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TASTE Magazine Awards Best Bar Food 2013 to the Portsmouth Brewery!!

By Jenn | Nov 4, 2013 | in

TASTE Magazine, a Green Alliance member, has put together a list called The Best of TASTE Restaurants of 2013. The Portsmouth Brewery, also a Green Alliance member, has been awarded Best Bar and Bar Food for 2013 for their 10 home brews on tap, hearty bar food, burgers, and daily specials. Check out their delicious recipe for Alehouse Mussels by clicking read more!


Climate Counts, a Climate Impact Rater, Receives High Marks on It's Green Report Card

By Jenn | Nov 1, 2013 | in

The brainchild of Gary Hirshberg, co-founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Farm – a company renowned for their incredible efforts in the world of sustainable business – Climate Counts was launched in 2007 as a nonprofit organization committed to bringing consumers and high profile companies together to address solutions to global climate change.

Motivated by the idea that halting climate change can only happen with action taken by an informed public, Climate Counts seeks to foster within citizens the world over that they have the power to make long-lasting change. To that end, Climate Counts has scored some of the world’s most recognizable companies – from restaurants to software companies and everything in between – in an effort to provide consumers a transparent look into what the world’s biggest employers are doing to curb their environmental footprints.

900 Degrees Pizzeria Fires It Up At Epping Grand Opening

By Tricia | Nov 1, 2013 | in

On a drizzly, dark Halloween night, the fire-lit dining room at the new 900 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria in Epping seemed to beckon passers by. If not for the packed house and delicious smell of wood-fired pizza, the official grand opening of the second 900 Degrees Pizzeria was nothing short of a grand success. 

Proudly displaying their Green Alliance Partnering Business window sticker, the newest location of the famed 900 Degrees Pizzeria exemplifies green dining. With refurbished furniture, counter tops, and curtains, there environmental gleam is only magnified by the recycled wine bottle wall that separates the bar from the dining room.

The room-length pizza bar in the back of the room offered patrons the opportunity to sit up close and personal to the signature wood-fire ovens. And for those who enjoy a more private dining experience, the back of the restaurant offers a banquet room that can be rented out by large parties at no additional cost!

Whether it’s the warming ambiance, sustainable decor or the intoxicating smell of award-winning pizza, the new 900 Degrees Pizzeria in Epping has it all. Located just off Route 101, Exit 7, learn for yourself how much you never knew you could love pizza (and this coming from an adamant pizza lover).

Green Your Screen With The Green Alliance iPhone App

By Tricia | Nov 1, 2013 | in

For the Green Alliance, sharing the stories of sustainable businesses to community members is essential to advancing the local, green economy. Since the GA’s launch in 2008, the organization has evolved to engage the community in both outreach and scope. It should only be so fitting that in this day and age of smart phones and social media, the unique work of the GA can extend the catch phrase, “there’s an app for that.”

The Green Alliance app – available on the iPhone – is easily searchable through the Apple App Store, and feature’s the organization’s trademark yellow sunflower logo. While the app is available for anyone to download, only Green Alliance members or “Green Card holders” can activate their digital Green Card. But non-members can make the convenient decision to join right through the GA app (or online at

Once downloaded, users will be prompted to enter a username and password, along with their four-digit Green Alliance number. At that point, app users will be able to show a digital version of their Green Card at GA businesses, making “going green and saving green” easier than ever.

The app will also feature a comprehensive Business Partner Directory, complete with contact information, map, Green Card discount, as well as their Sustainability score, derived from the comprehensive 30-question evaluation given to every business that joins the GA. Users will also be able to use the app to connect to the GA’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages, as well as recent stories involving the organization and its business partners.

Site Structures Provides You and Your Pets with the Greenest, Safest Lawn Care Solutions

By sarah | Oct 31, 2013 | in

ELIOT, Maine — Dogs, like humans, get hungry. Whilst playing in the grass, they will most likely do the inevitable: chewing, eating, and enjoying the wonderful grass, flowers, and other green items that make up your front lawn. This parcel of land that you have fed, watered, and trimmed is now part of your dog’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Such innocuous activities as eating grass should never result in the dangers that some have unfortunately encountered.

