New Hampshire's Energy Future: Panel Discussion

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Interested in the future of energy in New Hampshire? Come to the panel discussion “New Hampshire’s Energy Future; Issues & Challenges, Solutions & Strategies” on Friday, November 21 from 7:30 -11:00 a.m. at the Cochecho Country Club at 145 Gulf Rd in Dover.

There are a wide variety of voices involved in New Hampshire's energy debate. We know there is no one solution to these challenges. We must work together to find ways to utilize all of the options in order to move toward the goal of reliable, renewable and affordable energy. This panel discussion is the perfect opportunity to hear from the experts from around the state about what the major energy challenges are and what solutions and strategies are underway.

This panel discussion will feature a “Challenges & Issues” panel discussing problems facing New Hampshire’s energy market. Following the talk will be a “Solutions & Strategies” panel to discuss plans to improve energy policy and use in the Granite State. There’s also going to be a full hot breakfast buffet!

It's Admission Season at Brixham Montessori

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The Brixham Montessori Friends School is a small independent school located in York, ME, serving children ages 2-11 years old living in the seacoast region of southern Maine and New Hampshire. Brixham just hosted its first Open House of the year on October 14 with three more dates planned for November 11, December 9 and January 13.

Attending an open house is a great opportunity for prospective parents with a casual or serious interest in the school to peek into classrooms and tour the school with one of the staff members on the admissions team. If prospective parents like what they see, the admissions team will set up a more formal, one-on-one visit with them so parents can observe at length in the classroom, talk about their educational goals and hopes, and ask questions specific to their child and family.

Green Jobs: Phone Receptionist with Aucella Heating & Cooling

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Looking for a job in the green industry? Our Green Jobs Board provides a listing of the latest open positions with our Business Partners in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. And it is also the place to check when we're are looking for qualified candidates to help us grow the local green community from our Green Alliance headquarters located in downtown Portsmouth.

Our latest listing comes from Aucella Heating & Cooling, an HVAC company that focuses on sustainability to create environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes. Located in Strafford, N.H., Aucella is looking to hire a phone receptionist immediately. Paid training is available.

The job description and requirements for all interested applicants are as follows:

  • Collect client information over the phone
  • Take messages and relay information
  • Schedule appointments
  • Reminder calls
  • Ability to file documents
  • Good organizational skills
  • Ability to follow protocol for all phone calls
  • Maintain friendly, polite, professionalism and a helpful nature
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Good interpersonal skills and customer service skills
  • Good listening skills
  • Must have computer skills

Check our Green Jobs Board regulary for updates on new and open positions. If your green business has an opening, please let us know and we will list it on our Green Jobs Board.

Newmarket Dental on NHPTV!

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We're excited to have Newmarket Dental featured in an ad on NHPTV! Cick the video to watch.

Halloween Fun at Blue Ocean Discovery Center

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Originally published on Foster's Daily Democrat

By Rick Dumont

HAMPTON- Unusually warm weather brought out many people from their premature hibernations, for a final day of beautiful Fall weather. Over one hundred people visited the Blue Ocean Discovery Center at Hampton Beach Saturday afternoon October 25 for their week early Halloween party. 

The family-friendly party featured a beach scavenger hunt, fun crafts including fish painting, cookie decorating and the opportunity to interact with marine life at the Society’s two 100-gallon touch tanks. Admission was free to all, but donations to the non-profit center were welcomed.

A costume parade was the event’s finale where children paraded across the new seashell stage entertaining passersby and proud parents, everyone enjoyed the unseasonably warm temperatures during what is considered the beach’s off-season. It gave families and children a chance to try out their costumes before the big day. Also many of the Halloween costumes were sea creature themed!

The Blue Ocean Discovery Center is located at 170 Ocean Boulevard, Hampton Beach. The goal of the Center is to provide a family-friendly attraction at Hampton Beach where visitors can learn about marine life, local and maritime history, and actions they can take to protect the marine environment.

Local Painting Company Leads Green Revolution

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By Mark Quirk

PORTSMOUTH - During the infancy of the American colonies, a grassroots militia calling themselves the Minutemen spearheaded the American Revolution and fought for the change that lead to the formation of the United States. Today, Sean Sturk and Chris Tufts lead a revolution of their own on the same soil those colonial men and women did centuries ago, even borrowing the revolutionist's name.

Tufts and Sturk are the owners of Minute Men Painters, a green painting company ushering in a revolution in the industry with environmentally-friendly paints and lacquers for their residential and commercial projects. Minute Men Painters use latex-based, waterborne paints and lacquers, a change from the oil-based paints commonly used in homes. However their biggest obstacle isn't the size of the project, but people's resistance to change. That's why Tufts said part of the Minute Men process is to educate their customers to the advantages of waterborne products.

