Blog : Welcome Positive Moms Magazine

By Craig | Nov 3, 2015 | in

On the Seacoast, and throughout New Hampshire, moms seek guidance about raising their families. From questions about proper nutrition, to finding the right school or daycare, making the right financial decisions, to where to take the family to have some fun, parents have a million questions. Which is why we're extremely happy to work with Positive Moms Magazine as a Business Partner, a publication devoted to answering some of those questions for moms by moms.

Founded in 2014, Positive Moms Magazine was created by local mom, Jill Sullivan Grueter, to provide fellow moms - and dads, too - with fresh and relevant content from local experts in health, wellness, parenting and other fields. Since that time, the magazine has firmly established itself as a valuable resource for women and men across Southern and Seacoast New Hampshire.

In addition to helping families achieve their maximum health and wellness, Positive Moms Magazine helps The Project Pawsitive Foundation raise much-needed funds to help deserving animal rescue facilities keep their operations up and running. To date, the foundation has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars and helped save more than 10,000 animals.

By reading Positive Moms Magazine, community members are not only learning how to live healthier, but helping to give animals a second chance at the life they deserve. Sustainability is very important to Positive Moms from both a health and humanist perspective. The magazine features content on eco-friendly projects, like making and preserving your own apple sauce, to sustainable investing options when it comes to your finances.

To learn where you can pick up your copy of Positive Moms Magazine for free, click here.