Meet a Green Alliance Business: Larry Russell, Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual

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Who: Larry Russell, Financial Representative for Northwestern Mutual

What: As a financial representative with Northwestern Mutual, Larry Russell takes into account his client's wellness and lifestyle choices, a key component when developing what Russell refers to as the pyramid of wealth health. Looking at health, dental, life, disability and long-term care insurances, Russell develops three-tiers of financial planning: risk management, savings and wealth creation, legacy or estate planning and estate distribution. Russell believes that living a more sustainable life is not only good for a person's own health and the health of the environment, but is also valuable for financial health. Russell can help clients discover mutual funds with green or socially-responsible companies and offer the eco-focused community a method to plan for a future that stays true to their green values. In his day-to-day dealings with clients and in the office, Russell is adamant about implementing an in-office recycling system, using a digital filing system instead of paper and emailing documents in lieu of standard mailing practices.

Guest Blog: City Should Consider Pay as You Throw Trash Collection

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The Guest Blog below is from Josh Denton, a member of the Portsmouth Sustainable Practices Committee. This post summarizes a presentation to be made about sustainable practices at the upcoming Portsmouth City Council Meeting.

Portsmouth City Hall, Council Chambers
Monday, November 17th 7 - 8 p.m.
Portsmouth, NH

On Monday, Nov. 17, the Blue Ribbon Committee on Sustainable Practices will present the City Council with energy efficiency and sustainability suggestions. In recent letters, I wrote about Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing to assist property owners with energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, and about guidelines allowing slim black solar panel shingles to be visible from primary street-fronts in our Historic District. These ideas, along with others such as Pay As You Throw (PAYT), will be briefed.

Practical, Provident and Posh: Right-sized Homes Blend Sustainability with Beauty

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By Heikki (Herb) Perry

PORTSMOUTH —Deb Regan, a Laurel Court resident, lived two blocks away on Mangrove Street when she first happened upon her future neighborhood. She had become intrigued by the construction of what was described as a “high-performance” subdivision.

She took a tour of the Laurel Court model home when it opened in March 2012 and came away impressed. But it was when she took a formal tour of the home with a Realtor that she experienced an epiphany. The agent noticed an immediate change in Regan’s visage as she entered the home. “What’s the matter?” the Realtor inquired of Regan. “You look like you’re in pain.”

“Yes,” said Regan, acknowledging the change but confessing a different cause: “I really like it,” she said about the house. She moved into 72 Laurel Court, the third home completed in the development, in September 2012. She is glad she did.

Cultural Chemistry Strives to Create More Efficient Workplaces

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Running a small business is no easy feat. It requires a wealth of knowledge involving the current market, changing workforce, how to cut costs and increase profit, and a long list of other considerations. For some, this knowledge comes naturally or is easily learned, but others need the help of an outside company to teach them how to better manage their business. This is where Cultural Chemistry comes in.

Cultural Chemistry is sought out by small and large businesses alike, across a wide spectrum of industries to help them create a more positive and efficient workplace. They work as a Human Resources consulting firm to aid businesses in better managing their company so they are able to be efficient while increasing profits. By working to improve the business, Cultural Chemistry helps create a more productive and positive company that is better suited to handle the obstacles that industry.

Newmarket Dental Continues on the Road to Sustainability

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When most people think of environmentally friendly and sustainable businesses they may first think of organic farms and solar energy companies. However, Newmarket Dental is proving that every business can be green, even in the healthcare world!

Newmarket Dental works to be more sustainable through a variety of methods, such as sterilizing and re-using tools as opposed to using them once and throwing them away. They also use biodegradable seat covers, corn-based cups, and biodegradable toothbrushes made from recycled Stonyfield Yogurt cups (which they encourage patients to return to be further recycled)!

First Green Community Leader Attends Best of TASTE Bash for Free!

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The Green Alliance is proud to announce the launch of their newest level of membership, Green Community Leaders! Even more exciting, this launch coincides with November 22's Best of TASTE Bash. The first person to join the GA as a Green Community Leader will receive two VIP passes to this delicious event for free!

