Blog : MetalWave: Electronic Recycling Pioneers

By Sam Lane | Jun 9, 2015 | in

Unfortunately, because a global market exists for e-waste components and broken down electronic devices, the United States often sends theirs to developing nations, where lax environmental standards of toxic substances lead to significant environmental degradation. However, MetalWave, Inc. stands out among the rest in the recycling game. No short road is taken to properly process and reclaim products brought to their facilities, supported by experienced product knowledge provided by MetalWave staff. Based out of Amesbury, Massachusetts, Metalwave serves as an ideal end-of-life waste recycling resource, utilizing a multitude of cost effective, domestic and transparent practices and management solutions to get rid of your electronic waste.

Computers, printers, televisions and cell phones are just a few of the products taken in by MetalWave. When disposed at landfills, electronic waste corrodes over time along with the hazardous materials inside. These contaminants include lead, cadmium, mercury and many more. At MetalWave facilities, these products will eventually be disassembled and recycled without compromising human health throughout the process.

The company promises to provide assurance and peace of mind while getting rid of electronic items through customized recycling solutions. Metalwave also administers non-comparable data and asset security, a vital part of the product and data liquidation process. All types of storage devices are accepted to assure customers a multifaceted resource for recycling done correctly. The highest levels of certifications in the recycling industry back Metalwave in order to satisfy each and every health and safety requirement.

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To contact or learn more about MetalWave and their innovative initiatives, visit their Business Partner Page.