Blog : Aucella Heating and Cooling scores Reader’s Choice Award for best HVAC 2015!

By Rich | Jul 9, 2015 | in

There certainly is no shortage of HVAC companies here on the seacoast of New Hampshire, just google-map Portsmouth alone and 30 or so grace the local area. Obviously, heating and cooling is near and dear to our challenging New England climate so having a reliable HVAC company is essential.

We are extremely proud to have as a partner with the Green Alliance, the 2015 Seacoast Online Reader’s Choice Award winner – Aucella Heating and Cooling!

Started in 2005, Aucella Heating & Cooling has built itself into one of the top HVAC companies in the greater Seacoast region, and it has done so by using top-of-the-line green products. Run by husband and wife team, Fay and Jay Aucella, the business offers installation and service of a wide range of options from the most standard, yet most efficient oil or propane heating systems to the unique options of ductless split heat pumps, hybrid ducted heat pump systems, solar thermal space heat, and domestic hot water systems and wood pellet boilers. Aucella does more than simply install systems, they look at the whole home. Its small, qualified staff calculates operating cost savings for each installation, comparing overall savings and payback periods to the initial investment. Aucella Heating & Cooling puts environmental and homeowner needs at the forefront of its business.

For more information on Aucella, check out their Green Alliance page here. And remember, Green Alliance consumer members receive 20% off Aucella’s heating and air conditioning services!


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