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Sustaining Member Fall Foliage Sunset Sail

By Katelyn | Aug 31, 2015 | in

Sadly, summer will soon set sail, but the good news is that autumn is on its way and bringing with it vibrant colors, crisp weather and pumpkin flavored everything. Fall foliage is at its peak for only a few short weeks, and the Green Alliance wants to get on the water to take advantage of this short lived beauty.

On October 15 from 5:00 - 6:30 p.m., sail the Piscataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor with the Gundalow Company and Green Alliance. Join the Green Alliance as a new Sustaining Member and get four free tickets aboard the Fall Foliage Sunset Sail!

A Sustaining Membership is a lifetime individual membership and gets you unlimited GA Business Discounts, Green Alliance events and cutting edge environmental information. Sustaining Members never have to renew and are telling us and the world that they believe in the power of a local green economy.

Great Bay Stewards Hosts Community Suppers at Robert's Maine Grill.

By Rich | Aug 27, 2015 | in

The Great Bay Stewards, a non-profit, hard-working environmental and conservation organization benefiting the Great Bay Estuary, will be hosting two separate community suppers at Robert's Maine Grill, Wednesday, October 7 and Wednesday October 14th. A community supper is a simple way for nonprofits to raise funds quietly, a portion of the proceeds of meals will go directly to help fund the good work the Great Bay Stewards does for the Estuary around us. No conferences, no committments, no speakers, just eat, realx and Robert's Provides GBS with a monetary portion of sales for that evening. So if you're headed out to eat that week - mark the dates!

Robert's Maine Grill
October 7th and October 14th
326 Route 1
Kittery, Maine (in the heart of the Kittery Outlet District, adjacent to Spruce Creek)

The Great Bay Stewards have been working to prevent shoreline erosion, invasive plant growth, and increased nitrogen levels for decades and is still fully committed to protecting Great Bay for plants, animals, and people alike.

No More Biting Flies Thanks to the Fly Cage

By Katelyn | Aug 26, 2015 | in

With the end of summer nearing, many seacoast residents find themselves stuck between wishing the season lasts forever and excitement that pesky bugs will begin dwindling away until next year. One local who is no longer worried about biting flies in his yard is Charles Forcey.

As Chair of the Durham Energy Committee, Forcey is at the forefront of energy and environmental issues in town. He is also the newest Sustaining Member of the Green Alliance and celebrated joining as a lifetime member by choosing a free Fly Cage from Ecotech Pest Control as his new member gift!

Tom Pray, owner of Ecotech, invented the Fly Cage, which mimics the appearance of a four-legged animal and is 100% environmentally-friendly. It is a buoy-like visual trap for biting flies such as green heads, deer flies, and horse flies and draws the flies in, capturing them in a way similar to lobster traps.

Completely collapsible, owners can hand-wash the canvas and mesh netting when storing it for the winter season and the Fly Cage is made of materials that are 100 percent recyclable, from the metal legs to the canvas and mesh.

Upcoming Workshops with Zev Yoga Studios

By Katelyn | Aug 24, 2015 | in

Zev Yoga Studios offers yoga sessions throughout the week, catering to every level from beginner to expert. Aside from the weekly schedule, the three studios offer unique workshops to help yogis focus on specific practices and exercises. Zev Yoga instructor, Ankati, will host two targeted classes in September at their Dover studio.

On Saturday, September 12, from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., Ankati will lead Flow to Detoxify. This workshop will focus on practices to stretch, compress, and twist toxins from the muscles, organs, and spine to create a more balanced and clean body.

Ankati will also host a session titled Flying Beyond Fear on Sunday, September 13 from 9:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. She brings arm balance practices to the Zev Yoga Studio to help fellow yogis move from fear into trust. This workshop incorporates a strong, flowing asana practice, emotional and energetic awareness, and breath work for a deeply empowering yoga session.

