Blog : UNH Hosts Free Seminar: "All About Internships for Employers"

By Anne | Oct 7, 2015 | in
The Green Alliance doesn’t just promote your business; we also connect you with the right resources to help you grow in every way possible. It’s to the end that we share with you this valuable information about utilizing interns in your organization. 
Your business is successful because of your customers, your managers, your employees and your interns. Interns? Of course! It can be very effective to hire somebody who already knows your business. 
Here at the Green Alliance, one of our most valuable players was once a humble intern. Our Community and Member Manager, Katelyn Monroe (pictured left), got her in at the GA through a UNH internship.
Join our friends at UNH for a free and informative seminar, “All About Internships for Employers” on Tuesday, October 13th from noon to 2 p.m. at the Memorial Union Building. 
This program is for any employer who wants to create their first internship or enhance an existing opportunity. You will learn useful information and best practices based on employer and student input, including:
Internships defined: UNH and NH Department of Labor requirements explained.
Paid vs. Non-Paid vs. Academic Credit Internships: Pros and Cons
How to develop an internship that benefits employers and students
Creating effective internship descriptions and how to use Wildcat Careers to connect with UNH students.
Mentoring and supervision best practices.
If your company needs talent to help you solve problems and keep your business growing, an intern can help. RSVP to, space is limited.