GA Director Sarah Brown featured on Portsmouth Community Radio

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Michael Cameron, founder of the New Hampshire Brand Project, recently had GA Director Sarah Brown on his radio show which airs weekly on WSCA-LP Portsmouth Community Radio. New Hampshire Brand Project was started as a way to promote the New Hampshire brand, as well as the businesses and culture in the state to encourage more people to move to the state or contribute to the local business movement.

Jim Siverts is the founder of marketing automation platform Hatchbuck. Siverts says it can be used by businesses to track, understand, and create targeted marketing based on a customer's interests.

"It's like email on steroids," said Siverts. "It allows business owners to automate their follow-up for their customers and learn from their behavior with their interaction with the content."

Sarah Brown explained the what the Green Alliance does in one swift sentence:

Environmental Diaper Service Company Expands to All Laundry

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By Patrick Haigis

Green Earth Baby Works  has established a reputation as an alternative to plastic-based disposable diapers. They take your used cloth diapers, clean them, and return them good as new. For years, they have been successful as an environmentally friendly cleaning service. Now, by popular demand, Green Earth Baby Works is expanding to offer linen and laundry service to local environmentally conscious commercial enterprises.

This summer, Green Earth Baby Works grew its operation to include additional machines and staffing to support the Green Earth Laundry Works (GELW) pilot program, which is now open for business. The program offers the same local environmentally conscious laundry service to businesses in the Seacoast area and southern New Hampshire.

Given the company’s background in environmentalism GELW is able to run with the same sustainable values as Green Earth Baby Works. GELW pays special attention to water heating and usage and reducing harsh chemicals and processes to make sure they are minimizing environmental harm every step of the way. They are also reviewing Ozone Systems to dramatically reduce energy costs and the reduction of chemicals. 

GELW is a customizable service for local businesses and commercial enterprises. At this time, they are limiting the number of customers so that we can assure that the high level of customer service is maintained. For customers, it is almost as if you have your own personal service at your disposal- at lower the cost.

Kim Leo, founder of Green Earth Baby Works and GELW, is working tirelessly to ensure the new project’s success.

“We’re very excited for our newest expansion,” said Leo. “Our commitment to green means, as we grow, we are working with our customers to keep our impact on the environment as small as possible. We do this by geographic routing, energy efficient machines and environmentally friendly detergent. “

GELW is currently accepting environmentally conscious clients interested in affordable and environmentally-friendly laundry care. So far, the company has worked with hotels, spas and salons, athletic facilities, some medical facilities, and food service companies.

You can call or email GELW to discuss your needs and get an exact quote.

Next Generation of Wood Pellet Burners Becoming a Smart Heating Choice

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By Michael McCord

Jack Bingham, the owner of Seacoast Energy in Barrington, New Hampshire, practices what he preaches. When he talks to commercial or residential clients about the financial and environmental benefits of a wood pellet burner, he cites personal experience.

Late last year, Bingham installed a WoodMaster mini-boiler in his home as a test and was impressed by the results. “It’s amazingly practical and there’s no price comparison to oil,” said Bingham who founded Seacoast Energy in 2008. “We made hot water on that system all summer and I cut my $880 propane bill in half.”

Bingham has done a lot of research into the wood pellet burner industry and said the new generation of products merges the best in European design and efficiency. “The Europeans are way ahead of us,” he said, in part because of the greater popularity and regulatory push in European Union countries to increase biomass fuel use.

Bingham admits that he “pestered” Minnesota-based Northwest Manufacturing, the maker of the WoodMaster line of wood furnaces, to create a smaller and more affordable indoor wood pellet boiler. The WoodMaster folks not only listened but they delivered.

Need a Last Minute Gift? Prelude Has You Covered!

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The clock is ticking... Do you still need to finish up your holiday shopping? Let Prelude Help! Stop by the downtown Portsmouth store to cross everyone off your list!

Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or big-ticket items, Prelude's impressive inventory will meet your needs! Prelude proudly boasts the finest names in soaps, lotions, body and bath care. Not only that, but the products are top-quality organic and natural products, the ultimate treat for the body. Brands such as Crabtree and Evelyn and Dr. Hauschka make the perfect gift for someone who needs a little pampering this season. 

Beyond the body goods, Prelude also offers unique jewelry, hats, scarves, watches, and so much more. For the holiday season Prelude is open from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m., to help those last minute shoppers!

Just One Thing Voting Now Open

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Can we count on your vote?

Since May the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) has collected video and written testimonials for their Just One Thing campaign. Now NHBSR wants you to vote for the best submissions. NHPTV will produce the winning Just One Thing stories that will air on the network in March and April of 2015. The three categories winners will be judged on are: most creative sustainability solution, greatest community impact and greatest employee impact.