Meet a Greet Alliance Business: Taste of the Seacoast Magazine

By Craig | Aug 24, 2015 | in

What: Since successfully launching Taste of the Seacoast magazine in 2003, publisher Keith Lemerise has watched the publication grow from a once-a-year local menu guide found in hotels into a sophisticated bi-annual magazine with feature-length articles, extensive recipes, cooking tips and reviews. Taste of the Seacoast is now the region’s go-to resource for diners, wine and craft beer enthusiasts, and foodies. Anchored by editors Lisë Stern and Jo Donoghue DeCenzo, it was important to Lemerise that the publication be committed to environmental stewardship and offset its carbon footprint. To achieve this, he uses Cummings Printing – a local, Forest Stewardship Council printer – to print each issue on recycled, post-consumer paper.

The magazine is also printed with eco-friendly soy-based ink, which degrades more completely than petroleum-based ink and is easier to remove during the process of paper recycling. In addition to its food and restaurant coverage, the magazine features green-related stories from across the industry. These stories cover restaurants and restaurateurs who have taken strides to ensure their business runs sustainably, from energy-efficient kitchen equipment, to on-site composting, recycling and working with local farmers. Taste of the Seacoast also advertises with local, sustainable restaurants, breweries, farms and food suppliers to get its readers to think differently about their dining options.

Support the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund in the Climate Ride

By Katelyn | Aug 24, 2015 | in

The Climate Ride Northeast is a five day, 390 mile bike ride beginning September 17 in Bar Harbor and ending September 21 in Boston. Climate Ride is a nonprofit organization that organizes events to raise money and awareness for environmental issues across the country.

This summer, the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund has joined the Climate Ride Northeast to raise funds to support the work that grassroots groups are doing. The organization has created a team, the Grassroots Fun(d) Riders, to raise money and will be represented by Bart Westdijk, Program Director at the New England Grassroots Environmental Fund.

The Grassroots Fund supports local efforts to create and maintain healthy, just, safe and environmentally sustainable communities. The organization is able to do this by providing small grants, trainings, and resources to grassroots organizations that are working on issues from local food system development to climate resiliency and land/water conservation to environmental justice projects.

The Grassroots Fund is currently supporting a community investment club in White River Valley, VT where members can invest in projects that matter to them in their own community. Additionally, they are identifying and raising awareness about natural gas leaks in Boston and working with city government and utilities to get them fixed and the organization is working with female inmates at the Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institution to learn agricultural skills through caring for a vegetable garden.

Climate Jam: Concert for Climate Action

By Katelyn | Aug 24, 2015 | in

NextGen Climate is a community organization focused on bringing climate change to the center of discussion in politics. The organization supports candidates and policy makers across the country who take a stand against climate change to prevent climate disasters and create a safe environment for future generations. NextGen was founded in 2013 by Tom Steyer, an investor and philanthropist, and in just a few short years NextGen has made ground breaking progress in advancing climate action in politics.

The New Hampshire chapter invites all to come learn about climate in politics and participate in demanding action on climate change now. The organization will hold a climate action concert on Thursday, August 27 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Henry Law Amphitheater in Dover. This event will feature three local bands, Pardon the Spins, Harsh Armadillo, and Amulus who will provide music for the evening. Speakers Clay Mitchell, an expert in environmental law and energy projects, and Jackie Weatherspoon, a former member of the New Hampshire Legislature, will discuss the importance of climate action.

The Juice Burger food truck from 7th Settlement Brewery will bring local food to the concert and environmental groups from the area will be present to educate concert goers. Don’t forget to stop by the Green Alliance booth at the event!

Click here to learn more about the NextGen Climate Concert.

Green Alliance and Kittery Community Market to Host Families Celebration on Sunday

By Craig | Aug 20, 2015 | in

By Katelyn Monroe

The Green Alliance and Kittery Community Market come together to host a Green Families Celebration and Market, and a Green Beer Social afterwards on Sunday, August 23. The Green Families Fest and Market from 10 a.m. -2 p.m.will be a day of fun featuring the traditional farmers’ market vendors and new family friendly vendors and activities from the Green Alliance and surrounding community. Discover the sustainable, eco-friendly community that has become Green Families.

This year, the Kittery Community Market added new venders and sponsors. One new sponsor is the Green Alliance, a union of local and regional businesses that have sustainable initiatives at the core of their business model, and consumer members looking to shop with eco-friendly businesses.

