Blog : Durham Celebrates National Drive Electric Week with New Charging Station

By Anne | Sep 15, 2015 | in
The town of Durham Energy Committee has been actively working to reduce energy use across the town, directly in municipal operations and indirectly through facilitating sustainable and efficient personal decisions for citizens. As a function of these efforts, and with the financial support of the NH Department of Environmental Services, the University of New Hampshire and the Durham Town Council, the Energy Committee is please to announce the installation of two dedicated Level 2 EV charging parking spots in the Pettee Brook Municipal Lot, Pettee Brook Lane, Durham, NH 03824. 
The installation and opening of the charging station comes just in time for National Drive Electric week. In 2011, National Plug-In started to celebrate, encourage and raise awareness for electric vehicle use. Since this first one-day celebration, the movement has expanded to an entire week-long campaign taking place in over 100 cities nationwide; National Drive Electric Week. The charging station will be available for public use after the ribbon cutting ceremony this Saturday at 1 p.m.. Although there is already an electric car charging station in Durham at the public library, it is only available to library patrons. Gas powered vehicles are one of the largest sources of emissions and fossil fuel consumption that consumers have direct control over. The Energy Committee hopes that in making charging stations more available, they can encourage the widespread use of more efficient vehicles.
The greater community is invited to come together and celebrate this event at the Pettee Brook parking lot right in downtown Durham, NH. Local Nissan and BMW dealers will be bringing electric vehicles for attendees to test drive. Thinking about converting? Dealership employees will be on hand to answer any questions that potential buyers may have about vehicle ownership and operation. Actual electric vehicle owers will also be present to meet and greet curious attendees, ReVision Energy of Exeter will additionally present a solar array car charger, just one of the many options for electric vehicle owners for at home charging. 
Learn more about Drive Electric Week here.
Register to attend the celebration in Durham here.