Voting is open now through January 9. There are three separate categories to vote for different forward-thinking sustainable businesses. You can read our story in the first category under the question: What story shares a creative approach to a sustainability challenge or opportunity? Read our story and vote now by clicking here!

Help us grow the green community throughout the state by voting and showing support for the Green Alliance. We work hard to bring awareness of our green-minded Business Partners to the local community and beyond. By voting for us in the Just One Thing campaign, you're helping promote the local businesses we work with to a wider audience. Like Green Alliance Business Partner, Cultural Chemistry whom you can vote for under the Greatest Employee Impact category.

Green Collar Careers: Green Maids Owner, Johnmark O’Brien

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By Anna Murphy

Johnmark O’Brien, owner of Green Maids, has been cleaning up grime since 2009. O’Brien started his green cleaning company with the mission to keep harmful chemicals out of the community and local environment's waste-stream. It was a mission O'Brien embarked upon while a college student. Based in York Harbor, Maine, Green Maids now services the New Hampshire seacoast as well as southern Maine.

To ensure his company promotes and uses only the best products, O'Brien conducted years of research on the dangers of household cleaning products and the chemicals they release into the air, water and soil. He has also developed a highly effective Green Clean process that removes dirt and household pollutants and is safe for humans and animals. All cleaning products used by Green Maids must either be Green Seal Certified or guaranteed to be all natural, biodegradable, earth friendly, non-toxic and safe for home and office use. Green Maids uses only products that have not been tested on animals and come from environmentally responsible manufacturers and retailers. The Green Maids cleaning team makes their rounds in a Toyota Prius hybrid.

Breaking Out of the Disposable Cycle

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In the throwaway culture that modern Americans live in, it is important to recognize those companies that break free from the mold. Green Earth Baby Works is one such company that is making a difference by reducing unnecessary waste and offering a healthier alternative to disposable diapers.

Right now through Dec. 31, Green Alliance members save 5% off of 12 weeks of cloth diaper service, 10% off of 26 weeks, and 15% off of 52 weeks.

Using and cleaning cloth diapers has never been easier with Green Earth Baby Works. Their laundry service reaches from Portland, Maine down through Gloucester, Mass., the seacoast region out to Concord down through Salem, Nashua, and the Manchester area. Leo host Cloth 101 classes in her store introducing people to her unique line of products, and showing how “using cloth” has never been easier!

Owner and operator of Green Earth Baby Works, Kim Leo is an advocate for using cloth diapers, as a more sustainable and healthier alternative to disposable diapers. Green Earth Baby Works offers a wide range of cloth diaper products, accessories, and services and is the only cloth diaper service in New Hampshire. “I’m trying to make having cloth diapers as accessible as possible. I’m not into up-selling products or cutting corners. I want to find out what works for you, work with you to achieve that, while saving you money and helping the environment at the same time,” says Leo.

Green Community Leaders

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Allow me to reintroduce our newest level of membership, the Green Community Leaders.The launch of this new level occurred in November, and we were thrilled to get our very first Green Community Leader, Tom Boisvert. 

Tom has been a part of the GA for many years, assuming roles at important local businesses, including the launch of Community Toolbox and their community-centric Fix-It Program. Always there to land a helping hand while being a steward to the environment, it was only fitting that Tom lept at the opportunity to show his devotion to the GA. 

Now, Tom asks you all to join him, (they say it's lonely at the top, after all).

Since 2009 the GA has seen tremendous growth; signing over 100 Business Partners while gaining over 3,500 individual members from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts including over 115 Lifetime Sustaining Members. With this growth we realized we are surrounded by dedicated, green individuals and families in our local communities. We want to continue to grow, and we want Green Community Leaders (GLC) to help us grow.

We recognize the amazing efforts of citizens all around us, who strive to make their community more environmentally conscious. Whether through educational efforts, or proactively fighting for eco-friendly policies, these individuals show a leadership we are proud of, and they should be too.

Green Families Club Celebration: A Recap

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This past August, we were able to capture some great footage of our Green Families Club Celebration. Check out the video! If you're not a member, you can join here.


Vote for the Green Alliance in the Just One Thing Campaign

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Can we count on your vote?

Since May the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility (NHBSR) has collected video and written testimonials for their Just One Thing campaign. Now NHBSR wants you to vote for the best submissions. NHPTV will produce the winning Just One Thing stories that will air on the network in March and April of 2015. The three categories winners will be judged on are: most creative sustainability solution, greatest community impact and greatest employee impact.