The event is focused on bringing together the local community, especially families, as well as the regular market crowd with live music, face painting, a scavenger hunt, games and prizes for the kids. As its own weekly summer event, the Kittery Community Market is held Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in downtown Kittery at Post Office Square featuring local produce, foods, and crafts. On August 23 the market will expand with the addition of sustainable vendors from the Green Alliance, along with a post celebration meet-up at nearby Tributary Brewing Company. The Green Alliance Beer Social will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 directly after the market and all green minded citizens are welcome.

“We wanted to hold a summer event that appealed to both children and adults,” said Rich Collins GA Assistant Director. “The market and family fest should have something for everyone both young and old, especially those who care about sustainability and supporting the local green economy. We’ve added the GA Beer Social directly after the market for the adults to enjoy some locally brewed beer in the company of other like-minded residents. Families can come to the market and then hit the Beer Social afterwards or for those who just want to network with green business owners they can come straight to the social and skip the market. We expect many of our green-certified GA business owners and GA members to be in attendance at the beer social so it should present excellent summer connecting.”

The Green Families Club (GFC) was created with the goal to inspire younger generations to care about sustainability and value the environment. Its formation was a natural response of research and trends found by the Green Alliance about members.

“We discovered that a large portion of Green Alliance members are parents with young children who care deeply about the environment and shopping locally; people who had a very real vested interest in safer, greener, more local products and services,” said Sarah Brown, Director and Founder of the Green Alliance.

Green Alliance "Green" Beer Social!

By Rich | Aug 20, 2015 | in

Join the Green Alliance for a 'Green' Beer Social, an afternoon gathering featuring green minded businesses and individuals. Stop by the Tributary Brewery located at Post Office Square in Kittery, Maine on Sunday, August 23 from 1:30 3:30 p.m. and enjoy a beer with fellow Green Alliance members and Business Partners. There will be live Irish music starting around 2PM from a great group of local players. For more information on the traditional "Irish Session" click here.  


Green Alliance Members! Don’t forget to show your Green Card for a special one day only offer of 25% off any12oz pour in honor of this day of celebration. 

Public Hearing for Brave Boat Headwaters Preserve

By Katelyn | Aug 19, 2015 | in

In February 2015, the Kittery Land Trust closed a deal on 43 acres of donated woodland and fields off of Bartlett Road in Kittery. This addition of protected land in the town added to the efforts to protect Brave Boat Headwaters, a 150 acre plot of valuable land.

A public hearing will be held on Monday, August 24 at 7 p.m. at the Kittery Town Hall to decide whether a bond for Brave Boat Headwaters Preserve will appear on the November ballot. The town is being asked to contribute $350,000 toward a $2 million project through a $275,000 bond and $75,000 appropriation from the Open Space Fund.

The 150 acre Brave Boat Headwaters Preserve will be a valuable open space for residents and visitors to the area, as it will provide a public place for outdoor recreation. Additionally, the land will allow for nature based education opportunities for area children, as well as adults, and the preserve will protect the scenic views between Brave Boat Harbor and Bartlett Road.

The preservation of Brave Boat Headwaters is crucial for the protection of rare and endangered wildlife habitats in the area and will ensure the quality of the water flowing into Brave Boat Harbor.

The Kittery Land Trust asks for the help of its members and supporters to make sure Brave Boat Headwaters is protected. Attend the public hearing on August 24 or write to the Town Councilors in support of Brave Boat Headwaters to keep this area protected for future generations to enjoy.

Click here for more information on Brave Boat Headwaters and the Kittery Land Trust.

Making a Beautiful Difference in New Hampshire

By Katelyn | Aug 18, 2015 | in

By Michael McCord

Founded in 1983, New Hampshire the Beautiful is a private, non-profit charitable trust that has left a vital imprint on every town and city in the state.

NHtB has made a mark by developing comprehensive programs that address litter issues, recycling challenges, environmental awareness and education. To be more precise, the colorful recycling bins and roadside blue liter bags seen everywhere in the state have direct roots to NHtB. The educational efforts that have engaged school children and the help to cities and towns to streamline and maximize their recycling capabilities are also due to the efforts of NHtB.