Michele Lowry, the creator and owner of Nikoe Natural Therapies, a human and pet therapy clinic that offers individual Reiki healing sessions, recently learned of a sad story about a dear friend’s dog. Lowry’s friend began noticing strange symptoms coming from the dog, and could not find a reason for these symptoms.

After a few therapeutic and rejuvenating days at the Nikoe facility in Eliot, Maine, the dog began to recuperate from the debilitating effects that some claim Roundup has on the health of dogs. This potentially dangerous chemical that is all too often used on our perfectly manicured lawns may be showing awful impacts on pets.

The time has arrived to begin transitioning from our “want” for a green lawn, to a “need” for a chemical free lawn. The need has become a reality through the availability of local landscape companies that are dedicated to providing high quality service, using sustainable designs and chemical-free alternatives. Site Structures Landscape, Inc., operating out of Eliot, Maine, has a crew of highly specialized landscapers who utilize their obsession of detail and highly honed expertise to create the yard of your dreams.

ENH Power Presents Great Energy Alternative

By sarah | Oct 30, 2013 | in

The New Hampshire branch of Power Provider, ENH Power, has just become a Green Alliance Business Partner. Power Provider has become 250,000 proud customers strong, climbing to the top 20 Competitive Energy Supplies in just two years!  It works to change the way the energy business works, one state at a time. It does this by finding the best deals straight from the New England Power Pool and passing these savings on to the customer at a fixed rate. The people at ENH Power provide the most competitive prices for your home or business. They also provide a Coal-Free plan and a Pure Green plan for those looking for a greener alternative to traditional power.

ENH Power doesn’t just work to power your home and business, but also your community. It is  working with community planners raising money and awareness of for a range of causes, such as school departments and towns to church communities to animal welfare agencies. ENH has developed a Power to Help Fund in order to help promote these groups.

In this day and age, electricity is a necessity. This being said, don’t you feel you should have a say in which power company you use? Why not get this much-needed resource from a company you know has strong community values and commitments?

EFT Specialist, Cheri Valentine, Joins Starry Brook Natural Medicine

By Tricia | Oct 30, 2013 | in

The dynamic team at Starry Brook Natural Medicine is excited to welcome Certified EFT Specialist & Energy Healer, Cheri Valentine!

Cheri’s specialty in Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is a psychological acupressure technique that Starry Brook founder, Dr. Giard highly recommends to optimize emotional health. Although often overlooked, emotional health is believed essential to physical health and healing. The Emotional Freedom Technique and energy healing services aim to break down the emotional barriers that cause or influence physical symptoms or conditions.

Through EFT, Energy Healing services, and Relationship Coaching Cheri has helped hundreds of people discover their own source of love, spirit, and strength. Her intimate approach combined with a strong, intuitive nature supports the healing journey to wisdom and authentic expression, while strengthening physical health and total body wellness.

Want to see what EFT is all about? Cheri offers a group tapping (EFT) experience, “Tappy Hour™ twice a week that is open to everyone and only $15. Cheri also offers private sessions by phone, Skype and at Starry Brook Natural Medicine.

As part of Starry Brook Natural Medicine, a Green Alliance Business Partner, GA members receive 20% off Cheri's private sessions! Not a GA member? Join here

Call 603.583.5181 for an appointment or visit to learn more!

Guest Blog: Jenaly Technology Group Hosting Cloud Computing/Mobility Seminar

By sarah | Oct 30, 2013 | in

The following is a guest blog written by Jenaly Technology Group, one of our business partners, about an event they'll be hosting next Thursday, November 7th. To learn more about Jenaly, you can visit them at

I recently read that over 12,000 laptops were left behind at airports - every day. And an estimated 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every MINUTE. There’s no doubt in our mind that you, or one of your employees, WILL lose a company device at some point. WHEN you do, what’s your risk That’s just ONE of the key items we’ll be covering in our upcoming executive briefing on cloud and mobile computing.

