Blog : Improving New Hampshire Transfer Stations One Town at a Time

By Katelyn | Jul 8, 2015 | in

Residents across New Hampshire recognize improvements made at their town transfer stations, new facility signs, and the iconic blue bags used to pick up liter along roadways, but who is behind these efforts to beautify the State? New Hampshire the Beautiful (NHtB) is a collaborative non-profit organization comprised of members of New Hampshire food and beverage companies who are working to combat littering problems, improve recycling and environmental programs, and educate residents.

NHtB offers recycling grants and signs for municipalities, anti-litter programs, and recycling assistance to towns and schools. Communities in New Hampshire are able to apply for funding to help purchase recycling equipment, including collection bins, balers, crushers, and other equipment that assists them in achieving higher diversion rates.

"Years ago, NHtB realized the poor conditions of New Hampshire transfer stations and resolved to improve both them and town recycling efforts," said John Dumais, a member of NHtB's Board of Directors. This has become one of the main programs administered by NHtB, in which they travel to municipalities throughout New Hampshire and subsidize the costs for recycling equipment and directional signs to improve town transfer stations.

Communities are able to apply for grants from NHtB to help purchase new recycling equipment when theirs no longer works, or when they aim to improve their recycling efforts. The goal of New Hampshire the Beautiful is to help municipalities across the state recycle more materials and send as little as possible to landfills.

The majority of New Hampshire towns have taken advantage of the NHtB grant program to better their recycling efforts. Recycling equipment applications are accepted throughout the year and fund up to half of the purchase price, leaving municipalities to fund much less than they would on their own. Priority of funds is given to communities in New Hampshire that show the greatest need for grant money, where funding can help the greatest number of people, and where it has not been distributed before.

One of the largest problems NHtB faces is that most New Hampshire residents are unaware that the organization exists and is responsible for improving transfer stations with grants for new equipment, and signs, bags to reduce litter, and education programs in schools throughout the state. While many are not familiar with NHtB, the group has worked tirelessly to improve recycling efforts around New Hampshire and is one of the newest Business Partners of the Green Alliance.

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