The Green Alliance, along with some of our Business Partners and great sustainably-minded businesses, submitted their video and written testimonial this fall. NHBSR will open their voting soon, so check to cast your vote for the Green Alliance once the polls open. Help us grow the green community throughout the state by voting and showing support for the Green Alliance. We work hard to bring awareness of our green-minded Business Partners to the local community and beyond. By voting for us in the Just One Thing campaign, you're helping promote the local businesses we work with to a wider audience.

Raise Some Dough With 900 Degrees

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At 900 Degrees Pizzeria, a Green Alliance Certified Business, they are not only deeply committed to providing customers with a unique dining experience catered around delicious, locally sourced foods, but are equally committed to community give-back. The Raising Dough program supports various causes in the area all year, by donating 10% of proceeds on designated evenings, to the recipient organization.

Organizations who could benefit from The Raising Dough program are encouraged to reach out to 900 Degrees to organize their fundraiser. Supporters of the organization are encouraged to join for a fun evening of delicious food and memories that immediately provides financial backing for a cause they care deeply about. To have your organization receive the 10%, guests simply must say they are there to Raise some Dough! It’s that easy! You bring the guests, 900 Degrees do everything to provide the guests with an incredible dining experience while they support a meaningful cause.

Think About Giving Back This Holiday Season

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The holidays aren't only about getting together with friends and family and exchanging presents, they are also about helping out those in need. If you are available in the coming weeks we urge you to help out and spread the holiday spirit at St. John's Episcopal Church and Crossroads House.

St. John's Episcopal Church is looking for volunteers to help out with their weekly Common Table Food Ministry. The meal is served each Thursday (excluding Christmas) from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. They are also accepting food and clothing donations to provide for those in need. Call 603-436-8283 or email for more information on how to help!

Where Do You Use Your GA Membership?

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Since its foundinh in 2009, the Green Alliance has steadily increased its membership base and has reached more than 3,800 members. We have discovered that all of our members are unique in their reasoning for being part of the Green Alliance, where they shop most often, and how frequently they use their Green Cards. Despite the differences among our members there are underlying similarities: our members care about the community and shopping local, and enjoy receiving special discounts with these retailers. GA’s newest Sustaining Member, Peggy Naumes, was gracious enough to share her GA experience with us.

“We've been members since summer 2010 - we joined because we really appreciated the concept of providing more information about green businesses, especially small ones. We've enjoyed several of the member events, notably the Isle of Shoals cruises - it's interesting to talk with the business partners about what they do, and we've gotten some good ideas and information.

We use our card for the Green Maids. Of course, we appreciate the discount. But even more, we appreciate how clean everything is, especially the kitchen floor (personally, my least favorite thing to clean). There's no artificial "lemony" smell when they're done - things just smell fresh. And most important, they listen to us about the small things we'd like done - our previous cleaning service had a way that they would do things, despite repeated requests.”

The Boardwalk Campaign Continues

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After 22 years of service, the Great Bay Steward’s boardwalk is at the end of its life. They need your help to reach the fund raising goal and replace the boardwalk by 2016. The boardwalk is a great way to get a unique look at one of the most scenic areas in the Great Bay. Support its reconstruction and ensure that the boardwalk is here for years to come!

Since 1992, the boardwalk has been the centerpiece of GBS’ school field trip program. More than 52,500 children have explored along our quarter-mile boardwalk; learning about the natural and cultural history of Great Bay. Scientists, early morning walkers, and casual visitors also use the boardwalk every day, as it is one of only a few public access points on Great Bay. It has been named one of the best handicap-accessible bird-watching sites on the East Coast, and is used by coastal scientists to understand the function and value of salt marshes and mud flats.
If you have ever shared a quiet moment on the marsh with the boardwalk or want to in the future we urge you to join the “Buy-a-Board” campaign today.

For more information about the Buy-a-Board campaign and to offer support click here.

Celebrate the Most Wonderful Time of the Year With the Green Alliance

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2014 has been good to us. From the launch of our Green Community Leaders membership (more on that here) to multiple sold-out events, we have reached a record numbers of individuals this year who join us in supporting local, green businesses and other green initiatives. Our achievements would not be possible without the backing of the local community. To thank you all for an excellent 2014, we want to bring together our Green Businesses and our individual members for the GA Holiday Bash!

Join us on Tuesday, December 23 from 5:30 - 8 p.m., as the GA takes over the Lapanza Lounge at the long-time GA Business Partner, the Portsmouth Brewery. The event is free for GA Members and Business Partners, and complimentary appetizers will be served! In the holiday spirit, we are asking each guest to bring a non-perishable food item, and in return will receive your first beer for free. Donations will be dropped off at Footprints Food Pantry of Kittery, to help those less fortunate during the difficult holiday season.