Author James Browning Reads from his Novel "The Fracking King."

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On Wednesday, August 20, author James Browning will read from his novel "The Fracking King" at the Rice Public Library in Kittery, Maine starting at 6 p.m. The public is welcome and can register through the library's website.

Fracking, while a debated and hotly contested issue throughout the country, is also point of contention here in New England. Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the process of injecting pressured liquid, composed of water and sand with added chemicals, into the ground to break up shale rocks in order to release oil and natural gases. The idea behind fracking is to open untapped fossil fuel resevoirs with the potential to boost the economy in states where it is approved. Debate surrounds fracking's negative effects on the environment - such as contaminating natural water sources - and its impact on human health.

James Browning lives in Pennsylvania and is the co-author of “Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets,” a series of exposés about the political expenditures of the fracking industry. "The Fracking King" is his first novel and explores boarding school, hardcore Scrabble fanatics and fracking.

Publishers Weekly says, “Browning effortlessly translates his passion for environmental change into a rousing, witty, and enlightening tale about outsiders and Scrabble."

Learn more about the novel here.

EZ Bikes & Scooters an Easier Way to Get Around

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 Hate spending so much money on gas? Why not save money and arrive in style on a scooter or an electric bike from EZ Bikes and Scooters. They have a wide variety of bikes and scooters at great prices!

Tom Hemenway started EZ Bikes and Scooters many years ago after he had a health scare. He knew that it was time to get back into shape and decided bike riding would be a good idea. Hemenway soon remembered that some of the terrain that he encountered was more difficult to navigate on and made his rides less enjoyable. Hemenway later came across a style of bike known as the EZ Electric Bike. This model of bike had a motor that the operator could switch on that would power the bike through tough hills and climbs. Hemenway loved this bike so much that he decided to add on to his already existing car audio business and start EZ Bike and Scooters.

EZ Bike and Scooters has grown over the years and they now offer over 50 different scooters and electric bikes to choose from! No matter what option you choose, you are doing your part to help the environment. Their bikes are able to charge quickly and efficiency using a minimum amount of electricity and have long battery lives. Their gas-powered scooters get amazing mileage and cut down on the amount of emissions being released. Choosing to ride a scooter or a bike helps keep more cars off the road and keeps their harmful emissions out of the environment.

Cornerstone Tree Care Works For The Trees

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Micum Davis of Cornerstone Tree Care is truly a tree’s best friend. When he says that he “speaks for the trees” he really means it and it shows in his work. It may seem odd to someone looking in from the outside when Davis suggests leaving some of the trees that a costumer wanted 100% removed but that is why Cornerstone Tree Service is special. Davis understands that trees are valuable to the costumer’s yards and even more valuable to the environment as a whole. 

Identifying trees that Davis believes could remain healthily and provide an important service to the environment is far from the only step that Cornerstone Tree Care has taken to become greener. Davis has implemented a no spike policy to his tree care. This means that his workers will not wear spikes to help them climb trees. Spiking the tree can leave wounds that are permanent and could eventually lead to the death of the tree. Davis comments that many other companies also do this but there are still a few that use spikes and he thought it was important to make sure his company was spike less. Cornerstone has also implemented policies to limit the harms of fuel emissions on the environment. They have a no idling policy on all of their vehicles, all of their diesel has been switched to a friendlier bio diesel and Davis has started driving a Prius! Cornerstone also makes their own homemade mulch from recycled trees and other recycled lawn and yard products.

Meet a Green Alliance Business: Seacoast Energy

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Who: Seacoast Energy

What: Seacoast Energy owner Jack Bingham is more than just a renewable energy installer. He is the owner’s manual, teacher and advocate for eco-friendly renewable energy products and systems, with a particular expertise in residential and commercial solar power. More than just a job, Bingham approaches renewable energy with passion and has received recognition for his enthusiasm. This year, he was selected by WoodMaster as an exclusive retailer and installer of its European-designed, built-in-the-United States, biomass products. Bingham also keeps abreast of the latest technological advances in green energy products, offering educational workshops to inform the community of the beneficial long-term effects this technology brings. Bingham has experience with everything from solar-powered hot water systems to self-composting toilets. Seacoast Energy proves this technology is a beneficial investment, saving both money and the environment while working to grow a new industry, create jobs and stimulate the economy.

