Blog : Green Story- New Hampshire the Beautiful: Making a Beautiful Difference

By Katelyn | Oct 19, 2015 | in

Every Green Alliance business undergoes a three part Sustainability Certification. This certification serves to show what each business has accomplished and what they are still working to accomplish when it comes to green business practices. The final part of the evaluation is the Green Story. You can see the full certification documents for New Hampshire the Beautiful on their Green Alliance page. Check out NHtB's Green Story below.

New Hampshire the Beautiful (NHtB) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Charitable Trust. NHtB has developed comprehensive programs to address litter issues and recycling challenges throughout our state. NHtB is supported by members of the NH Soft Drink Association, the Beverage Distributors of New Hampshire, and the New Hampshire Grocers Association. Though their programs and grants, NHtB has the opportunity to promote sustainability throughout New Hampshire.

In 1983, the original members of New Hampshire the Beautiful were concerned about increasing amounts of litter on roads around the state. Members also worried about the excessive amount of recyclable materials reaching landfills. NHtB began with a blue bag program to pick litter up off the highways. Litter removal is still an important part of their mission, but 30 years later, New Hampshire the Beautiful does so much more. In 2013 alone, NHtB donated or subsidized 67,650 blue bags, $53,560 recycling grants, and $25,000 in school initiatives. These significant investments in our communities have had incredible positive impacts.

Although NHtB is extensively involved across the state, their volunteer-based board primarily runs the organization online. Their small, shared office space has minimal environmental impacts, as does telecommuting.

During their 32 years of operation, NHtB has given out over $2,500,000 in grants. These grants go directly towards helping communities improve their recycling effectiveness and efficiency. NHtB also provides technical assistance and expertise on a wide variety of subjects regarding recycling, equipment, and grants. Recently, New Hampshire the Beautiful helped many transfer stations improve their signage. These signs help citizens to better understand the recycling process, which can mitigate costly cross-contamination.

New Hampshire the Beautiful is also a leader in recycling education. Their innovative programs help to keep our communities clean, and encourage environmental conversations in schools across the state. “New Hampshire kids are lucky to live in a state where recycling is popular,” says Ray Dube, Board Member. “However, we still need to teach the next generation the importance of sustainability. That’s where New Hampshire the Beautiful comes in.” This year, ambassadors visited schools across the state to teach students and faculty about the importance of recycling using hands-on activities. “We get everyone on board- principals, teachers, janitors, and the kids,” says John Dumais, Chairman. “In order for our programs to succeed, everyone needs to know how to recycle properly, and why it matters.”

Green Dreams: New Hampshire the Beautiful is excited to continue helping communities and citizens across the State. As their organization continues to grow, NHtB hopes to work with more and more children and schools. To do so, they want to improve their media presence to reach a wider audience. In the distant future, an eco-friendly office would complement their mission.

Click here to learn more about NHtB and see their full certification.