Blog : Kittery Community Market and the Green Alliance Support Buying Local

By John | Jun 17, 2015 | in

Attending a farmers market is the perfect way to give back to a community; buying local to support local. And as this movement grows, the popularity and versatility of farmers markets grows with it. But while the farmers market may appear to be a relatively new trend, it has actually existed in various shapes and forms throughout history. From medieval Europe to feudal Japan to colonial America and into the modern day, local citizens from surrounding towns have gathered in an economic center for a market day, to buy and sell food and other goods to and from one another.

The Kittery Community Market is one such gathering, a weekly outdoor farmers market for local farmers, food producers, fishermen, artisans, and citizens in collaboration with the Kittery Maine Improvement Foundation, a nonprofit incorporated in the State of Maine. The market will be held every Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm until October 4th. Their goal is to provide local artisan’s work, agricultural products, and healthy, fresh, locally-prepared foods to residents of Kittery and surrounding areas and tourists to southern Maine and Portsmouth, and to encourage commerce, entertainment and trade.

The Portsmouth-based Green Alliance, a union of local and regional businesses that have sustainable initiatives at the core of their business model, and consumer members looking to make smarter, eco-friendly purchasing options, will be a co-sponsor of the market.

As a sponsor, the Green Alliance, along with its Business Partners Aucella, Kennebunk Savings Bank, and WXGR 103.5, will have booths at the market on the last Sunday of every month. The Green Alliance will have a booth open on June 28, July 26, August 30 and September 27.
"Being present at the Kittery Community Market, connecting with our members and other local vendors, is such a great opportunity for us and our businesses," said Sarah Brown, the Green Alliance's founder and director. "Buying local helps sustain small businesses and farms here in the Seacoast and throughout New England. I hope more people start shopping at these local markets as a way to support their community."

July 26 is also Green Alliance Business Day. Many of its partnering businesses will be onsite to talk about their sustainable initiatives and how consumers can use their products and services to go green at home. The Green Alliance is also giving away one of its community memberships valued at $35 every Sunday. Those interested in entering should stop by the Kittery Community Market booth to be entered to win. Winners can pick up their membership the following week.

The market hosts local restaurants and a food truck that prepare ready-made food items as well. In addition, many of the participating farmers grow their produce organically.

When attending a farmers market, it helps to be prepared. Before you go, find out which vendors will be there, or perhaps make a list of seasonal ingredients you're looking to purchase. A farmer's, or vendor's, selections are based on availability and the season. Certain crops, like corn and carrots, are only available during summer months, while apples and eggplant are available in early autumn.

Attendants are asked to consider purchasing extra items to help local families. A donation box will be located at the KCM tent and items will be collected by FootPrints Food Pantry volunteers at the end of each market. Personal care items are also welcome and can be dropped off at the donation box as well. “The donation box is another way to support local residents in need, by allowing families who are unable to buy the products offered at the market to still have a fresh option,” said Kris Bowden, the manager of the Kittery Community Market.

The Kittery Community Market will be held each Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., from June 7 to October 4th, at 10 Shapleigh Road, Post Office Square, Kittery.

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