Blog : Back to School Coastal Cleanup for Students

By Katelyn | Sep 9, 2015 | in

It may be approaching September, but some New Hampshire students are still heading for the beach. Students from all over the state will gather at Hampton Beach, Rye Harbor State Park, Wallis Sands State Park, and North Beach in Hampton on September 18th to participate in the New Hampshire Coastal Cleanup.

Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation coordinated the cleanup and is still seeking schools to participate. Students will pick up trash on the beach and record their findings on data cards for further study by Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation and the Ocean Conservancy as part of their efforts to learn more about marine pollution, both locally and internationally.

This is no ordinary day at the beach. Before heading out to the cleanup, students will learn about the environmental problems related to marine debris, including the dangers to marine mammals, fish, and birds from entanglement or ingestion. Through their participation in the cleanup, students will have a hands-on experience with scientific data collection. Their tally sheets will contribute important data to ongoing research concerning the worldwide sources of marine debris. Ultimately, the trash that these students collect will help us to learn how we can prevent more from showing up in its place.

Last year, over 400 students, teachers and chaperones participated in the cleanup and collected 300 pounds of trash. The number one item collected was cigarette butts – almost 13,000 by students alone.

In addition to the cleanup, the Blue Ocean Society offers interactive presentations about marine pollution, research, and conservation to area schools. To learn more about the cleanup or to schedule a presentation, call (603) 431-0260 or click here for more information.