Blog : Set your Sights on Back to School with Harbor Eyecare Center

By Anne | Aug 12, 2015 | in

According to the American Optometric Association, 80% of learning is visual. Visual acuity, or ability to discern letters and numbers from various distances, is an absolutely essential component of effective learning. Comprehension and retention of information relies heavily on visual health and function. In the spirit of bolstering scholarly pursuits, Harbor Eyecare Center is offering a special “Back to School” discount of 25% off a complete pair of glasses to teachers and students. Additionally, the Harbor Kids Sports Package, including recreational specific frames with single vision polycarbonate lenses, is now on sale. This package is a perfect utilitarian accessory to any fall student-athlete’s competition kit.

Harbor Eyecare Center’s friendly physicians and opticians offer a wealth and duality of expertise on both the function and fashion components of proper eyewear. Choose new frames from a variety of name brand frames and return to class in style this fall. One such brand offered, Modo, is an Italian designer eyewear company that has differentiated itself from other high fashion brands by offering a sustainable and socially responsible line of frames, the Eco line. Frames from this green line are made of bio-based

or recycled materials to ease the environmental burden of global commodity production. Each set of frames sold additionally fuels socially responsible programs to address vision and health needs around the world. The campaign “Trees for the Future” plants one tree in Cameroon, Africa for every Eco frame sold. To date, this initiative has facilitated the planting of over a million trees in the region, nourishing the soil and empowering local farmers with a sustainable income source. The second charity that the Eco line supports is “Buy a Frame, Give a Frame” which matches each frame purchase made by donating a full set of glasses to a needy vision patient in Nepal.

In addition to actively seeking out and carrying products with social and environmental benefits like the Eco line by Modo, Harbor Eyecare Center as a business, has committed to sustainability through addressing operational consumables and waste diversion in-house. The facility has implemented a comprehensive office recycling program in addition to sourcing office supplies from green vendors. Harbor Eyecare Center is a Green Alliance Business Partner.

Stop by Harbor Eyecare Center, or call to set up an appointment August 1st through October 1st to take advantage of this great deal to get 25% off a complete pair of glasses. Learn more about Harbor Eyecare Center here.

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