The Best of TASTE Bash is an eating and drinking extravaganza for two; a lavish night in downtown Portsmouth where you can taste the award winners from all 85 categories of TASTE's magazine's "Best Of" edition. Each VIP ticket is valued at $85, meaning that your membership ($300) will be more than half paid for immediately! 

Since 2009 the GA has seen tremendous growth; signing over 100 Business Partners while gaining over 3,500 individual members from Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts including over 100 Lifetime Sustaining Members. With this growth we realized we are surrounded by dedicated, green individuals and families in our local communities. We want to continue to grow, and we want Green Community Leaders (GLC) to help us grow. 

Harbor Eyecare Center Celebrates the Holiday Season with a Food Drive!

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November is the month of Thanksgiving, an important time to reflect on what we are all thankful for. It’s also a time to keep the less fortunate in mind. That’s why Harbor Eyecare Center is hosting a Holiday Food Drive to help provide meals to those affected by poverty. It’s a great chance to donate to a good cause and get an awesome deal on some cool specs!

Harbor Eyecare is offering customers discounts on optical purchases in exchange for nonperishable foods. Donate four nonperishable food items and receive 15% off. Donate eight nonperishable food items and receive 25% off. That’s a great deal!

“This is our second year of doing the food drive, we here at Harbor Eyecare would like to give back to our community,” said Debbie Tufts, office manager. “We realize that there are many people in our community that may not have a warm home, hot food and means of transportation. It is our way of helping".

Sarah's First (and likely far from last) Trip to 900 Degrees Pizzeria

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Okay Green Alliance friends, gather round. I just experienced possibly world’s best pizza at GA Business 900 Degrees Pizzeria! It was my first time eating at the flagship restaurant in Manchester and the place was packed. The atmosphere was cozy and bright and our server was out of this world nice. Sadly, I was so busy chatting during my business meeting at 900 Degrees that I didn’t have a chance to partake in the pizza. When we got up to leave, I put an order in for 2 pizzas to eat on my way back to Portsmouth and to bring home to my family.

I’ll tell you, that pizza almost caused a few accidents while I raced back to GA HQ. True it was raining, which made the road conditions less than spectacular, but really it was the pizza. I got the Pompeii which is a spicy, wood fired affair covered in jalapenos, hot sausage and spicy Italian salami. I also tried the new specialty pizza which is graced with grilled chicken, figs and a balsamic drizzle, among other things. I’m ashamed to say that I had 5 pieces while I was driving… and consumed all 5 within pretty much the first 10 minutes of my drive back to Portsmouth.

If you live in the Manchester region or find yourself in Manchester on business, like I did on this rainy Thursday, 900 Degrees is a must! And don’t forget your Green Card! As a GA member, you’ll save 10 percent on all food and drinks at both 900 Degrees locations.

Benefit Corporation Coming to New Hampshire; Progressive Businesses Strive to Be Early Adopters of Novel Legislation

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Starting January 1, 2015, qualifying New Hampshire businesses can join corporations in over 25 states with a benefit corporation legal status. The Green Alliance, along with W.S. Badger Company, Inc. and Nearby Registry hope to be among the first in the state to adopt this status. This new legislation will help companies include both the public and the environment in their business plans in a new, defendable and promotable way.

Companies that choose benefit corporation status pledge to make a tangible, positive impact on the environment and the community. Businesses designated as benefit corporations make a commitment to meet higher standards of corporate purpose, accountability and transparency. These companies account not only for profit in their business plan but also include people and the environment in what is known as the triple bottom line.

Becoming a benefit corporation can help community oriented businesses target and promote their values, such as community building, environmental awareness, sustainable practices and more. It can also provide marketing opportunities and legal benefits to help companies reach like-minded customers and retain their values over time.

"Benefit corporations have the opportunity to bake their values right into their legal DNA," said Holly Ensign-Barstow, Policy Associate for B Lab. B Lab, the nonprofit organization responsible for the initiation of benefit corporations, promotes the use of higher business standards to solve social and environmental problems.

Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance Continues to Expand in New England

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Portsmouth Atlantic Insurance has done remarkably well providing home, auto, and other forms of insurance to New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont residents, and has lately experienced more expansion into the Massachusetts market. This new development has been facilitated by Jessica Roberts, who recently joined Portsmouth Atlantic, and has more than seven years of experience selling insurance in Massachusetts. She has been a great addition to the team and her experience in Massachusetts has helped the company to further grow into the state. In Massachusetts, Portsmouth Atlantic is able to write insurance with Safeco Insurance, National General, Hanover, MetLife, and the Andover & Concord Group.

