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The Green Alliance seeks a Freelance Writer!

By Sam | Jul 23, 2014 | in

Did you know that the Green Alliance has a Green Jobs Board? Keep up with who's hiring in the seacoast and feel good about the work you do!

Sometimes we list jobs on the Green Jobs Board, too. This one is for a freelance writer. Click through to read the job description!

As Freelance Writer for the Green Alliance, you’ll be responsible for generating compelling, accurate, and engaging copy (typically between 600-1500 words) for a variety of outlets, including online blogs, newsletters, newspapers, and magazines.

We do not write press releases; we produce publish-ready news-style stories that mimic in both quality and approach the style and focus of the publications themselves. A background in journalism or a related field is preferred.

Exeter Practice Integrates Naturopathic Techniques with Traditional Medicine for Optimum Mental Health

By Amanda | Jul 22, 2014 | in

Green Alliance Correspondent

While treatment of mental illness has progressed during the last few decades, patients who rely solely on traditional psychiatric care overlook the benefits that naturopathic treatment can produce.

Naturopathic doctors take a different approach to treating mental illness than traditional medical doctors do, and when that approach is coordinated with a medical doctor’s treatment, the synergy can produce more benefits than either discipline alone can offer.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment, and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances that encourage individuals’ inherent self-healing process, according to the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific, and empirical methods.

Starry Brook Natural Medicine is a naturopathic practice in Exeter, N.H. that provides health care with an approach that integrates with traditional medicine. Physical exams, intakes, and treatment plans are guided by the patient's desires. Treatment and therapies range from prescriptive medicines, acupuncture, herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy or a combination.

The practice offers treatments for a variety of mental illnesses, including borderline personality disorder; bipolar disorder; anxiety; depression; obsessive compulsive disorder; agoraphobia; eating disorders; and trichotillomania.

Go Far for Less with an Electric Bike from EZ Bikes & Scooters

By Amanda | Jul 22, 2014 | in

Guest Blog; A NH Citizens Hearing on Climate Change in New Hampshire

By Amanda | Jul 22, 2014 | in

The Guest Blog below is from Roger Stephenson, an Outreach Consultant for the Union of Concerned Scientists. This post summarizes an upcoming citizen hearing on climate change in Concord, NH.

Concord Public Library
Monday, July 28th 6 – 8 pm
Concord, NH

The Clean Power Plan cuts carbon pollution – power plants account for roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas emissions. The Clean Power Plan will help cut carbon pollution from the power sector by 30% below 2005 levels – attend and express your support!

Our future is at stake – New Hampshire is experiencing the impacts of climate change.

Add your voice by commenting at the hearing July 28! Learn what you can do to make a difference! Comments to the EPA must be received by October 16th, 2014, so use this opportunity to voice your support.

The hearing is in response to the EPA’s June announcement of the Clean Power Plan, which will put in place the first-ever, federal standards on carbon pollution from power plants. Carbon pollution fuels climate change, triggers more asthma attacks and respiratory disease, worsens air quality, and contributes to more frequent, destructive, costly and deadly extreme weather events. According to the EPA the Clean Power Plan will prevent up to 150,000 asthma attacks and 6,600 premature deaths annually by 2030.

Ecotech's Tom Pray Takes on an Army of Flying Insects

By Craig | Jul 21, 2014 | in

Tom Pray of Ecotech Pest Control stopped by the Green Alliance offices this afternoon to show us a prototype of his latest invention to help rid our backyards and public spaces of pesky deer flies, horse flies and green-heads. If you're a New Englander then you know just how easily one of these little creatures can ruin a perfect mid-summer night in the backyard, or down at the beach.

Pray was always asked by clients why mosquito sprays weren't taking care of these harassing flies. His answer was less than comforting. “A normal mosquito spray will do absolutely nothing for green-heads. The amount of chemicals you need to kill them is very high," said Pray

When his customers were disappointed with his answer, Pray saw a new market open up for his business. Pray based his idea on the fly-boxes he worked with years ago for the town of Hampton controlling fly populations in the salt marshes. Those wooden boxes proved to be too difficult to move and store for the average homeowner.

This "fly cage" is collapsable for easy storage and features machine washable netting. It is also 100 percent eco-friendly, kills the flies without chemical use, and recyclable. So how does it work?

Standing on four legs, Pray's device replicates the appearance of a four-legged animal such as a cow or deer. Hanging between the device's legs is a black buoy which Pray has found attracts the flies. According to Pray, deer flies, horse flies and green heads are often attracted to the underside of an animal where there is less hair to obstruct them from reaching the flesh.

