Blog : A Personal Note from the Green Alliance

By Mike Bellamente | Apr 8, 2016 | in

GA Friends and Members,

First off, thank you for your patience throughout the transition of the Green Alliance. The hiatus was intended as a way to tip our cap to GA founder Sarah Brown, while affording us time to hear from members and businesses on how best to grow our community moving forward.

While our aim is to keep the spirit of the Alliance intact (low-carbon economy, goodwill towards men/women, etc.), there will be some changes that you may not have expected, or that may catch you off guard completely. Heads up!

Rest assured, GA 2.0 will still offer plenty of social events(yes, click it), discounts and compelling content. That said, our primary goal is to make Green Card discounts more accessible to a broader audience. To that end, we are announcing the following changes to our fee structure for individual members:

Lower Cost of New Membership - If you have always coveted those who have a Green Alliance Discount Card but felt that 35 bucks/year was too steep, this will soon be changing to a one-time $20 charge (Click Here to Join!).*

No More Annual Membership Fee - If you are currently a GA Green Card holder, we now consider you a member for life and you will no longer be required to pay an annual fee to benefit from our discount program.*

*Fine print - If you have purchased a new membership or have renewed your Green Card since January 1 at the $35 rate, you will be eligible for a refund - simply email If you are scheduled to Auto-Renew on PayPal, please take this opportunity to 'unschedule' your payment.

Beyond these two big changes, other goals for this year include:

  1.  Improving our mobile/digital discount offering
  2.  Recruiting member businesses beyond the NH seacoast, and
  3.  Finding a local farm/venue for a 2017 GA music festival

We sincerely hope you'll join us on the road ahead, wherever it may lead.

Green on,


Mike Bellamente
Co-Owner, Managing Director
The Green Alliance

Oh, and one more thing,JOIN US Friday, April 22nd (Earth Day) for the "unofficial" launch of GA 2.0 at our Redhook Party for the Planet (special guest: Sarah Brown).