Blog : Soak Up The Rain With Great Bay Stewards

By Sam Lane | Jul 16, 2015 | in

Great Bay Stewards is running the Soak up the Rain Great Bay, a pivotal effort towards utilizing ground water properly. Rain gardens allow for natural management of ground water runoff by reducing nutrient pollution with a proper environment for plants to filtrate runoff. Soak up the rain will promote proper runoff management techniques for the state of New Hampshire and places surrounding.

Throughout New Hampshire residents are introducing rain gardens, rain barrels, planting trees and other raining soaking tactics to help promote runoff management. Soak up the rain provides first hand advice on how to help promote runoff management. With these incredible practices, SOAK is reducing on site pollution and providing mapped sites of locations being managed properly so those interested know how to get involved and see areas already addressed.

One of the latest rain garden installations was done at the Woodsman Museum in Dover, NH, conveniently finished before the beginning drops of rain before a rainstorm, a nice way to see the benefits of all the hard work undergone to install the garden.

For more information on Great Bay Stewards, visit their Business Partner page.