Blog : SnAPPii offers new discount to Green Alliance members and Business Partners

By Anne | Jun 4, 2015 | in

 A strong presence across all digital platforms is essential for any businesses to compete in today’s market. Many businesses recognize the pressing need to translate their existing web content into an easily navigable mobile app in order to engage and expand their consumer base, however the inherent challenges of building a new app can be, at the very least, daunting. 

Since 2011, SnAPPii of Rochester, NH has been challenging the preexisting methods of app creation for businesses with their unique mobile app development service. SnAPPii offers a variety of fast, inexpensive, codeless and custom app creation options for firms looking to expand their presence to mobile devices or streamline administrative efforts internally.  

Many businesses want to enter the mobile app game, but don’t have the resources or the time to build their own native app from scratch, or to hire an outside firm to do so. SnAPPii offers businesses a variety of premade customizable native apps, simplifying and streamlining the process of app creation. Empowering businesses to “draw” rather than code their app, naturally reduces production time and subsequently costs. Because the apps are cloud based and available through both the Apple Store and Google Play, consumers can readily engage the apps across all devices.

SnAPPii also offers individuals and businesses the opportunity to simply administrative tasks with their My PDF Form Manager app. As opposed to building new forms, users can upload existing PDF forms to the app that then saves or shares their information. Not only does My PDF Form Manager save labor and time of redundant data entry, it also saves an exorbitant amount of paper and printing resources. 

A strong mobile app presence is essential for businesses to compete in today’s market. SnAPPii’s empowerment of local businesses in affordable app creation as well as their pioneering of sustainable apps like My PDF Form Manager make them an excellent choice for every, but especially, the green business.

As a Business Partner with the Green Alliance, SnAPPii is proud to offer Green Alliance members and business partners 20% off app development fees.

Not a member? It’s always a great time to join the Green Alliance as a member or Business Partner!

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