“When they see the black buoy it draws them in even more and they go up underneath into the netting and get caught," said Pray.

When the flies, drawn by the hanging buoy fly upwards toward the "belly," they continue into a small hole that opens into a larger netted area. Once inside the flies are trapped and cook in the sunlight. At the end of the summer homeowners simply shake out the netting and wash it before storing it for the winter. The traps are perfect for backyards, golf courses and business with outdoor seating areas. Set up is as easy as opening a folding camping chair. 

A canine home away from home

By Emily | Jul 17, 2014 | in

By Michael McCord

Mary’s Dogs Inn has opened for business.

Mary Doane, the founder of Mary’s Dogs, is pleased her rescue and adoption organization has grown from her home in Deerfield to a two-story, 1800s federal-style house and property along Route 4 in Northwood near Coe-Brown Academy.

“We have a wonderful, relaxed feel at the Inn,” Doane said about the property that can board as many as 10 dogs at once. “Dogs who come to stay with us will feel like they're at home.”

This home offers canine daycare and boarding and fulfills a quarantine need for the dogs rescued from high-kill centers in the South. A 2012 New Hampshire state law mandated a 48-hour quarantine period for dogs at a licensed facility before heading to an adopting family.

Doane supported the law but knew when it was passed by the New Hampshire legislature that her operating model would have to change – and would require an actual facility rather than the improvised methods she had employed since founding Mary’s Dogs in 2011.

“We were never going to get anywhere without a center for dogs who were already adopted and for daycare, boarding and other activities,” Doane said.

Travis Aho's Benefit Yard Sale

By Kyle | Jul 17, 2014 | in


Sail Away with Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company This Summer

By Amanda | Jul 16, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company are teaming up this summer to get Seacoast area residents out on the Piscataqua River. Become a member of the Green Alliance (for only $35) and get a free ticket aboard one of the Gundalow Company’s sails! With sail tickets valued up to $40, there is no better time to join the Green Alliance Community! The membership pays for itself instantly!

The Green Alliance and the Gundalow Company will also be giving away two tickets weekly all summer long. Thursday, July 17 the Green Alliance will put up a trivia question that can be found on the GA facebook page. Simply comment on the post with the answer you think is correct! We will choose one winner at random.

The Gundalow Company is a business partner of the Green Alliance, working to bring sustainability to the Seacoast Area. This non-profit strives to connect community members with the historic icon of river commerce, while simultaneously working to encourage a sense of environmental stewardship for the region’s waterways.

Join the Gundalow Company wednesday evenings this summer for a unique discussion series on Contemporary Coastal Issues of the region. These discussions feature expert guest speakers from the area focusing on current maritime issues. These interesting and educational discussions are a great way to spend an evening and break up the work-week. Special low price of $15, thanks to support from the New Hampshire Coastal Program and RBC Wealth Management. Tickets also include a $5 coupon for the Portsmouth Brewery to have a beer and continue the discussion! Smuttynose along with the Portsmouth Brewery are friends and sponsors of the Gundalow Company, as well as business partners of the Green Alliance.

Kennebunk Savings a Community Beacon

By Kelly | Jul 16, 2014 | in

Founded in 1871, Kennebunk Savings is an independent, mutually owned savings bank that sets itself apart from its short-term focused, stockholder peers by preserving its fiscal responsibility as a business to benefit the community over the long term. Today, the company boasts 16 banking offices that serve individuals and businesses in York County Maine and Seacoast New Hampshire. Its newest branch opened in Hampton in May 2013 and is its third location in New Hampshire.

Kennebunk Savings offers a complete suite of financial services, including insurance and investment products, for personal and commercial customers alike. And while they offer products and services similar to any big bank, they are very much the same community-oriented company as it was when it started. Kennebunk Savings’ “Community Promise” is to donate 10 percent of their annual profits to local nonprofit organizations, resulting in over $7.5 million in donations since 1994 and helping upwards of 350 organizations every year. In 2012 alone, 8,500 volunteer hours were given back to the community by employees who shared their time and talent.

Ridgeview Construction Spreads its Roots in the Lakes Region

By Craig | Jul 16, 2014 | in

Ridgeview Construction doesn't just build homes, they build a sustainable peace of mind. With projects throughout New Hampshire and New England, owner Shane Carter offers quantity without sacrificing quality.

The Deerfield-based company has done extensive work throughout the Lake's Region already with builds in Gilmanton, Wolfeboro and Ashland. But Ridgeview's next big project in the area is a build off Squam River Landing in Ashland.