Minute Men test their products before bringing them to the job site. They work with the manufacturers to understand exactly how the new paints work relaying that information to their customers.

“It’s the wave of the future,” Tufts said. “They’re the exact same finishes but with a green touch.”

Prelude 10% Off Sale on Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Products!

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Prelude is having an amazing 10% off sale on all Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products. This sale will be going on for two days, Thursday, November 13 from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Friday, November 14 from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m. The sale will operate on a first come, first serve basis. 

Prelude is a high-quality, socially conscious seller of the finest organic and free trade soaps, lotions, and bath & body care products located in at 65 Market St in Portsmouth. All of the environmentally friendly products at Prelude come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, either by complete refund or through store credit. Prelude carries such high-quality brands as Crabtree & Evelyn, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, Mistral Soaps, Mason-Pearson Hairbrushes, and Royall Fragrances. The store also carries beautiful, unique and eco-friendly accessories, such as jewelry and scarves.

Green Collar Careers: Dawn Price, Owner of The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat

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By Anna Murphy

Dawn Price is the proud owner of The Natural Dog and Holistic Cat, a pet store and self-proclaimed education center boasting a plethora of all-natural, holistic and green pet products.

Price goes out of her way to thoroughly research merchandise and ensure every product stocked is the best available. At Natural Dog, you can find a multitude of green, all-natural products, including bamboo and hemp collars, lead-free bowls, beds and toys made from recycled materials, natural shampoos, biodegradable waste bags, snacks, biscuits, herbal and whole food supplements, flower essences and more.

A Registered Dietitian, Dawn Price is adamant about the importance of species specific foods and proper nutrition.

“We try to encourage consumers to think more about what is appropriate, meat based and non-processed food. Dogs and cats are not designed to eat lots of carbs and grain, but most popular dog foods are 60% carbs or more. This is not best option for health and longevity and can lead to all sorts of problems such as obesity, diabetes and UTIs. Pet food is a multi-billion dollar industry with a lot of gimmicks. We stress the importance of providing your pet with the same balanced nutrition you want for yourself.”

Price and her husband Jeff first opened The Natural Dog in Newburyport in 2005. After eight successful years, the couple opened a second store front in Portsmouth NH. At both locations, you can find a knowledgeable staff ready to explain the benefits of an all-natural diet and homeopathic alternatives to many possible pet health problems.

NextGen Climate Action Hosting a Climate Change Discussion at GA Headquarters

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Join Tom Steyer, philanthropist and founder of NextGen Climate Action, for coffee and a discussion on climate change issues and the effects on small businesses with Green Alliance members at the GA Headquarters at 75 Congress Street, Suite 304 in Portsmouth on Friday, October 31 at 10:30 a.m. This event is exclusive to the GA community, and is a great opportunity for folks to discuss climate change (and hang out in the GA office) with a reputable environmental activist.  

Tom Steyer has enjoyed a successful career as an investor, Tom retired from the private sector to focus on philanthropy and advanced energy advocacy. He founded NextGen Climate, and currently serves as President of the organization which acts politically to prevent climate disaster and preserve American prosperity. Tom continues to be actively engaged in climate politics and works to promote economic development and environmental protection throughout the country. 

Our Next Green Business Learning Series is November 20

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Are you a small business owner? Do you have questions about social media? What if you need to know how to hire the right employee for the job, or fire them if it doesn’t work out? Our Green Business Learning Series will answer those questions for you.

Green Alliance Business Partners and Cardholders are invited to join us from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on November 20th for refreshments and an engaging and informative seminar from two of our Business Partners, Social Kitchen and Cultural Chemistry! This is a unique opportunity to bring small businesses together to discuss strategies that work best for them.

These days, it can be tough as a small business owner. Not only are you expected to run your business, but sometimes you’re the assistant director, hiring manager, marketing department, front of house, janitor, etc. - it may feel completely overwhelming. That’s why we’re doing a Green Business Learning Series, to help you with the important elements of your business.

Combating Rising Fuel Prices and Staying Environmentally Conscious

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Simply Green Biofuels and Yankee Thermal Imaging are offering a joint energy audit program available until October 31. For more information, call Simply Green at (603) 430-9919 or Yankee Thermal Imaging at (603) 330-3377. Proulx Oil & Propane is offering fixed-rate programs for their different home heating options. Call 800-287-1921 or their offices in Newmarket at (603) 659-7011 for rates.

