Blog : CCNNE: A Proud Sponsor of the Special Olympics

By Katelyn | Jul 28, 2015 | in

The Coca-Cola Company is one of the most well-known businesses across the globe, but the iconic drink company is not always thought of as a leader in sustainability and community initiatives. Coca-Cola and its regional bottling facilities are continuously finding new ways to give back to the community and have become increasingly environmentally friendly.

The Special Olympics was founded in 1968 and the Coca-Cola Company has been a global sponsor since the organization was established. In the Northeast, the Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Northern New England (CCNNE) has worked with the Special Olympics for decades and provides refreshments for the athletes and volunteers.

While CCNNE is responsible for beverages at the New Hampshire Special Olympics events, the volunteers also run the softball throw, tennis ball throw, and mini-javelin. CCNNE employees continue to participate with the Special Olympics to give back to the community and have found that it is a great team building experience and way for employees and their families to connect with each other.

CCNNE also provides recycling bins and manages all recycling at the Special Olympics events in New Hampshire. The branch is leading the way in sustainable practices for a large-scale manufacturing and distribution facilities. Based in Londonderry, New Hampshire, CCNNE is proud of their sustainable efforts to reduce their carbon footprint in the creation and delivery of their products. CCNNE takes their sustainability initiatives seriously, with long-term focused projects such as switching from wooden pallets to reusable plastic pallets.

The Londonderry plant boasts a 93% recycling diversion rate and in 2013 sold over 12 million pounds of recycled commodities, working closely with Hampton, New Hampshire's Foss Manufacturing to process its recycled bottles and turn it into usable material. Its unique Energy Management Systems installed in the company's coolers and used in stores and restaurants reduces clients' energy use by 35 percent.

In addition to sponsoring recycling and events with the Special Olympics, CCNNE works to spread awareness about proper recycling by traveling to schools and events throughout the region. In 2013, CCNNE’s Sustainability Manager, Ray Dube, brought his presentation to 80 different conferences, middle schools, high schools and college campus events to educate the public on the impact of recycling both on a local and global scale.

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