Blog : The Green Families Club Celebrates Three Years of Bringing Families Together

By Katelyn | Jun 29, 2015 | in

The Green Families Club (GFC) was created in July 2012 with the goal to inspire younger generations to care about sustainability and value the environment. This August, the Green Alliance is celebrating the 3rd birthday of the Green Families Club! On Sunday August 23, from 10 a.m - 2 p.m the Green Alliance will host the Green Families Club Celebration in conjunction with the Kittery Community Market.

The creation of the Green Families Club was a natural response of research and trends found by the Green Alliance about our members. We discovered that a large portion of Green Alliance members are parents with young children who care deeply about the environment and shopping locally.

“After looking more closely at who our members were, we realized that many of them were moms and dads - people who had a very real vested interest in safer, greener, more local products and services,” said GA Director Sarah Brown. “We realized pretty quickly that bringing families together , helping them learn from one another, would be a great way to help bring more attention to the green-certified businesses in the Green Alliance.”

Reflecting this initiative are the numerous business partners of the GA whose practices are very family-focused. From the Acorn School, to the Blue Ocean Society and the Gundalow Company, and even to medical services such as Newmarket Dental, it is clear that many green businesses already focus on children and families.

The GFC merges this relationship with fun, educational events geared specifically towards families, and great discounts at local businesses. It proves that even with a family and budget concerns, parents can still afford to make green-minded decisions that ensure the health and safety of both their family and the environment.

The Green Alliance invites all families to come discover the community that has become the GFC on August 23rd at the Kittery Community Market. This event will feature the traditional vendors who are present at the market each week, as well as special kid friendly vendors, games, arts and crafts, and cake to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the Green Families Club.

Join the Green Families Club this summer and you will get two free tickets to Santa’s Village or the Seacoast Science Center Music-by-the-Sea Concert Series! Santa’s Village in Jefferson, New Hampshire is a great place for young children and the whole family, and these general admission tickets ($30 value each) can be used until October 11, 2015. The Music-by-the-Sea Concert Series to benefit the Seacoast Science Center will be held each Thursday in July and will feature a different popular New England Band every week, these tickets ($12 value each) can be used at any of the concerts in July.

Become a member of the Green Families Club to stay informed about local environmental happenings, green products, and children’s events, and enjoy two free tickets to Santa’s Village or Music-by-the-Sea courtesy of the Seacoast Science Center and Green Alliance Business Partner, NHPTV. And don’t forget to mark your calendars to celebrate the 3rd birthday of the Green Families Club at the Kittery Community Market on August 23!

Click here to join the Green Families Club and email to collect your choice of tickets.