Blog : Gundalow Company Sets Sail on a History Crawl

By Sam Lane | Jun 11, 2015 | in

What better way to get a feel for the local environment then aboard an actual piece of history? Since the 1600’s, gundalows have served as cargo ships that proved versatile to the seacoast’s prosperity and functionality. Now you have the chance to gain a deep appreciation for the vessel through a hands-on experience with Gundalow Company.

On Wednesday, June 17th, from 6 to 8 p.m., join Gundalow Company as they set sail on a history crawl abroad the historic gundalow Piscataqua. Come celebrate the seacoast history with some of the locals themselves by joining in on stories, tales and traditional toasts.Enjoy the incredible views of our beautiful coastline from the Piscataqua River and surrounding areas, all while diving in on a unique adventure. The crew at Gundalow Company encourages all to come along as tickets are going for $23 a head ($18 for Strawberry Banke Museum members); an outstanding offer for such an endeavor.

Set sail alongside David “Lou” Ferland, retired Portsmouth Police Chief, who will be adding in his own view on the local history. In all, the event will supply a taste of the Portsmouth seacoast’s rich history through knowledgeable people eager to entertain all those attending.

Gundalow Company has been a local pioneer in sustaining the beautiful waters in the Piscataqua region, along with its rich heritage and environment. This is all possible through educating and taking action through events like the history crawl. These events can further provide visitors and locals alike with flourishing coastline and vibrant waters. In support of an undeniably great cause, take the evening to watch the sunset in style with Gundalow Company and friends.

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For more information on Gundalow Company and their sustainability efforts, visit their Business Partner page.