Where: 289 Scruton Pond Road, Barrington

Half Price Wednesday Evening Sails

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Join the Gundalow Company Wednesday evenings now through the end of September for the Coastal Issues Speaker Series. Thanks to the New Hampshire Coastal Program the Gundalow Company is offering these Wednesday sails along the Piscataqua for half the price. The Coastal Issues Speaker Series will feature various local experts including Gary Hildreth, US Navy Public Affairs, and Jeff Bolster an Award Winning Author. In addition receive a free $5 "science bucks" coupon for Portsmouth Brewery. The sails cost $15 and depart from Prescott Park Dock in Portsmouth, NH between 4:30-5:30 depending on the week.

For more information on the individual dates check out the Gundalow Company's website here.

A Day in the Life of Brixham Montessori Friends School

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Magill Smith is a writer at the Green Alliance. She also works at Brixham Montessori Friends School. She loves working with the children at Brixham, and wanted to share a journal of her experiences during the summer program so you can hear what happens on the playground too!

It has been a busy beginning to a fun filled summer at Brixham Montessori Friends School! As August flies by, we are already four weeks into our summer program. There is a daily theme to the summer play, allowing for a curriculum to be lightly incorporated into the camp to keep the children’s minds active through the summer months. With each theme comes an activity allowing the children to have a hands on experience related to what we learned. So far, we have enjoyed learning about helping by reading the Little Red Hen and making delicious bread, celebrating nature by doing tree rubbings, and learning about crops that grow in Maine. 

Hold the Spam!

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RAM Printing is sponsoring the (mostly) live Monty Python reunion broadcast at The Music Hall in downtown Portsmouth on August 14 at 7 p.m. Tickets are $18. The reunion show is the first time the comedy troupe known the world over has performed together live since 1980.

RAM Printing was the first printer in New Hampshire to receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification. The company completed the required "chain of custody"—indicating that at every point from pulp to paper mill to distributor to printer - to receive the FSC Certification. RAM also responsibly sources its raw materials from the Rainforest Alliance’s “SmartWood” Program and prints with soy-based inks. RAM has followed sustainable printing practices since 1989; well in advance of the current green trend. As “early adopters," RAM has set the standard in New England and perhaps even nationally, for the greening of the print industry. RAM feels it is important to raise the company standard to provide the consumer with a better product, while minimizing their footprint and succeeding financially.

Green Alliance members receive 5% off printing services! Not a member? Join here.

Sail Away with Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company This Summer

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The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company are teaming up this summer to get Seacoast area residents out on the Piscataqua River. Become a member of the Green Alliance (for only $35) and get a free ticket aboard one of the Gundalow Company’s sails! With sail tickets valued up to $40, there is no better time to join the Green Alliance Community! The membership pays for itself instantly!

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company will also be giving away FOUR tickets this week. Thursday August 14 the Green Alliance will put up a trivia question that can be found on the GA facebook page. Simply comment on the post with the answer you think is correct! We will choose one winner at random.

The Gundalow Company is a business partner of the Green Alliance, working to bring sustainability to the Seacoast Area. This non-profit strives to connect community members with the historic icon of river commerce, while simultaneously working to encourage a sense of environmental stewardship for the region’s waterways.

A Group Effort to Create Sustainable, Clean Energy

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Power generation is the source of a large portion of human-caused emissions that have negative effects to the environment and human health. In addition, fossil fuels are a diminishing resource that is expected — if actions don’t change — to cause issues in the future. To avoid these issues, it’s important to invest in sustainable development and clean energy sources. Within New Hampshire, NH Solar Garden makes these investments possible by developing solar gardens that generate solar energy that is provided to community members.

NH Solar Garden leases land from farmers and landowners (known as Hosts) to build solar “gardens.” These hosts earn refunds for the power they generate and return to the electric grid. Farmers are also able to choose having a greenhouse built in lieu of the rebate.

A law recently passed in New Hampshire, referred to as “Group Net Metering” allows community residents, businesses and schools (Group members) to also receive net meter Rebates without physically having solar gardens. To join NH Solar Garden for no cost and earn the “Solar Rebate,” members simply fill out a form and send a copy of their electric bill. Group members also have the option to purchase fresh vegetables or meats from one of NH Solar Garden’s farmers, or a membership to a community garden.

NextGen Climate Open House

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Passionate about climate change and its presence in politics? Then the NextGen Climate Open House is the place to be.

This event will be held August 14, at the NextGen Climate NH headquarters, 530 Chestnut #3A, Manchester, NH 03101. The event will last from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. an there will be light snacks and refreshments.

By attending this event, participants will learn more about NextGen Climate, the impact of climate change in New Hampshire, and how to get involved in electing climate-conscious candidates. Not only that but there will also be a chance to meet personally with NextGen Climate New Hampshire staff, hear about their efforts in the state, and engage with local climate change experts.

In addition to these opportunities there will be a guest speaker. Eric Orff, wildlife biologist of the National Wildlife Federation, will be speaking to attendants.

