Blog : Social Media Guidance With the Green Alliance

By Sam Lane | Jul 1, 2015 | in

We’ve all heard the frustration on how social media integrates (or doesn’t integrate) with small business. It’s an ever changing cycle of new technology and new complex technical issues that most of us don’t have time to understand.

The Green Alliance team has a handle on the Social Media promotion market. Our facebook presence is nearly 4,000 people and our reach is strong.

Are you confused about Google Plus or the new Google "Mobile Optimization" hype?

Here at the Green Alliance, we coach our Business Partners along on Social Media issues – do’s and don’ts, ways to promote and publicize each business, links to stories and ideas, and tools that can be utilized to keep your content fresh. We also have a team of web savvy writers and marketers at our disposal, and great partners and resources in the Alliance like Social Kitchen to help along the way through the dark forest of social media.

Want to see some stats on the prevelence of this new wave in marketing? Check out this great infographic from Radiate Media







If you own a business or are a decision maker in a business that could use help with social media, feel free to give us a call to discuss ways the Green Alliance can help improve your social outreach. We provide our Business Partners with social media guidance as just a part of the overall package. Here are some of the things we assist Business Partners with:

· Reciprocal linking to a business's Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn profiles

· Explaining Organic versus Paid Reach

· Setting up Google Analytics and Reporting

· Assess each business's Social Media Pages for content

· Coach on current trends being used in social media

· Provide content about businesses from our archives to share

· Suggestions on Search Engine Optimization and Keyword placement

Rich Collins, our new Assistant Director is the GA Social Media specialist. Email to learn more about how the Green Alliance helps Business Partners with their social media needs. 

For more information on Social Kitchen, visit their Business Partner page.

For information on how to get connected with the Green Alliance, visit our Becoming A Business Partner page.