Blog : Little Green Homes Welcomes New Subsidiary, Spruce Creek Woodworks

By Katelyn | Nov 10, 2015 | in

Many area residents are familiar with Little Green Homes, an environmentally friendly building company, located in Greenland, NH, and the local business has recently grown with the addition of Spruce Creek Woodworks. The new subsidiary of Little Green Homes specializes in custom furniture, cabinetry, and woodworking for both residential and commercial properties.

The craftsmen have experience in a variety of different areas of woodworking, giving them knowledge of many different specialties. For Spruce Creek, it isn’t just about the final product, it’s about the entire process of building, beginning with design and working through materials, installation and follow up after completion of the project.

While Spruce Creek Woodworks is new to the seacoast area, Little Green Homes is not. The business, founded by Chris Redmond and Jeff Stacy in 2007, has become well known throughout the area, including in 2009 when Little Green Homes was part of the first Platinum LEED build in Portsmouth.

Since then, they have grown to create sustainable, durable, and more energy efficient homes for residents who want to step outside the box when it comes to home design. One recent project is the construction of an all-electric house in Kittery Point, home to Ann Grinnell and Marge Pelletier.

This home was done on a modest budget and features a 30 panel, 8.4 kilowatt solar electric system, essentially a self-sustaining energy source on the roof. The home is rotated about 15 degrees so that the panels face as close to due south as possible allowing everything to run off the power generated by solar. Grinnell and Pelletier also opted for lower end and reclaimed products when possible, and the second floor will only be used for guests which further reduced energy costs.

Little Green Homes looks forward to seeing the new branch of Spruce Creek Woodworks grow throughout the Seacoast and become well known among residents like Little Green Homes has.

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