Artist in Residence Spotlight: Jasmine Inglesmith

By sarah | Oct 30, 2013 | in

The Green Alliance is always looking for new ways to bring green practices into peoples' daily lives. One of their most recent endeavors has been into the artistic community with the Artist in Residence program. This program is designed to spotlight artists in the Seacoast community who not only possess considerable talent, but also show commitment to going green. The first artist to receive this honor was Suzie Goodwin, a photographer from Maine. The current featured Artist in Residence is Jasmine Inglesmith.

Several great examples of Jasmine's works can be found in the Green Alliance's own office. Located at 75 Congress Street, Suite 304 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, The "GA Guerilla Gallery" is open to the public on Monday through Friday from 10:00a.m. to 7:00p.m. Jasmine is also involved with filmography shown below is one of the excellent examples of her work: a Halloween-themed music video "Pingree the Prowler" performed by Dr. Gasp and the Eeks/Dan Blakeslee. 

The GA is currently searching for the next Artist in Residence, and encourages all local artists to apply. Through their program artists receive promotion, gallery space, an artist profile, a business page on the GA website, and exposure through various media outlets. Interested artist or art group should contact the GA Director, Sarah Brown for more information, or call 603-817-4694.

AutoBeGreen Offers a Special Deal on Marine Products

By sarah | Oct 29, 2013 | in

AutoBeGreen is having a special sale that offers discounts up to 50% off on marine products! Keeping our waterways clean is important to AutoBeGreen and they offer a full line of environmentally safe marine products that also help to keep your boat clean and running well.

Since opening its doors in March 2011, AutoBeGreen has serviced dozens of well-known businesses and institutions, colleges and academies throughout the region and around the country. The establishment provides a number of green alternatives for all things automotive. Most Americans depend on their vehicles—AutoBeGreen is doing their part to help all car owners become more environmentally aware. 

The fall is an ideal boat cleaning time to prepare for winter and AutoBeGreen is offering a great deal on their bio-based and biodegradable marine products. Their products are grown and made in the U.S.A. and Ultimate Biodegradable, which means the products meet ASTM’s highest biodegradability standards while not sacrificing performance, value or polluting the waterways. The company’s G-MARINE bottles are 100% recyclable and labels are printed with water-based inks on recycled paper.

To learn more about AutoBeGreen, visit their website here. To check out their marine products, go here.

AutoBeGreen is a Business Partner in the Green Alliance. Regular Green Card Holders save 10% off on all products and receive a $10 Manufacturer’s Rebate on “Green” Synthetic Motor Oil through 2013!

The Ole, Reliable Automotive Body Shop Care!

By sarah | Oct 29, 2013 | in

Sarah Brown, Director and Founder of Green Alliance, gives a first person account of using Green Alliance Business Partner, Mirror Image Automotive, as a Green Card Holder.

Yup, that’s right the official Green Alliance Mobile, the green Honda Civic with the crazy bumper stickers got into a tangle this week at the Portsmouth traffic circle. This is my main family vehicle, the car that gets me to and from the GA and ferries my 3 beautiful daughters around from soccer games to piano practices to basketball practices to Seapoint Beach and everything in between.

While it might not be of dream car caliber, that Honda Civic is my main ticket to ride and getting rear-ended threatened to slam the breaks on it’s reliability. But after the dust cleared, when I needed to take the steps to call the insurance company and bring it into a body shop, boy was I glad to know that our friends, Green Alliance Business Partners, Mirror Image Automotive were there for an honest estimate and guidance through the unpleasant insurance claims process.

And guide me they have! Knowing that there was a body shop that I could trust has completely lessened the blow of this accident. Instead of being herded to the shop the insurance company wants me to go to – one they have cut a deal with that sees their bottom line and that of the shop’s financial benefit as priority – I knew I was the priority at MI , not the insurance company! Mirror Image Automotive saw me the very next day, gave me a swift and fair estimate and immediately began advocating on my behalf with the insurance company for full coverage!