"That's a great community and we're really proud to be a preferred builder on that project," said Carter.

All homes at Squam River Landing will be built Energy Star compliant and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and National Association of Home Builders Green eligible. Each home will feature appliances that conserve water and energy use. The homes are designed to be affordable as other, expensive lakefront builds, many secondary homes for wealthy buyers, have priced-out large portions of the local community.

In an era where home-building has become an industry just like any other – profit-driven, factory-like, cost-effective - Ridgeview’s approach calls back to a time when quality, honesty, and teamwork were the mantras.

According to Carter, working with a like-minded crew to complete a home from start to finish breeds a sense of accountability. For the Squam River Landing project, Carter is excited by the team that came together to develop the site, especially Barry Gaw, the founding member of Sippican Partners, LLC and a LEED AP.

"We collaborate on the same frequency as far as I'm concerned," said Carter of Gaw. "He's great and really knows his stuff that way."

“You’ll see a lot of job sites where one crew left it a complete disaster for the next crew, and that kind of mentality just isn’t conducive to building a quality home and doing it with care,” he added.

Two Green Innovators Cooperate for a Greener New England

By Emily | Jul 16, 2014 | in

By Heikki (Herb) Perry

The collaboration of two eco-minded firms has helped each to profit while also advancing the cause of environmentalism.

RAM Printing was one of the earliest Business Partners and a sustainability leader in the the Green Alliance when the green business union and consumer co-op was first formed in 2009. The Green Alliance works to grow businesses that demonstrate environmental and social responsibility while building a community of consumers who will patronize those businesses.

RAM Printing has been following sustainable printing practices since 1989, well in advance of the current green trend. As “early adopters,” RAM set the standard in New England, and nationally, for the greening of the print industry, on the cutting edge of creating a product and service that was different from anything else on the market. It has strived to provide the consumer with a better product, while minimizing its footprint and succeeding financially.

“New materials emerge as technology changes,” says RAM account manager John Sobczak. “We continue to invest in those technologies that are environmentally friendly. In most cases, because of technology, recycling and new products, many of the ways of doing business are done at reduced costs, which we pass on to the consumer. It’s a win-win for the customer, a win-win for RAM, and a win-win for the environment.”

Community Toolbox's New August Hours

By Clay | Jul 15, 2014 | in

Community Toolbox, a Portsmouth non-profit who strives to build a safe and healthy homes for everyone, has new hours starting this August. Their current, regular hours will remain the same, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Starting on August 6, through the remainder of the month, Community Toolbox will remain open until 6 p.m. on Wednesdays.

Community Toolbox operates under the belief that homeowners shouldn't be forced to choose between paying for home repairs, buying groceries or paying their mortgage. This mindset is why Community Toolbox has started their Fix-It Program along with their two other supporting programs, the Retail Outlet and their Deconstruction Service. Together these three programs aim to improve and the living conditions for people struggling in the community.

At the core of Community Toolbox is their Fix-It Program - a volunteer based service that provides qualifying residents within 30 minutes of Portsmouth the necessary repairs for their homes. Each job is done correctly and up to code including; grab bar installation, small electrical jobs, accessibility fixes and more.

The Retail Outlet funds Community Toolbox's Fix-It and DeConstruction programs. Open to the public, the Retail Outlet allows individuals to purchase new or reclaimed building materials such as cabinets, doors, windows, tile, appliances and welcome donations from contractors and individuals.

Meet a Green Alliance Business: Cultural Chemistry

By Clay | Jul 15, 2014 | in

Who: Cultural Chemistry

What: For Cultural Chemistry it’s all about efficiency. Mirjam IJtsma, launched Cultural Chemistry in 2011 with the desire to help businesses run a more positive and dynamic work place. Part of Cultural Chemistry’s success depends on its sustainable in-office environment as well as passion for working to help the natural environment.

Originally from the Netherlands, where environmental responsibility is a crucial community pillar, IJtsma brings her country’s environmental concerns to the work place, educating both her employees and her clients on the value of executing a sustainable company culture. This includes not wasting resources, building green teams and integrating sustainability and responsible practices to make a company more successful, resourceful and more desirable to work for.

IJtsma’s unique services mimic what a traditional human resources department might be tasked with, but a fraction of the cost. The result is an affordable, unique, dynamic look into your company’s most complex inner workings, and the strategies and solutions that can help take it to the next level.

Green Alliance, Ultra Geothermal Giant Yard Sale!

