Blog : Redhook Brewery Continues to Give Back to Employees with Annual Wellness Fair

By Katelyn | Oct 14, 2015 | in

Redhook Brewery will once again host their annual Wellness Fair for company employees and their families to explore options for improving their health and wellbeing. The 7th Annual Wellness Fair will feature a range of businesses located around the seacoast, from traditional medical providers to alternative providers and products. Social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and employee benefits have always been important aspects of Redhook Brewery’s business practices.

Redhook prides itself on an impressive employee wellness program, including substantial discounts on health-care packages, the yearly Wellness Fair, and free biometric screening. In past years, the Wellness Fair offered a discount on a new health-care package if employees participated in the event and a biometric screening. Employees who received a full check-up, and provided information on weight, cholesterol, and other pertinent numbers, received a discount on the health care package offered through Redhook.

“It simply provides the employees with options and information about their personal health status. They are able to choose how and what they do with this information,” explained Linda Currier, Human Resources Manager at Redhook, of past wellness fairs.

A healthy set of employees ensures a thriving workplace dedicated to producing the best product possible, but Redhook also cares about the environmental impact of the product itself. Redhook has an extensive facility-wide recycling and composting program, reuses water from the brewing process, and sends spent grains to local farmers.

Early in 2015 they began purchasing wind energy credits and recently installed an electric car charging station, high-efficiency lights, motion sensors and EnergyStar appliances. Redhook has also moved ahead in installing a co-generation system to produce electricity using methane gas from the facility’s wastewater plant. For Redhook Brewery, the health of their employees and health of the environment go hand in hand and sit among the top of the list of company values.

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