Last year, with some of the most frigid winter months on record, homeowners felt left in the cold by high home heating costs. But this winter the U.S. Energy Department predicts lower home heating costs for customers. This prediction comes as crude oil prices dropped to an average of $3.41 a gallon in September, 29 cents below the month of June's average. That number is estimated to continue to drop to an average of $3.14 a gallon in December, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) short-term energy and winter fuels outlook for the 2014 and 2015 winter season.

And while those numbers have some New Englanders breathing a sigh of relief, it also has many homeowners thinking about the winter to come and wondering if the moderate temperatures seen through the fall will continue. A drastic drop in temperature like last year could send oil prices skyrocketing once again.

Home heating is not an easy market to gamble with. Fuel options – propane, Bioheat, oil – see fluctuating costs each year. Many people choose to switch their home heating option for a cheaper, more efficient product after the previous year's expenses. So what are homeowners in the Northeast to do come this winter season? How can they ensure the lowest expenditure for their home heat, even if the downturn ends and fuel rates climb once again?

Three seacoast companies are making that dilemma a little easier.

Join 900 Degrees for the Brickyard Scare

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The best way to get in the Halloween spirit this fall is by celebrating with some family friendly fun and pizza! Come out to Brickyard Square Plaza on Route 125, just off Route 101, in Epping on Tuesday, October 28 for the Brickyard Scare from 3:30 – 6:00 p.m.

The event is a great chance to enjoy Halloween activities for the whole family. There will be store-to-store trick-or-treating, hair coloring, bag decorating, a costume parade, costume contests and more! Special guests will include Max the Manchester Monarchs' mascot, a singing Cinderella, Parkour Spider Man, Macaroni Kids, Rye Airfield Skate Park's “Get on Board" program to teach kids tricks and techniques on skateboard decks without wheels, as well as balloon animals, free popcorn, candy and cider for all who attend.

Plan to stick around after the event for dinner or cocktails at 900 Degrees Pizzeria. Enjoy 900 Degrees’ signature pizzas as the perfect ending to National Pizza Month. In addition to their 2-for-1 Tuesday deal on pizzas (starting at 5 p.m., dine in only), 900 Degrees offers $5 Martinis from their ‘Tini Tuesday martini list

UNH Hosts Oil Spill Response Forum Oct. 28-29

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Join the University of New Hampshire, the UNH Center for Spills in the Environment (CSE), and the School or Marine Science and Ocean Engineering on October 28 and 29 for a UNH-funded forum titled “Oil Spill Response: 25 Years After the Exxon Valdez and in the Wake of Deepwater Horizon, What Have We Learned and What Are We Missing?”

It's been 25 years since the Exxon Valdez spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil into Prince William Sound. Also, it's been five years since the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig which gushed 200 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico, the largest recorded oil spill in U.S. history.

In response to these tragic oil spills, UNH is hosting a two-day forum with nearly 40 scientific experts, eyewitnesses, industry specialists, and NGOs. These experts will facilitate discussions in regards to understanding what went wrong to cause these spills, and also taking the next step to make a plan for spills in the future.

Green Jobs: Carpenter with Ridgeview Construction

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Looking for a job in the green industry? Our Green Jobs Board provides a listing of the latest open positions with our Business Partners in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts. And it is also the place to check when we've are looking for qualified candidates to help us grow the local green community from our Green Alliance headquarters located in downtown Portsmouth.

Our latest listing comes from Ridgeview Construction, a company that uses sustainability to create environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient homes. Ridgeview is looking for a carpenter immediately.

Requirements for all interested applicants are as follows:

  • Skilled in carpentry related work.
  • Skilled at layout, framing, finishing of typical projects.
  • Able to independently supervise small jobs or work without instruction.
  • Minimum of 3 years’ experience in residential construction.
  • Shape or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saws.
  • Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean site.
  • Complete projects on schedule and on budget.

Gary Hirshberg, Co-Founder of Stonyfield Farms Speaks at UNH

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Co-founder of Stonyfield Farm Gary Hirshberg will be visiting UNH Tuesday October 28 from 5:00-8:00 p.m. The topic of his lecture is “Lessons from the Trenches for Building High-Impact Enduring Social Ventures” and will take place at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics.

Hirshberg is one of the most recognizable social venture pioneers. His work with Stonyfield has made him a legendary organic food producer with openly sustainable business practices. Hirshberg believes in social responsiblity, which he promoted during his time as “Ce-Yo” of Stonyfield Farms.

Now Hirshberg is helping prepare the next generation of social ventures by teaching people the lessons that he learned from his experiences building Stonyfield Farms, the world's leading organic yogurt producer. His newest project is "Just Label It, We Have the Right to Know," a national campaign to label genetically engineered foods or GMOs. Also, after the lecture there will be a Q & A portion where attendees can ask Hirshberg any questions they might have in regard to social ventures and sustainable business practices.