To RSVP for this event click here

ENH Power and the Great Bay Stewards form a Bond Meant to Be

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By Emily Norloff

Standing behind their vocation to help other people, ENH Power recently began collaborating with the Great Bay Stewards to raise awareness on sustainable issues. Though slightly different in their respective business models, both businesses have a passion for helping people and the environment. It is no surprise then that these two eco-minded businesses would form a partnership.

“The match between ENH Power and the Great Bay Stewards is a good one; it was honestly a no brainer,” said Peter Wellenberger, Executive Director of the Great Bay Stewards.

“It’s a natural fit and the collaboration thus far has been amazing," agreed Julie Lapham, ENH Power's Community Outreach Coordinator. "I love these guys!”

The key to a lucrative collaboration, according to Lapham, is a partner who is successful and present, and the Great Bay Stewards inhabit both of those qualities. Through ENH Power's Power to Help Fund, the electricity supplier afford the tools for Great Bay Stewards, a nonprofit, to be successful in their conservation efforts; from events to campaigns regarding the preservation of New Hampshire's most critical tidal estuary.

Purely Organic Lawn Care Helping Save Our Water Ways

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Purely Organic Lawn Care is dedicated to eliminating the side effects caused by traditional lawn care chemicals by using organic products. There are many issues caused by lawn care chemicals including the pollution of surface water used for local water supply and recreation.

Fertilizers that many people rely on to beautify their lawns not only hurt the biology of the lawns, but nearby waterways as well. The nitrates found in fertilizers make their way in to rivers, lakes and oceans and exacerbate the growth of algae blooms that deplete oxygen and create “dead zones.”

Join us for the Second Annual Green Families Celebration & Farmers Market and Contribute to a Worthy Local Cause!

By Amanda | Aug 13, 2014 | in can hardly believe it’s been two years! The Green Alliance is celebrating The Green Families Club second birthday this August. On Wednesday, August 27th from 4 – 7 p.m. at the Kittery Farmer’s Market, the Green Alliance will be hosting a Green Families Celebration and Farmers Market with special community guest and beneficiary, The Footprints Food Pantry.

Green Alliance businesses will have booths with family-friendly, hands-on activities and goodies for kids to enjoy. Kids can design a t-shirt with the winner’s design being printed as a t-shirt in a contest hosted by Get it Going! Or, stop by the Coca-Cola booth for free samples and a demonstration on their extensive recycling program. Get your family together for a free, fun portrait by Lenka Flaherty Photography! Check out the many more booths with great activities, too!

Additionally the Kittery regular farmers market will be happening at the same time. So celebrants can do their food shopping while enjoying live music and interactive booths. From local organic greens to homemade natural soaps the Kittery Farmers Market has something for everyone.

And this collaborative event has a special community beneficiary; Footprints Food Pantry. We’ve all heard of carbon footprints but Footprints Food Pantry in Kittery is leaving a different kind of footprint in the communities of Kittery, Kittery Point, and Elliot. Footprints Food Pantry will be the honorary non-profit for Green Alliance’s Green Families celebration.

Children's Essay Contest

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With summer slowly winding down, back to school sales are filling stores as teachers and students prepare for another school year. Why not help the kids get in the school mindset with a earth-friendly essay contest?!

We are thrilled to announce our first ever children’s essay contest (entrants must be 13 years old or younger). We have received a great amount of support from business partners for this contest, allowing us to offer great prizes to all entrants, with an excellent grand prize for the chosen winner!

To enter please respond to the following topic in a minimum half page essay (accompanying pictures or drawings encouraged but not required), by Friday, August 22nd by emailing or mailing to 75 Congress Street, Suite 304, Portsmouth, NH 03801 (essays submitted by mail must be post-marked Thursday, August 21st or earlier):
“What activities did your family do this summer to better the environment?”

Prelude of Portsmouth

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Downtown Portsmouth is filled with shops and exciting places to visit, however not all are as special as Prelude. Located in the heart of the small city, owner Holly Landgarten has created a prosperous business that she describes as “a feast for the senses”.

From photography to cashmere and silk products Prelude’s shelves are always stocked with new and unique gifts and trinkets. Currently, they are offering several all-natural organic beauty supplies, local Maine jewelry, Burt’s Bees products, and organic Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products.

Prelude offers products that are fair trade, greeting cards that are made on recycled paper, and beauty products that are natural, organic, paraben and sulfate free. They are also working on reducing their energy by using efficient air conditioning systems along with certified light bulbs. When asked if customers would like a bag to carry their purchases in, it is always recycled paper.