Blog : Spruce Creek Woodworks Born Out of Business Common Sense and Sustainability

By Katelyn | Dec 11, 2015 | in

By Josh Rosenson

Chris Redmond and Jeff Stacy launched Little Green Homes (LGH) in 2007. In the fall of 2014, they recognized a need for and added a custom cabinetry and woodworking shop at their Greenland space called Spruce Creek Woodworks (SCW).

Redmond said LGH was running into too many complications with cabinet orders. Whether they were issues with lead times, deliveries or imperfections in the cabinets, the problems persisted. Enter the SCW solution.

SCW was built out of the love of craftsmanship, creativity, and the feel of doing something right.

“Many of our projects consist of kitchen renovations, we’ve also built new kitchens, and have had requests for custom built-ins and our clients could select their cabinetry from many different sources, but typically out of our area. Too many times, the products would arrive and we’d find that the finish wasn’t great or the piece wouldn’t fit,” Redmond explained. “We recognized the value in producing and offering these same pieces, but better quality and made locally, by us. This was a huge benefit for all parties.”

Redmond notes there are a lot of talented craftsmen around New England and people shouldn’t have to get their cabinets from other parts of the country. This idea also supports their beliefs in green efficiency solutions. Typically, big cabinet factories that mass market their goods don’t often provide the highest quality products, Redmond said. As Redmond and Stacy turned their attention to creating their own woodworking shop, they focused on sourcing its wood from around New England and all their products are built in their Greenland, NH cabinet shop.

Chris O’Neil is SCW’s shop manager. He began with LGH three years ago as a lead carpenter, running projects. Prior to becoming a key member of the team, Chris lived in Colorado where he ran an award-winning, custom woodworking business, designing and building wine cellars, cabinetry and furniture for luxury homes.

O’Neil also stated problems of ordering out of state and lengthy shipping times. “We knew we could build a better quality product at a more competitive price. We enjoy working with our clients to produce a product that is truly their own,” O’Neil said. “And not only that, another benefit of working with us is that we can custom design our pieces, where traditional or standard cabinetry would not typically fit. Oftentimes this is an issue we see in a lot of remodeled homes, as well as in some of the more historical homes we work at in this area.”

SCW will take on all woodworking projects - built-ins, custom mantles, kitchen cabinetry. SCW is involved with the process from beginning to end - from design, the hand selection of materials, delivery, installation, and follow up.

“We work very closely with our clients and we enjoy that. We are always open to working through designs and like seeing a challenging design, it lets us be creative. That’s kind of the fun part of the business – doing different things. We are definitely open to doing stuff out of the average realm,” O’Neil explained.

SCW is ramping up too, O’Neil said. The woodworking company moved into a new facility about six months ago and brought in more talented hands to help.

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