a comprehensive physical renovation of the practice in 2011, there have been major efficiency upgrades, a full-on recycling program and a focus on sourcing recycled or used office materials. Last year HEC moved directly into the green consumer arena by selling a line of frames from recycled materials.

Free Parent Workshop at Acorn School

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STRAFFORD —The Acorn School is a delightfully unique pre-k and kindergarten school. It places importance on engaging your child’s creative side, and making sure that they have fun while they learn. It emphasizes the importance of nature and the environment in its curriculum. It maintains a robust garden, and composts all useable food and paper scraps. It reduces, reuses, and recycles whenever possible. Acorn School has also collaborated with other green businesses to complete projects. Needless to say, this school cares about its environment, and educating its students and community.

At the end of this month the Acorn School will hosting a free parent workshop. This event will feature Rian Bedard from Mr. Fox Composting, and Pat Ridder from Nature’s Wonders.

Mr. Fox Composting is a local business that educates and services households, businesses, and schools. It takes food waste and utilizes it to create compostable soil for gardens. Compositing expert, Rian Bedard from Mr. Fox will be offering his knowledge during the first portion of the workshop. This portion will focus on compositing. Participants will learn the ins and outs of composting and how to integrate it at home with their families.

As Gas Prices Rise Scooters and Electric Bikes Offer Practical, Economical and Fun Alternative

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By Michael McCord

For the past few years, Tom Hemenway of EZ Bikes & Scooters in Exeter has offered curious customers a seemingly irresistible offer. “If you take a test ride and don’t have the time of your life and whoop and holler a little, I’ll give you $20.”

There has been an increase in whooping and hollering since Tom and Teresa Hemenway created EZ Bikes & Scooters in 2009 as an expansion of Autosounds of NH, their original auto electronics business. With gas prices continuing to rise along with a greater cultural embrace of alternative and much greener forms of transport, their scooters and electric bicycles offer a sensible and increasingly popular solution.

“They are a lot more popular in Europe and China and in states like California,” Tom said about electric bicycles. “They are still relatively new and people still don’t know a lot about them and what they are capable of. We have a lot of fun educating customers and once they take a test ride, they immediately have fun and feel their benefit.”

Meet a Green Business: Yankee Thermal Imaging

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Who: Yankee Thermal Imaging

What: Yankee Thermal Imaging uses an advanced thermal imaging system that can detect heat loss and cold influxes in homes and commercial properties. If an issue is detected, it can offer efficient solutions to fix the problem. Correcting these issues can help its clients save money on their energy, heating and cooling expenses. It specializes in scoping assessments, energy audits, consulting and full implementation to make sure your home, rental property or commercial space is running as efficiently as possible.

Where: 75 Allen St., Rochester


What makes them green: Yankee Thermal Offers comprehensive, affordable energy audits, which can help reduce your home or business' carbon footprint.
Offers a municipal audit program that allows towns the opportunity to become energy efficient with a payment plan.
Educates customers on how they can take advantage of utility rebates and credits for efficiency measures

Conservation Law Foundation Hosts UNH Watershed Speaker

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The Conservation Law Foundation will be hosting speaker James Houle of the UNH Stormwater Center tonight (March 17) at the Roundabout Diner at the Portsmouth traffic circle.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Mr. Houle discuss the importance of stormwater management in controlling nutrient and other pollutant discharges into the Great Bay.

Managing this pollution is something taken very seriously by the Great Bay Piscataqua Waterkeeper program. They aim to preserve the habitats of numerous types of fish, birds and mammals that call the Great Bay home.

Anyone interested in attending should RSVP to Jeff Barnum, Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper at

To learn more about the Waterkeeper program, click here.


Support for Clean Water Outlined in Recent Great Bay Current Newsletter

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The latest edition of Great Bay Currents has been released highlighting news and updates directly from Great Bay-Piscataqua Waterkeeper, Jeff Burnham.

This issue of the newsletter focuses on the importance of strong public support for clean water in the Bay area. A related activist group, Clean Water Advocates for Great Bay, will be holding a meeting at 7 P.M. at the Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth on March 19. The group hopes to build upon a very productive first meeting that was held back in February. Don’t miss your chance to bring your ideas to the table while playing an active role in the protection of our fragile watershed areas.

The newsletter also commends David O’Hearn in this edition’s “Faces of Great Bay” for his love of the Great Bay and its amazing recreational opportunities. A true “Bayman” at heart, O’Hearn has witnessed the detriment of pollution on the ecosystem and recognizes the need to take action.

Alpaca Farm Owner Chooses Revision Solar Energy

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Retired engineer Steve Rowley owns Blueberry Fields Alpaca Farm with his wife Hope in York, Maine. Steve loves the ocean about as much as he does alpacas, and we caught up with him to talk about how his love of the ocean was linked to his household’s investments in solar energy.

REVISION: Why did you go solar?

STEVE: Growing up my favorite TV shows wereSea Hunt and The Under Seas Adventures of Jacques Cousteau. At the age of 15 I received my SCUBA certificate and quickly learned that the beautiful beaches above water were littered with trash on the seabed just out of sight beneath (and still are). I have studied marine biology and ocean engineering and quickly learned that the oceans are not as big as we thought. Global changes are now measurable. The solid trash problem I saw as a kid was replaced with the ones you cannot see. Now when I look at the beach I see global warming, ocean acidification, rising sea levels and warm water marine organisms moving north as water temperatures increase. We know burning fossil fuels are to blame and so my wife and I are doing what we can to stop using them.

REVISION: How did you choose ReVision Energy?

Five Green Tips from Favorite Foods

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This week’s Green Tips come from Favorite Foods, a locally-oriented food distributor which recently installed the state’s largest roof-top solar array! Learn more about Favorite Foods at

1. Conduct a Water Audit. A water audit analyzes a facility’s water use and identifies areas where homes and offices can be more efficient. Google the American Water Works Association for tips on finding the best auditors in your area.

2. Upgrade to more efficient appliances and fixtures. Faucets, showers and toilets can all be made more efficient, saving you water and money. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable division even offers rebates for efficiency upgrades!

The Green Alliance brings businesses together

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"Hi Sarah. I just wanted to let you know that the Green Alliance is by far the BEST marketing/advertisement investment we have ever made. We just landed another project thanks to you. We will be working with Chinburg Builders for the first time and are very excited!" - Candace Lord, The Green Cocoon.

These are the kinds of messages we love to receive. It reminds us that the work we are doing can not only bring green-minded consumers to green businesses, but connect green businesses together as well!

We're having a party!

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Hey Green Alliance friends!

As you all know, we love our members. You make us who we are, and we love giving back to you in any way we can. It's been a while since we've had a GA concert, but don't worry, the wait is soon over. On Thursday, April 10th we'll be having a blast at Redhook Brewery with two up-and-coming local acts, New Hampshire's Humble Be and Boston's AJ Edwards.