And, while New Hampshire The Beautiful may not be well known to the public at large, municipalities and large parts of business, nonprofit and educational communities in the state are very familiar with and often times reliant upon the organization’s good work. Since its founding, NhtB has given out more than $2 million in grants, explains John Dumais, NHtB chair and President of the New Hampshire Grocer’s Association.

The grants have helped established recycling programs, signage, and recycling program technical assistance. Cities and towns can also apply for funding to assist with the purchase of recycling equipment. This includes monies to purchase curbside collection bins, balers, crushers, roll-off containers and other equipment that will help a community achieve higher diversion rates.

Green Families Celebration and Social

By Katelyn | Aug 17, 2015 | in

Join the Green Alliance and Kittery Community Market for the Green Families Celebration and Market, a day of fun featuring traditional farmers market vendors and family friendly vendors and activities. The event is focused on bringing together the local community, especially families, as well as the regular market crowd with live music, face painting, a scavenger hunt, games and prizes for the kids.

Stop by the market at Post Office Square in Kittery on Sunday, August 23 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the Green Families Celebration. Join us afterwards for a post celebration meet up at nearby Tributary Brewery and enjoy a beer with fellow Green Alliance members and Business Partners. Don’t forget to show your card for a special Green Alliance offer!

Sustaining Member Gift Giveaway!

By Katelyn | Aug 17, 2015 | in

Summer is coming to an end, but it's not over yet, so celebrate summer with your choice of tickets or gifts from your favorite local businesses. Become a new Green Alliance Sustaining member or upgrade to the lifetime membership and email with gift you would like to collect. 

A Sustaining Membership is our highest level of individual membership and affords you a lifetime of GA Business Discounts, Green Alliance events and cutting edge environmental information. Sustaining Members never have to renew and are telling us and the world that they believe in the power of a local green economy.


What are you waiting for!? Become a Lifetime Member now and choose one of the awesome summer gifts above. Simply join or upgrade and email with your choice.

The Buzz: Five Tips for a Bee-utiful Lawn

By Katelyn | Aug 12, 2015 | in

By Kristyn Lak Miller

Honeybees are dropping like flies. According to Greenpeace, wild and domestic honeybees pollinate about 90 percent of the world’s nutrition, yet - despite their vital role in helping create much of the food we eat – the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports American honeybee keepers lost 42 percent of their colonies for 2014-2015, with losses of 34 percent for 2013-2014, 45 percent for 2012-2013, 28 percent for 2011-2012, and 36 percent for 2010-2011.

“Simply put, we need honeybees and we need to do something about their dramatic decline,” said Jason Lefebvre of Purely Organic Lawn Care, based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. “The good news is that every one of us with a lawn can take a few simple steps to look after the pollinators. In turn, bee-friendly landscaping is inherently safer for our kids, our pets, and ourselves.”

Here are Purely Organic’s five steps for a bee-utiful lawn.

Green Homes Built on a Budget

By Katelyn | Aug 12, 2015 | in

By Josh Rosenson

GREENLAND - Little Green Homes is heading up construction of an all-electric house in Kittery, Maine for partners Ann Grinnell and Marge Pelletier. It is the fourth home Grinnell has had built, and it’s being done on a modest budget of $300,000 to $350,000. When complete, the sustainable project will be Grinnell and Pelletier’s retirement home.

Chris Redmond and his business partner, Jeff Stacy, started Little Green Homes, located in Greenland, in 2007. Redmond says that since the beginning each house his team builds is unique and budgets vary, so wise choices are key. For Grinnell and Pelletier, Redmond said the goal is a durable house for retirement, with low utility costs and great energy efficiency.

“You always have to make decisions on, what are the important things for this house,” Redmond said. “[What] they spent money on were really all the things that are going to help in that respect.”

Redmond said the two spent a little extra on a 30 panel, 8.4 kilowatt solar electric system, essentially creating a self-sustaining energy source on the roof of the Kittery Foreside home. Spending on solar drives the design process, and resulted in the house not being parallel with the street, but instead is rotated about 15 degrees so that the rear roof (with panels) faces as close to due south as possible. Grinnell said she’s done with oil and propane, and this house is being built with that in mind.