By Amanda | Jul 15, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance is so much more than you may be aware of. Not only do we represent an avenue for green-minded citizens to get great discounts at 115 local, sustainable businesses, we are also event planners, (perhaps you heard about our sold-out cruise last week that very well may have been the party of the summer?!). We are also deeply devoted to charitable giving. There are so many reasons to become a member of the GA!

On Saturday, July 26 from 9-4, the GA is teaming up with Ultra Geothermal and Get it Going to organize a charity event very close to our hearts. Melissa Aho, owner of Ultra Geothermal, is hosting a yard sale July 26 to raise money to help with medical bills following her brother's diagnosis of Leukemia. The yard sale will be held at Ultra Geothermal Headquarters; 358 Route 4, Barrington (just off the Lee traffic circle). You can learn more about Travis Aho here.

We recognize that our community is greater than just green-minded individuals... it's families, friends, and people looking to help one another; like our collaborative yard sale July 26. We hope you'll both attend the yard sale, and take the plunge to become a card carrying Green Alliance member, if you have not already done so.

Site Structure Landscape's Green Story

By Clay | Jul 15, 2014 | in

Every Green Alliance business undergoes a Sustainability Certification. This certification serves to show everyone what each business has accomplished and what they are still working to accomplish when it comes to green business practices. The final part of the evaluation is the Green Story. Check out Site Structure Landscape’s Green Story Below.

Site Structures Landscape, Inc. Bringing “Green” Back to Landscaping

Site Structures Landscape, Inc. offers customers a winning combination of innovative lawn care, honest work, and green alternatives in an industry known for harmful use of pesticides and chemicals. Owner Charlie Bourdages launched the Eliot, ME company in 1996. Since then, he and his team have found a myriad of ways to incorporate sustainability into their landscaping (lawns, gardens, etc.) and hardscaping (stone, pavement, and brick) practices. New clients meet with project managers Ben Woods and Curt Rose to discuss their "green” options. According to Nicole Tracy, the office manager of Site Structures, their commitment to sustainability came about naturally. “It’s simple; we live here,” she explains. “We want to be responsible members of our community. By treating our planet well, we’re helping both the environment and the people in the communities we serve. It’s the backbone of what we do.”

Site Structures has found many creative ways to make their business practices more sustainable. They are huge proponents of chemical free lawn care, and promote their environmentally friendly services in their pamphlets and monthly email blasts. Site Structures is also a member of Seacoast Buy Local. Whenever possible, they source their building and lawn care materials locally, supporting our New England economies and decreasing their carbon footprint. They also purchase their business cards and uniforms from local vendors.

At their home base in Eliot, Site Structures has made special efforts to go green. Recycling is complete and thorough, and the Site Structures team is diligent with their water conservation efforts. Much of their office furniture has been reused, and some of the desks are repurposed doors. Their CFL lights and efficient heating systems are on timers, which aid in energy conservation. Printing is minimal in the Site Structures office, but when they do print, they use their Energy Star printers and copiers.

Green Alliance Continues Artist in Residency Program with Photographer Lenka Flaherty

By Amanda | Jul 15, 2014 | in

The Green Alliance offices in historic downtown Portsmouth host their fifth artist, Lenka Flaherty, as part of Green Alliance’s Artist and Residency program. Flaherty, a gifted photographer, said she finds her inspiration in the natural environment. She describes finding her enthusiasm for photography as she traveled throughout Europe with her parents as a young child.

“I used to love to watch my parents take pictures, and would love when I got to push the buttons myself,” she said.

Today Flaherty does much more than push buttons on a camera, her talent as well as her passion for photography is evident in her work.

Raised in the Czech Republic where she earned her Masters degree in Environmental Engineering, Flaherty moved to the United States in 2003. She pursued her passion for photography by continuing her education at the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester. Although Flaherty never received a degree in photography, it is not an accurate reflection on her natural skill and eye for photography, which is evidenced by her work.

As friends and family took notice of Flaherty's breath-taking work they started asking her to do portraits of their children and hired her for weddings. Flaherty, modest in her success and talent, at first declined. It was her impression she would look unprofessional without a degree in the medium. However Flaherty's opinion changed as she started to work for friend's weddings and she was able to build a portfolio and market herself as a professional photographer. Flaherty soon realized the joy of wedding photography.

“I love it, I love everything about it, it's such a happy day and special event for everyone involved,” she said.

Harbor Eyecare Center's Green Story

By Clay | Jul 14, 2014 | in

Every Green Alliance business undergoes a Sustainability Certification. This certification serves to show everyone what each business has accomplished and what they are still working to accomplish when it comes to green business practices. The final part of the evaluation is the Green Story. Check out Harbor Eyecare Center’s Green Story Below.