This family owned agency represents a variety of insurance companies, with their emphasis on customer and claims service. The goal is to work with carriers that provide customers great service, are reliable, and are there for them during their claims. Portsmouth Atlantic aims to give the greater Seacoast area residents a local option for their insurance needs, as opposed to the large and distant insurance companies. This means that Portsmouth Atlantic can provide its customers with a more personalized experience, quality service, and full disclosure of their business practices, all while being a more environmentally friendly business.

Favorite Foods Rethinks "Big Food" Distribution

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The American food provider system is largely dominated by big corporations, who care more about their capital gain than what ends up on their consumers' plates. Local company Favorite Foods is fighting against this “big food” way of thinking.

Favorite Foods is a local food provider out of Somersworth, NH that is an independent food distribution company that focuses on serving locally owned and operated restaurants and businesses. They have garnered a reputation for good service and, most importantly, good food.

The company offers a full service approach like the big conglomerate companies but with a more personal, socially responsible approach. They are so earnest, in fact, that they rejected an offer to be a provider for Applebees in Dover. The restaurant was franchised, but the owners of Favorite Foods did not feel comfortable supporting a large corporation.

Get it Going Introduces New "HOPE" T-shirt!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and organizations across the country worked to spread awareness about the disease and preventative steps to take for women to protect themselves. Although October is over, the efforts to promote breast cancer continue, and Get it Going is supporting breast cancer awareness all year long with their new “HOPE” t-shirt!

Get it Going’s “HOPE” shirt was designed by 15 year old Paige Krampetz, who won the design contest at MBCS’s Celebrate Pink 5K Road Race in September. One dollar from each of Get it Going’s new shirts will go to My Breast Cancer Support, an organization serving the Greater Seacoast area, to help relieve the day-to-day stresses patients face. My Breast Cancer Support provides assistance to patients in a number of ways, from helping with home bills, providing comforting gifts, travel stipends to attend conferences and retreats, and so much more.

Sustaining Memberships Surpass the 100 Mark!

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These past few months have been an incredibly exciting time for us at the Green Alliance. Through fun events, the appeal of great discounts to over 100 local businesses, and a growing sense of community, the GA has seen a huge spike in memberships. As the community of individuals continues to grow, we were almost blindsided while revamping our Sustaining Membership page (have you seen it yet?) to see the surge of Sustaining Members has pushed us to over 110 individuals! 

Currently, the Sustaining Membership is the highest level of membership offered from the Green Alliance (key word: currently, check back next week)! These individuals are truly dedicated to supporting the local economy and fighting for environmental issues. To see this number grow so quickly in the last few months, is truly inspiring. We are proud to bring together people so dedicated to going green, and know that this represents a bright future for not only the GA, but for the many towns we represent. 

900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria featured on the Phantom Gourmet

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If you're a foodie living in New England, then you're probably a regular viewer of myTV38's Phantom Gourmet. The show highlights the best of the region's different restaurants - from comfort food diners to upscale, full-course restaurants. It's no surprise that the Phantom Gourmet would stop by 900 Degrees' Manchester location to sample some of the restaurant's authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. If you missed the episode, check out the segment below.

Ultra Geothermal Offers Energy Star Rated Heat Recovery Ventilator

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Ultra Geothermal, known for their expertise in geothermal installations, has yet again proven their commitment to sustainability. The company has added The PH Imperial 7.15 Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) to their product lineup. HRVs are offered with all Ultra Geothermal system designs but are also used with conventional heating systems.

It's important to install HRVs in tightly built homes as a way to bring in fresh air and provide a safe and clean living environment to eliminate stale air, which causes black mold if there is moisture trapped in the home. During colder seasons, the unit’s heat recovery core (polypropylene core) will reclaim the heat from the outgoing stale air and use this heat to temper the incoming fresh air, which reduces the cost of effectively ventilating your home during winter. The HRV is strongly recommended when insulating to high standards so that you can allow fresh air into the home.