Blog : For Immediate Release: Green Alliance Launches Kickstarter Campaign for new “Naked Bullfrog” Platform

By mbellamente | Nov 29, 2016 | in

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@Green_Alliance launches @kickstarter to raise funds for #NakedBullfrog, a directory of kick-ass businesses:

Introducing the #NakedBullfrog #GreenRevolution! Let’s break the internet with our Kickstarter campaign:

GREENLAND, NH:  The Green Alliance, a New Hampshire-based PR firm, is launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise capital for a new platform called the Naked Bullfrog. Billed as an interactive resource for sustainable living, the Naked Bullfrog enables users to find and refer local business committed to sustainability.

“We think there is a growing appetite for people who want to make a positive environmental impact,” says Mike Bellamente, managing director of the Green Alliance. “The Naked Bullfrog is meant to give consumers an easy-to-use method for finding the best of what’s around from a sustainability perspective.”

For over 10 years, Bellamente has been trying to crack the code on consumer engagement around sustainability, and he is hoping that the Bullfrog is a scalable method for doing so. “While the Kickstarter is meant to raise funds for building the platform, it is primarily intended to gauge receptiveness to the concept,” says Bellamente. “The ultimate goal is to get consumers supporting the businesses that are leading the way on sustainability innovation.”
The Naked Bullfrog is expected to roll out by early 2017, with an initial geographic radius that spreads from Portland, Maine to Burlington, Vermont, Boston, Massachusetts and everywhere in between. The Bullfrog will feature a wide array of sectors from organic lawn care, to craft breweries, to providers of renewable energy.

There are three main criteria for becoming a Naked Bullfrog-approved business: 1) Does the company’s product or service inherently reduce the environmental impact of their customers (solar power, non-toxic cleaning supplies, organic food products, etc.); 2) Does the business publicly document a strategy for measuring and reducing its own environmental impact (emissions, energy and waste reduction targets, supplier code of conduct policies, etc.); and/or 3) Has the business obtained independent, third-party verification illustrating the organization’s commitment to environmental leadership (LEED, B-Corp, USDA Organic, etc.).

As far as what differentiates the Naked Bullfrog from other environmental organizations, Bellamente says it’s really about the messaging. “Based on what we’re seeing in the market, people prefer a plain-spokenness that combines hedonism with altruism, as opposed to being guilted into doing something for the environment. Our motto is, do it for yourself, not just for the planet.”

The Green Alliance is a Greenland, NH PR firm committed to connecting green businesses with thousands of sustainably-minded consumers.