Blog : Redhook Brewery x Metal Wave eCycle 'fest 2015

By Anne | Jun 30, 2015 | in

The fast pace of technological change coupled with the short lifespan of modern consumer goods leaves many of us with obsolete electronics. The components of these products often contain hazardous contaminants such as lead, cadmium, mercury and brominated flame retardants which pose a great deal of risk to human health and the environment when this material is sent to landfills. It’s paramount that as citizens of the world, we consume, but especially dispose of, our consumer goods responsibly.

Since 2010, local e-cyler, MetalWave, has been serving businesses in New England and beyond with transparent, domestic, and cost-effective end-of-life recycling services for a variety of e-waste.

On July 21st from 11:30 am to 4pm, local e-cycler MetalWave is teaming up with Redhook Brewery to host a free electronic recycling day exclusively to Pease Tradeport tenants and employees. The following electronic goods will be accepted free of charge: PC, laptops, servers, keyboards, projectors, phones, PC Boards, cables, cords, wires, CPUs, cell phones, PDF, VCR, DVD, test equipment, game consoles, fluorescent light bulbs, A/V, metal scrap, car batteries, and small refrigerators. The following items will be accepted for a small fee: Printer/fax/copier $5,Large Copiers $10, CRT $10, Large TV (+25") $20, TV (-24") $15, Air Conditioners $5, Microwaves $5, Light Bulbs (4',6',8') $1, Light Bulbs (CFL) $.50, Alkaline Batteries $.25

As an added incentive to capitalize on this amazing opportunity to take advantage of this free e-cycling service, Redhook Brewery will be offering a $2 beer coupon for every five goods brought in for recycling. There isn’t a limit to how many goods you can bring in or how many coupons you can collect! So clean out your home and office to get the most out of this amazing deal.

This event is open exclusively to all Pease Tradeport Tenants and their employees.

If you’re not a Tradeport tenant or employee, you can still recycle your unwanted miscellaneous electronic goods through MetalWave recycling. Did you know Green Alliance members get up to 25% off electronic recycling charges and free battery recycling? Not a member? Join today.

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