Vector5 Completes GA Sustainability Evaluation!

By Jim Cavan | Oct 29, 2013 | in

Every business that joins the Green Alliance goes through a comprehensive Evaluation. Designed to give consumers and community members a first-hand look at where the business is excelling -- and more importantly, where they need to improve -- the Evaluation has become an indispensible tool in educating the public about who these companies are, where they are, and where they're going. 

Vector5, the region's premier trade show display company, is just the latest business to go through our Evaluation. Click on the first page of the Evaluation below to learn more about Vector5, their score, and what they're doing to help push the green conversation forward in their industry! 




Limited Time Offer: 2 Shawnee Peak Tickets for Only $99

By sarah | Oct 29, 2013 | in

There are all sorts of reasons to go to Shawnee Peak to ski or ride this winter. One of them is for the multitude of deals to be made on tickets.

The 11th annual online ticket sale is here, which means that you can get a pair of lift tickets for only $99. This deal provides a $17 savings on tickets that are good any day of the season, whether it be Christmas week, MLK weekend, President's week or even just when you've got your buddies up for a weekend in Maine. No catch, no blackout dates, just two tickets for any day of the season.

When you purchase these specially priced tickets online, you'll receive two vouchers valid for any day of the 2013-2014. To use them, simply redeem them at the ticket window or SnowSports School desk in order to receive your tickets. This deal won't last forever though. The offer is only good until midnight on the Friday of November 8th. Even so, quantities are limited, so don't delay. Get your tickets here today!

Shawnee Peak is a business partner of the Green Alliance. Green card holders can save 20 percent on a lift ticket, 25 percent on an appetizer at Blizzard's Pub, and 50 percent on a rental package! To learn more about the Green Alliance or to become a member, click here!

Visions Kitchen and Design: Stay Warm this Winter with Green Heat

By sarah | Oct 29, 2013 | in

HAMPTON — Whatever your reason is for redesigning your home, Visions Kitchen and Design has you covered.

Several reasons may prompt you to want to remodel your home. Maybe you need new appliances or countertops. Perhaps you just moved into a new house where you want to add and/or modify several things. Or maybe you are bored and want to look at something different for a change whenever you cook, take a shower, or sit down to watch TV.

Founded in 2010 by Nathan Johnson and Ernest Proper, Visions Kitchen and Design is a company that specializes in interior design, including countertops, cabinets, closets, appliances and more. What makes Visions special are the green initiatives the company takes. Some of these include using green wood products such as bamboo in construction, utilizing recycled and reclaimed materials, partnering with businesses with sources who practice sustainable harvesting, and even helping homeowners themselves stay green by using design techniques that receive points towards LEED certification.

One shining example of Visions commitment toward sustainable interior design is its line of wood-burning stoves. With winter approaching and temperatures dropping, no doubt you'll need a reliable source of heat. Visions offers a series of RAIS wood-burning stoves that are not only stylish and efficient, but are also environmentally friendly. RAIS prides itself on the fact that its stoves are CO2 neutral, meaning that the amount of CO2 they emit is equal to the amount emitted by trees when they decomposes.

Sagamore Golf: Providing Year-Round Green Golf

By sarah | Oct 29, 2013 | in

NORTH HAMPTON — The Sagamore-Hampton Golf Club and its companion facility, the Sagamore Golf Center, are both dedicated to accessibility. Anyone in the community can walk up, pay as low as $25 per person for a full 18-hole game, and have fun with his or her friends. People of any skill level are encouraged to come. The Sagamore Golf Center offers a driving range as well as a mini-golf course.

However, with summer gone and autumn upon us, you may be thinking, "Well, now's not the best time to golf." Quite the contrary, actually. According to Ty Sanborn, vice president and general manager of Sagamore Golf, the fall months are "considered by many to be the best time of year for golf. ... The summer crowds have diminished, the fall foliage is simply breathtaking at its peak, and the course conditions are usually 'at their peak' as well!" Plus, with the fall weather being especially pleasant this year, there has never been a better time to hit the course.

