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By Craig | Jul 21, 2015 | in

Performance Business Solutions: Bringing New Meaning to “Saving Green”

Performance Business Solutions (PBS) is a leader in cost-reduction consulting. Much of PBS’ work is centered on cost segregation studies. Essentially, Jeff Hiatt determines where and how clients can save cash. In many cases, energy efficiency and other sustainability concepts play integral roles in PBS recommendations. However, Jeff does not operate under a “one size fits all” philosophy. By working closely with clients, Jeff is able to pinpoint the best solutions for individual companies, which may or may not involve “green” elements. This logic-based thinking, paired with extensive knowledge of tax principles and sustainability, has earned Jeff a reputation as a trustworthy and innovative consultant. Through the course of his work, Jeff has vetted a variety of vendors, and has compiled a list of businesses that offer top-notch services.

“I’ve worked in the green world for many years now,” Hiatt explains. “I understand that these business owners are often bombarded by cold calls, junk mail and spam. They mentally shut down because it all seems like marketing hype and malarkey. When I help them with the depreciation on their buildings, they often ask what else I can do. Then I have an opportunity to explain how green solutions can improve a client’s bottom line.”

When appropriate, Jeff recommends a variety of renewable energy alternatives, including solar, wind, and geothermal. For example, Jeff was integral in a solar installation project at Paragon Communications. The company, which was concerned about its long term energy costs, came to Jeff for a cost segregation study. He recommended a vendor to assess whether solar would be a good fit for the company. Paragon decided that solar energy was right for their situation. They expect to see a return on their investment within the next few years. Jeff does not just tout the merits of renewable energy; he lives in a home that has a geothermal heating system. When recommending geothermal to his clients, Jeff often advises working with Ultra Geothermal, another Green Alliance business.

Jeff acts as an intermediary between a wide variety of clients and sustainable service providers. One great contribution Jeff has made to the New England sustainability scene has been his creation of an informal collaborative network of sustainability professionals. PBS and has nurtured relationships among many businesses across a variety of industries.

Jeff is incredibly involved in the Seacoast community. Along with being part of the N.H. chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council, Jeff is a part of his local Rotary Club, donates to the Boy and Girl Scouts, and on the board of several organizations, including Veterans Count, Light House Kids, and the Brain Injury Association. His experience in accounting, construction, and the legal world makes him a valuable asset to the Seacoast.

Green Dreams: Jeff is excited about new technologies that can help minimize company transportation expenses. Audio and video installations have the potential to take conference calls to the next level. Instead of sending employees via car or plane for important meetings, high quality audio/video feeds allow meetings to take place virtually. Keeping employees at the office and off planes can mitigate both financial and environmental costs.

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