Blog : Now is the time to register for The Integrated Fitness Weight Loss Challenge

By Anne | Jun 16, 2015 | in

Need some extra motivation to get started or progress with your fitness goals? Struggling with consistency, commitment or inspiration?

Register to reserve you spot to compete in the next round of The Integrated Fitness Weight Loss Challenge starting June 29th.

The Integrated Fitness Weight Loss Challenge is a ten-week comprehensive program that takes a team based approach to meeting individual weight loss goals. The program begins with a private individual health assessment by professional certified Integrated Fitness trainers. Participants are then assigned into teams of 12, which meet for two hours twice a week for a combination of cardiovascular and resistance workouts. Each week, participants are reassessed for progress. Individual progress is then privately calculated and combined into an aggregate team progress report.

Along with physical training, Integrated Fitness provides participants with nutritional education to educate participants on healthy lifestyle choices. As an added element of participant support, Cindy Gilbert, an Integrated Fitness trainer who lost 179 lbs during her personal journey to wellness, gives an optional seminar on her experience.

At the end of the ten weeks, Integrated Fitness throws a ceremony to celebrate the experience and award the highest performing individuals and teams. The holistic, team driven and low-key competitive approach of The Integrated Fitness Weight Loss challenge makes it the most successful specialized program that the gym offers.

Join the next round of The Integrated Fitness Weight Loss Challenge and kickstart or improve your fitness routine with the support, resources and structure you need to see results.

Register now and enjoy a reduced registration rate until June 22nd. 

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