Harbor Eyecare Center Has an Eye for Sustainability

Vision Source Harbor Eyecare Center has found a way to integrate environmentalism into the optometry industry. Founded in 1998 by Dr. Amy Pruszenski, Harbor Eyecare has grown into a successful practice with three doctors and several full and part time employees. As time went on, both Harbor Eyecare and the environmentalism movement grew. With the addition of Dr. Hudson and the expansion of their practice (both in customers and with a significant remodeling), Harbor Eye Care became interested in finding a way to “go green.” According to Office Manager Debbie Tufts, the choice was simple. “We wanted to take care of the planet, and do our part,” she explains. “We knew that it was becoming a popular movement, and we were excited to find ways be a part of it.”

Harbor Eyecare offers two notable products that combine fashion and sustainability. Modo glasses, frames that are sourced from recycled materials, offer a sustainable alternative to customers interested in the environment. The company plants a tree for every pair that is sold. Modo also features a “Buy a Frame Give a Frame” program that pledges to provide a free pair of spectacles to someone in need for each pair that is sold.

For contact lens wearers, Miru contacts are a green alternative. The contacts are minimally packaged, and the brand strives for a carbon footprint that is 2/3 the size of their competitors. The lack of packaging also translates into savings for customers; Miru contacts can cost up to $20 less than traditionally packaged contacts.

Endless Summer Party Cruise, a night to remember!

By Katie | Jul 14, 2014 | in

We could not have asked for a better night on Thursday! We are so grateful that nearly 300 people from the Green Alliance Community joined us aboard the Thomas Laighton, filling the boat with a beautiful energy, and making the night one we will not soon forget! With the sunset as a perfect backdrop and the sweet sounds of Humble Be, the atmosphere was everything we had hoped for. There was even a proposal onboard! What a special night all the way around. 

Of course, we have so many people to thank for this. First and foremost, our wonderful GA Community, who includes both our individual members and business partners. Of our business partners, we are extremely grateful to the folks of NHPTV for helping to fill the boat, and for bringing a great energy to the table; and Isles of Shoals Steamship Company, for not only providing us with a beautiful cruise but for also providing superior service throughout the night for our guests. 

We are looking forward to many more memorable events!

Lower Your Carbon Footprint the Simple Way

By Ali | Jul 14, 2014 | in

Simply Green is not your average home fueling company, in fact they are far from it. The company was started in Stratham, New Hampshire in 2007 and has sown the seeds of biofuel across the seacoast, providing environmentally-friendly fuel to the community. This summer, they have extended their role in the community even further and are proudly sponsoring Rye Youth Softball and Kittery Little League. As one of the Seacoast’s most iconic symbols of green progress, they offer locally derived 100% recycled vegetable bioheat and biodiesel as an oil and petroleum diesel alternative for your home or car.

Smuttynose Celebrates 20 Years!

By Craig | Jul 10, 2014 | in

A lot of great things were released in 1994. Oasis debuted their breakout album, "Definitely Maybe," The Lion King and Forrest Gump were in theaters, and Smuttynose Brewing Company released their first beer, Shoals Pale Ale, to the public.

On Sunday, July 13 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Smuttynose will celebrate 20 years of brewing some of the Granite State's finest beer with vintage beer tastings, Smuttifacts about the past, brewery tours, and of course, there will be birthday cake.

Smuttynose first made its mark brewing out of their original Portsmouth-based facility before moving to a much larger brewery in Hampton this spring. During the tours, visitors will get the chance to learn all about Smuttynose's sustainability initiatives at the new location. The facility was built on farmland featuring a pre-Civil War barn, two carriage houses and a ninteenth century farm house, which was moved 85 yards from its original placement. The farmhouse will become a restaurant featuring dishes inspired by the slow-food movement and is set to open this fall.

The Hampton facility offers the brewery 60,000 to 65,000 barrels of capacity - that's roughly between 15 to 16 million pints - depending on brand and mix and also allows for potential growth to 120,000 barrels. It also features LED-lit on demand lighting, lots of windows and solar tubes for ample light. The move from the old facility has also enabled Smuttynose to reduce their air compressor size by half and should be able to save six million kWh during its lifetime. Other sustainable additions in the new facility include reused and recycled materials, storm water treatment systems, variable frequency drives (VFDs), a heat recovery chiller and more.

The celebration's last tour will leave the brewery's Smerch store at 3 p.m., so get there early!

Discount - Green Alliance Members receive 10% on all food (applies to meals for one GA member and guest) at Smuttynose's sister company, The Portsmouth Brewery, located in downtown Portsmouth.