Blog : CCNNE and NHtB at the Hollis Old Home Days

By Katelyn | Sep 21, 2015 | in

This past weekend, Hollis residents and visitors from across the state headed to Nichols Field for the biggest town event of the year- Old Home Days. Guests enjoyed great food like the chicken barbeque and apple pie contest, rides, games, a silent auction, and a spectacular fireworks display.

The field was filled with something for everyone including craft vendors, demonstrations, and educational displays, like that of the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE) and New Hampshire the Beautiful (NHtB).

NHtB is a nonprofit founded in 1983, working to combat litter issues, recycling challenges, environmental awareness, and education. NHtB offers municipal recycling grants and signs, anti-litter programs, and technical assistance to any New Hampshire community that applies for funding. This includes funds to purchase curbside collection bins, balers, crushers, roll-off containers and other equipment that will help a community achieve higher diversion rates.The organization is comprised of New Hampshire food and beverage companies including CCNNE, Hannaford Supermarket, and the NH Grocers Association.

Some people have a perception that Coca-Cola is harmful to the planet because of the plastic it manufactures, or all the water used in the bottling plants, or the emissions given off by delivery trucks. But CCNNE Sustainability Manager, Ray Dube doesn’t shy away from those perceptions. He recognizes that as a large manufacturing company, CCNNE is responsible for having an impact on the environment. That’s why Dube travels across the region to schools, college campuses, public events and various conferences to educate people about the many sustainable initiatives CCNNE has taken to counter that impact over the last 18 years.

At the Londonderry facility alone, CCNNE has reduced solid waste by 80 percent over the last six years that includes PET plastics, shrink wrap and aluminum. But CCNNE’s sustainability efforts aren’t confined to their facility. The company’s Energy Management System coolers used in convenience stores, delis, restaurants and other shops that sell Coke products, reduce that clientele’s energy costs an average of 35 percent.

NHtB and CCNNE partner to educate the public about recycling at the household level, and the initiatives large corporations have in place to reduce their waste at a much larger level. The two have traveled to countless events across the state, including Old Home Days, and hope to continue educating New Hampshire residents at each school, conference, or public event they attend.

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