Even with winter around the corner, you'll still be able to enjoy a game of golf or practice your form. Starting Nov. 4, Sagamore-Hampton will be introducing its reduced winter rates. Not only will there be 30 percent off its standard off season rates, but there will also be a special all-you-can-play rate after 2 p.m. for only $12. Sagamore-Hampton hopes to stay open during the winter season as long as the weather allows it, even beyond December, though the staff recommends that people call ahead to make sure that the course is still open during this time. Even so, the Sagamore Golf Center will still remain open by operating its covered and heated driving ranges year round. This makes for an opportune time to keep your skills sharp for next year, or just to simply have fun.

Shawnee Peak's Upcoming Job Fair to Provide Many Opportunities

By sarah | Oct 29, 2013 | in

BRIDGETON, Maine — Winter is almost here. This has several meanings for people.

For some, it means, "Oh, bother, time for 3-plus months of unbearably cold temperatures and ridiculous heating bills." For others, it will be business as usual. For many people, however, it means it's time to break out the skis and snowboards and hit the slopes. The more adventurous might try to brave Tuckerman's Ravine, but for the rest, ski resorts all over the country are prepared to see a lot of business and, consequentially, going to need some new staff for the 2013-14 season.

For those who have thought of working at a ski resort, Shawnee Peak is holding a job fair on Thursday, Nov. 7, from 4 to 7p.m. and on Saturday, Nov. 9, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Out on the slopes, several positions are available. One of them is snowmaking, which offers three shifts for people 18 or older. Secondly, for those who are adept at skiing and snowboarding, positions are available for ski/snowboard instructors with the SnowSports School, offering both full-time and part-time shifts. Finally, if money is not a concern, positions are open for mountain ambassadors, who travel around the mountain, greet guests and see if they are having a good time.

Standing Room Only for Green Shorts!

By Jim Cavan | Oct 25, 2013 | in

To say last night's inaugural GA / Film Unbound Green Shorts Film Festival was a success would be an understatement. Thirty people RSVP'd; at least twice that number showed up. By 7pm, every one of our folding seats -- And couches. And horrible wooden rocking chairs. And circular foutons. And quite a bit of our floor space. -- was occopied; all of the Flatbread pizzas and Portsmouth Brewery appetizers eaten; and all but four or five of the complimentary Smuttynose beers imbibed. 

It was tremendous.

We'd like to thank Michael and Catherine, the two visionaries behind Film Unbound, for helping make this extraordinary night happen -- for putting in countless hours vetting hundreds of films from all over the world, winnowing it down to a group equal parts, funny, heartbreaking, and poignant. 

Additional kudos to Smuttynose and the Portsmouth Brewery for their generous food and drink donations, and to Flatbread Co. for their delicious slices, which were gone -- literally GONE -- in, like, five minutes. 

And then there were the films themselves. You can read a full list of the featured shorts here, but suffice it to say they represented a magnificent cross-section of styles, topics, and messages. 

Hopefully we'll be doing it all again next year. And we promise to bring more pizza. 

In the mean time, you can learn more about Film Unbound here

Isles of Shoals Steamship Company Last Party Cruises of the Year

By sarah | Oct 23, 2013 | in

As winter approaches and fall comes to a close the Isles of Shoals Steamship Company wraps up its season as well. Green Alliance business partner, Isles of Sholes Steamship Company, has been working to provide exciting cruises in an environmentally responsible manner and has made great strides in the direction of sustainability. Even though there last regular cruise was this past Sunday, the 20th, there are still two opportunities to enjoy a cruise before winter comes. This Friday and Saturday, the 25th and 26th, the Isles of Shoals presents two 21+ Halloween Cruises.

For you country music fans out there, check out the WOKQ Kickin’ Halloween Cruise on the 25th. Wear you best costumes for this one of a kind party experience. There will be drink specials, costume contests, giveaways, and a raffle all while enjoying music presented by the home of “New England’s Best Country” WOKO 97.5 FM and cruising aboard Isles of Sholes 340 passenger steamship, the M/V Thomas Laighton.

If country isn’t really your thing, check out the Rockin’ on the River Halloween Cruise on the 26th hosted by the Shark 105.3 FM. We will be hosting the best Halloween Costume Party on the Seacoast on board the FULLY DECORATED & HAUNTED Laighton for this one-of-a-kind party that only comes once a year. On board there will be a FREE RAFFLE, a radio personality from the SHARK, live entertainment by Big John & The Twins, DRINK SPECIALS& of course a costume contest for best female & male costume as well as best couple! Let's see your best & most creative costume ideas! While we cruise the Pisctaqua of course we encourage bang your head to some of the best chords, riffs, and guitar solos that New England has to offer on our multi-decked Victorian steamship, the M/V Thomas Laighton.

Both of these cruises promise to be a scream so be sure to get your tickets now! Tickets are $15 and can be found here for the October 25th cruise, or here for the October 26th cruise, along with more information. Remember both of these events are 21+.

For more information about Isle of Sholes Steamship company check out the GA Profile here!

GA members receive a second “Party Ship” ticket free with the purchase of one!

Dinner and a Movie, the Green Way with Green Alliance Green Shorts Film Fest

By sarah | Oct 22, 2013 | in

PORSTMOUTH -- On Thursday, Oct. 24, the Green Alliance and Film Unbound will present the first ever Green Shorts Film Festival. The event will feature short films that highlight the beauty of our planet, discuss issues affecting our world, and tell stories of the people that inhabit it.

Sarah Brown, Green Alliance Director, was inspired to create “Green Shorts” after attending a Portsmouth Short Film Night, hosted by Film Unbound. Film Unbound is a media production company that produces fictional and documentary work as well as story-based promotional documentaries for their clients. It also specializes in putting together unique film festivals just like Oct. 24th’s “Green Shorts”; events that bring locals together with artists to learn and be inspired by the power of video.

Whether Film Unbound productions are destined for the web, festivals, events, or cinematic release, the company’s founders, Catherine Stewart and Michael Rodriguez-Torrent, are at the heart of the process, working as producers, directors, journalists, cinematographers and everything else in between. Stewart and Rodriguez-Torrent started Film Unbound with the hope it would be part of a bigger movement and they saw the collaboration with The Green Alliance as a way to expand the reach of film and cross-pollenate with the Seacoast’s community of environmentalists.

”In this world of big corporations with big voices, we wanted to figure out a way to level the playing field,” explained Stewart. “We decided to help the local guys and give the smaller players and film-makers a voice. Especially short films because they are not going to get played in the theatres but they have great value and we want to help to get these videos shown. The Green Alliance “Green Shorts” festival allows us to do that.”

GateWay’s Open House Attracts Many, Spreading Knowledge and Experience in Ancient Arts

By sarah | Oct 18, 2013 | in

PORTSMOUTH — The open house and one year anniversary at GateWay Taiji, Qigong & Yoga, provided those in the area with a wonderful opportunity for engagement, involvement, and experience in what millions across the world already enjoy. The celebration occurred on Oct.6, at the GateWay studio in Portsmouth, N.H. The afternoon was full of a continuous stream of classes and activities, all of which highlighted the expertise that GateWay provides.

GateWay, which opened in October 2012, provides people of all levels with a center for practicing and exploring the ancient arts of taiji (tai chi), qigong (chee kung) and yoga. The founder, Bill Buckley, envisioned a welcoming, judgment-free atmosphere, where students could enjoy classes, seminars and demonstrations. With two large studios that are sunlight and glowing, and a constant stream of engaging classes, Buckley’s dream has surely been met. GateWay is a business partner with the Green Alliance.

Taiji, qigong, and yoga have been taught and practiced by many people throughout the world. However, while millions are reaping the benefits from such exercises, millions are not. This is where GateWay comes into the picture. Buckley and other expert practitioners, are bringing the ancient arts to the area; providing lessons, classes, and opportunities for those who want change, rejuvenation, and relaxation.